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Digital security is the process of protecting your online identity, data, and other assets from intruders, such as hackers, scammers, and fraudsters. It is essential for trust in the digital age, as well as for innovation, competitiveness, and growth. This field covers the economic and social aspects of cybersecurity, as opposed to purely technical aspects and those related to criminal law enforcement or national and international security.

In this category, you will find articles related to digital security that have a direct or indirect connection with the activities of Freemindtronic Andorra or that may interest the readers of the article published in this category. You will learn about the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in this field, as well as the best practices and recommendations from experts and organizations such as the OECD. You will also discover how to protect your personal data from being used and sold by companies without your consent.

Whether you are an individual, a business owner, or a policy maker, you will benefit from reading these articles and gaining more knowledge and awareness about this topic and its importance for your online safety and prosperity. Some of the topics that you will find in this category are:

  • How to prevent and respond to cyberattacks
  • How to use encryption and cryptography to secure your data
  • How to manage risks and vulnerabilities
  • How to comply with laws and regulations
  • How to foster a culture of security in your organization
  • How to educate yourself and others about this topic

We hope that you will enjoy reading these articles and that they will inspire you to take action to improve your security. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

BITB attacks Browser-In-The-Browser remove delete destroy by IRDR Ifram Redirect Detection Removal since EviCypher freeware web extension open-source from Freemindtronic in Andorra

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame We have all seen phishing attacks aren’t uncommon, and they demand urgent attention with fake emails and messages at least once.. However, there’s much more in the cybersecurity landscape than just conventional email practices when it comes to phishing. Enterprises that don’t take the necessary precautions can […]

Snake malware: The Russian that steals sensitive information for 20 years

Snake Malware: The Russian Spy Tool

Snake: The Russian malware that steals sensitive information for 20 years Snake is a malware that allows Russian intelligence services to collect and transmit sensitive information from hundreds of infected computers across 50 countries. It is a very sophisticated espionage tool, designed and used by Center 16 of the Federal Security Service of the Russian […]

ViperSoftX How to avoid the malware that steals your passwords

ViperSoftX How to avoid the malware that steals your passwords

ViperSoftX: The Malware that Steals Your Cryptocurrencies and Passwords ViperSoftX is a malware that steals sensitive information from infected computers, including data related to cryptocurrencies and passwords. It was first discovered in 2020 as a JavaScript-based remote access trojan and cryptocurrency hijacker. Since then, it has evolved to become more sophisticated and stealthy, using innovative […]

what is juice jacking and how to avoid it

What is Juice Jacking and How to Avoid It?

Juice Jacking: How to Avoid This Cyberattack Do you often use public USB chargers to recharge your smartphone or tablet? If so, you may be exposing your device to a cyberattack called Juice Jacking. This is a type of attack that can steal your data or infect your device when you use a public USB […]

Strong Passwords in the Quantum Computing

Strong Passwords in the Quantum Computing Era

How to create strong passwords in the era of quantum computing? Quantum computing is a technology that promises to revolutionize the field of computation by exploiting the properties of subatomic particles. It offers unprecedented possibilities for scientific research, artificial intelligence or cryptography. But it also represents a risk for the security of data and online […]

Kevin Mitnick and his Hashtopolis: The Ultimate Password Cracking Tool

Kevin Mitnick’s Password Hacking with Hashtopolis

Password hacking tool: how it works and how to protect yourself Password hacking is a practice that consists of finding the secret code that protects access to an account or a file. There are specialized tools to perform this operation, such as the one used by Mitnick Security Consulting. In this article, we will present […]