Innovation 2023: EviSign Technology

EviSign is a cutting-edge technology developed by Freemindtronic, offering unprecedented security and privacy to users thanks to its many features, including electronic signature. This technology uses a patented segmented key authentication system to provide an unmatched level of security and privacy to users. Available under white label license from Freemindtronic, EviSign allows you to integrate an advanced and secure electronic signature solution into your own products and services.

Electronic Signature with EviSign

EviSign Web Browser Extension

Compatibility of EviSign with EviCypher, EviHSM and EviPass technologies

EviSign benefits from gateways that allow it to be compatible with other Freemindtronic technology that significantly increases the possibility of services, safety and security.
This allows EviSign to physically externalize its passwords and segmented keys into a Freemindtronic NFC HSH device.
Thus the security of encryption keys in the phone is achieved without contact from an NFC HSM device.
EviSign is also compatible with the EviCypher technology operating with an NFC HSM device. This technology significantly increases the compatibility of EviSign in particular in the encryption of web Mail in open PGP but also in contactless encryption of sensitive data on any storage medium.
NFC HSMs also have a pair of RSA 4096 keys thus offering an air gap secret sharing system between NFC devices with configurable MFA authentication. Finally, EviSign is compatible with the EviPass technology dedicated to end-to-end securing strong authentications from an NFC HSM device. Thanks to all these compatibilities, EviSign offers 360° protection for users looking for solutions best suited to their needs. Users thus benefit from an additional extreme level of security that combines physical and digital security while offering an unmatched end-to-end level of confidentiality especially in the use of secure contactless electronic signatures from an NFC HSM..

Compliance with standards and regulations

EviSign complies with the eIDAS regulation [] and other standards and regulations applicable to products for electronic signature of documents.

It also complies with the European regulation (GDPR) and follows the eIDAS regulation which guarantees the security, reliability and legal value of electronic signature.

Multilingual application


The appplication is translated into 15 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish

The app installs automatically in the language of the smartphone.

EviSign Technology is Eco-Friendly

The environment is a concern for Fullsecure. The design of all its products is made in this spirit.

EviSign is an innovative solution offering a high level of security and privacy to users thanks to its electronic signature features. With EviSign, users can sign their electronic documents confidently and compliantly thanks to its segmented key authentication system, its timestamping and its ability to allow users to fully control their encryption keys and sensitive data. Although EviSign does not generate a qualified electronic signature within the meaning of the eIDAS regulation, it offers an innovative approach to simple and advanced electronic signatures with a high level of security and privacy. It complies with current standards and regulations to ensure the reliability