DataShielder NFC HSM Lite

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Leverage the robust capabilities of DataShielder NFC HSM Lite Contactless Encryption, designed exclusively for NFC-enabled Android devices. This advanced solution provides seamless security for both mobile and desktop environments without requiring external hardware. It features cutting-edge AES-256 CBC encryption directly managed on the NFC HSM, ensuring that all cryptographic operations are contained within the device. With compatibility extending to the Thunderbird email client and browser extensions, DataShielder NFC HSM Lite enhances user convenience while upholding stringent security protocols. Compatible with DataShielder NFC HSM Auth, it also serves as a hardware password manager for managing and storing up to 50 encryption keys or passwords. Furthermore, it leverages EviPass NFC HSM technology for automatic login from the NFC HSM on Android NFC phones and computers via the Freemindtronic, PassCypher or EviCypher extensions.

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DataShielder NFC HSM Lite with EviCard, Black EviTag Keychain, and Red EviTag Keychain
DataShielder NFC HSM Lite
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