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Recycling information for Freemindtronic Customers in Europe. (Directive 2012/19/eu of the European parliament and of the council)


This page informs you on how to dispose of your Freemindtronic product or those of its industrial customers in accordance with the European Directive (WEEE – 2012/19/EU).

The European Union (EU) has implemented the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive WEEE to ensure the proper collection, treatment and recycling of e-waste in European Union countries. As a manufacturer of electronic and electrical equipment, Freemindtronic complies with the WEEE Directive. Note that Freemindtronic’s main activity is the manufacture of white label products on behalf of industrial customers who ensure under their responsibilities the distribution of their products to their brands. Click here to view the list of Freemindtronic’s industrial customers. For other unreferenced industrial customers please contact us by clicking here.

From the moment an end customer purchases new Freemindtronic electrical and/or electronic equipment or its industrial customers, he has the right to return the equipment as soon as it becomes waste. With the exception of medical products used in a medical context. The latter who may be infected are not regulated under the WEEE Directive – 2012 19 EU. They must be disposed of as infectious medical waste at the expense of the end user.

Freemindtronic products bearing the WEEE symbol representing a wheeled bin crossed out by a wide bar must not be disposed of with household waste. They can be disposed of in municipal waste disposal facilities authorized to collect this type of waste.
For sensitive data storage products. According to a precautionary principle, it is advisable to delete the data contained in the memories of the products. This before for the marked products are collected separately and returned for recycling. In this way, you can safely contribute to the separate collection and recycling of your end-of-life products. You contribute to the protection of the environment.

Freemindtronic is a company committed to environmental protection.
Many of the products designed and manufactured by Freemindtronic have a lifespan of several decades. A self-formatting system with factory configuration feedback also allows you to be transferred to a third party. In this way, you participate in giving a new life to the product on the second-hand market. You also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

We invite you to read our article “Hardware secrets manager Eco-friendly” by clicking here. You will discover that at Freemindtronic takes the environment into consideration from the beginning of the idea of designing a product.


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