EviKeyboard BLE: Redefining Wireless Virtual Keyboards

EviKeyboard BLE is a wireless virtual keyboard that offers unparalleled convenience and security. With real-time functionality and no secret storage, it provides a seamless typing experience. In this article, we will explore the features, advantages, and specifications of EviKeyboard and how it outshines other virtual keyboards in the market..

Advantages of EviKeyboard BLE

Unmatched Security and Convenience

EviKeyboard prioritizes security by operating without storing any secrets. Leveraging the power of EviCore NFC HSM technology on Android NFC-enabled phones, it ensures real-time access to encrypted secrets without compromising privacy. With its seamless integration and wireless capabilities, EviKeyboard simplifies typing tasks and enhances productivity.

Real-Time Functionality

Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Experience the power of real-time functionality with EviKeyboard BLE. No delays, no manual synchronization – just instant access to encrypted secrets. Whether you’re typing passwords, cryptocurrency keys, or secret notes, EviKeyboard BLE ensures a secure and efficient experience without the need for secret storage.

Android NFC Compatibility

Seamless Integration with EviCore NFC HSM

Designed specifically for Android NFC-enabled phones, EviKeyboard BLE seamlessly integrates with the EviCore NFC HSM technology. This compatibility expands the reach of EviKeyboard BLE, allowing for a seamless user experience within the Android ecosystem. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and embrace the versatility of EviKeyboard BLE.

Technical Specifications

Impressive Features and Specifications

EviKeyboard BLE boasts an array of impressive features and specifications:

  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Secret Storage: None
  • Compatibility: Android NFC-enabled phones
  • Power Efficiency: Long-lasting performance without draining device battery
  • Dimensions: Compact size for portability

Datasheet: InputStick

The InputStick is a USB dongle that facilitates wireless communication between your mobile device and computer via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It supports various HID interfaces such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and consumer control. It ensures secure data transmission through encryption and authentication features.

Parameter Value
Dimensions 48 x 19 x 8 mm
Weight 6 g
Power supply USB port (5V)
Power consumption 25 mA (max), 0.3 mA (standby)
Radio interface Bluetooth Low Energy (2.4 GHz, BT4.0)
Radio range Up to 10 m
HID interfaces Keyboard, mouse, gamepad, consumer control
Encryption AES-128
Authentication 128-bit key
Supported devices Android 4.3+, iOS 8+, Windows Phone 8+
Supported OS Windows XP+, Linux 2.6+, Mac OS X 10.5+












Table: Languages Supported by EviKeyboard

Czech cs-CZ
Czech (Linux) cs-CZ-linux
Czech (professional) cs-CZ-pro
German (Switzerland) de-ch
Danish da-Dk
German (Mac) de-DE-mac
Greek el-GR
English (Dvorak) en-DV
Spanish es-ES
English (United Kingdom) en-GB
English (United States) en-US
French (Belgium) fr-BE
French (Canada) fr-CA
French (Finland) fr-Fi
French (France) fr-FR
French (Linux) fr-Fr-linux
Hebrew he-IL
Hungarian hu-HU
Hungarian (Croatia) hu-HR
Italian it-IT
Dutch nl-NL
Norwegian (bokmål) nb-NO
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Polish pl-PL
Polish (Linux) pl-PL-linux
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Russian ru-RU
Swedish sv-SE
Slovak sk-SK

Compatibility with Operating Systems and Devices:

EviKeyboard is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including:

  • Windows XP and above
  • Linux 2.6 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Furthermore, it seamlessly works with devices supporting USB HID keyboards, including but not limited to:

  • Windows computers
  • Linux computers
  • Mac computers

EviKeyboard ensures compatibility with a variety of applications that accept keyboard input, providing versatility and convenience across different platforms.


Unleash the Potential of EviKeyboard BLE

EviKeyboard revolutionizes the virtual keyboard landscape with its wireless capabilities, real-time functionality, and unmatched security. Experience a typing experience like no other, where convenience meets efficiency. Say goodbye to secret storage and hello to the future of virtual keyboards with EviKeyboard BLE.

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