Distinction Excellence: Freemindtronic’s Recognitions for Cybersecurity Innovation

Freemindtronic’s path to “Distinction Excellence” is a story of overcoming challenges and standing tall among giants. Facing institutions, renowned organizations, and publicly traded companies, we have proven that passion for research and development in safety and security solutions can lead to remarkable achievements. This journey highlights our finalist positions, commendations from juries, and rankings by authoritative media, reflecting our dedication to innovation with dual-use applications in both civilian and military domains. In this section, discover the events and competitions where Freemindtronic has been recognized. Learn about our innovative approaches that have set us apart, and the ways we have contributed to both industry and community through our advancements in technology.

Distinction Excellence: Key Highlights

Being a finalist against well-established entities showcases our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our contributions span across various platforms, from cybersecurity conferences to international defense expos. Here, we share our experiences, insights, and the significance of these recognitions in our ongoing quest for innovation.

  • One of our achievements was being among the finalists of the E&T Innovation Awards 2021 for cybersecurity. This prestigious competition recognizes the most innovative and impactful solutions in the field of engineering and technology. The judges were impressed by our EviCypher technology, a unique and secure NFC device that can encrypt and decrypt any data. It showed its versatility and performance in various scenarios.
  • Another accomplishment was reaching the finals of the E&T Innovation Awards 2021 for communications and IT. This category showcases the best innovations in the areas of communication systems, networks, and software. Our EviCypher technology demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the way we communicate and store data.
  • Finally, we were selected as finalists of the National Cyber Awards 2021 in the category “INNOVATION & AI”. This prestigious event celebrates the achievements and contributions of individuals and organizations in the field of cybersecurity. Our EviCypher technology showed its excellence in providing high-level security and encryption for various applications. It incorporates a hardware security module (NFC HSM) that can generate and manage cryptographic keys.

Topics Covered in this Distinction Excellence Category

🗸 E&T Innovation Awards 2021 Cybersecurity: Finalists with EviCypher Technology.

🗸 E&T Innovation Awards 2021 Communications & IT: Finalists with EviCypher Technology.

🗸 The National Cyber Awards 2021 INNOVATION & AI: Finalists

🗸 Award FIC 2017: Nominated among the top 10 in Cybersecurity

🗸 Contactless Services Challenge Award 2015: Finalist in NFC system service innovation.

🗸 RFID Award 2014: finalist Interview with inventor Jacques Gascuel.

🗸 European Mechatronics Award 2013: Among the 10 most innovative startups.

🗸 Electrons d’Or 2013: Finalist as most innovative French startup.

And many more!

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