Award FIC 2017 10th Most innovative international startup Fullsecure from Freemindtronic Andorra with EviToken Technology

Award FIC 2017 10th Most innovative international startup

Award FIC 2017 Fullsecure from Freemindtronic is nominated among the 10 finalists of the most innovative companies in Cybersecurity. 
The jury of the 9th International Cybersecurity Forum 2017 has nominated EviTag NFC, a NFC hardware password manager that works unlock contactless via an NFC phone. 
The EviTag rugged keychain module that participated in the FIC 2017 Award was also presented to the public at the international cybersecurity forum in Lille (France) on 24 and 25 January 2017.

Award FIC 2017 NFC rugged hardware password manager work contacless by nfc phone Android

EviTag NFC Rugged hardware password manager won other awards such as the 2017 IoT & Embedded Systems Award. To learn more about this award click here.
A trade fair organised with our French industrial partner the Syselec Group. Click here to learn more about our industrial partner.
FIC 2017 Cybersecurity Exibition France Lille Grand Palais France Fullsecure by Freemindtronic Andorra

FIC 2017
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