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PrintListener: How to Betray Fingerprints

PrintListener technology concept with NFC security solutions.

PrintListener: How this Technology can Betray your Fingerprints and How to Protect yourself PrintListener revolutionizes the realm of Acoustic Analysis Attacks by honing in on the unique sound of finger friction on touchscreens. This novel approach allows for the replication of fingerprints, marking a significant advancement in the field. Unlike traditional techniques that broadly utilize […]

Encrypted messaging: ECHR says no to states that want to spy on them

ECHR landmark ruling in favor of encrypted messaging, featuring EviCypher NFC HSM technology by Freemindtronic.

Encrypted messaging: ECHR says no to states that want to spy on them The historic judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) elevates encrypted messaging to the rank of guardian of privacy and freedom of expression. But this also poses security and public order problems. On February 13, 2024, she spoke out in […]

BitLocker Security: Safeguarding Against Cyberattacks

A visual representation of BitLocker Security featuring a central lock icon surrounded by elements representing Microsoft, TPM, and Windows security settings.

Elevating Data Protection on Windows with BitLocker Security Are you utilizing a Windows computer for personal or professional data storage and processing? Aiming to shield your information from theft, loss, or exposure risks during device disposal? Seeking a straightforward, effective security solution without additional software installations? BitLocker, integrated within Windows, provides a formidable solution. BitLocker: […]

How the attack against Microsoft Exchange on December 13, 2023 exposed thousands of email accounts

Digital shield by Freemindtronic repelling cyberattack against Microsoft Exchange

How the attack against Microsoft Exchange on December 13, 2023 exposed thousands of email accounts On December 13, 2023, Microsoft was the target of a sophisticated attack by a hacker group called Lapsus$. This attack exploited another vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange, known as CVE-2023-23415, which allowed the attackers to execute remote code on the email […]

Ivanti Zero-Day Flaws: Comprehensive Guide to Secure Your Systems Now

Digital representation of Ivanti Zero-Day Flaws threatening cybersecurity in a futuristic cityscape

What are Zero-Day Flaws and Why are They Dangerous? A zero-day flaw is a previously unknown vulnerability in software that hackers can exploit before the vendor becomes aware and devises a patch. These vulnerabilities are particularly perilous because there is no existing defense against their exploitation. Cybercriminals can use zero-day flaws to launch sophisticated cyberattacks, […]

How to protect yourself from stalkerware on any phone

Woman holding a smartphone with a padlock icon on the screen, promoting protection from stalkerware.

What is Stalkerware and Why is it Dangerous? Stalkerware, including known programs like FlexiSpy, mSpy, and Spyera, tracks your location and accesses calls, messages, and photos. These programs can secretly activate your camera or microphone. To counter these invasions, safeguard your digital privacy from stalkerware. Physical access or being tricked into clicking malicious links; often […]

Human Limitations in Strong Passwords Creation

Digital image showing a confused user at a computer surrounded by complex password symbols

Human Limitations in Strong Passwords: Cybersecurity’s Weak Link Passwords are essential for protecting our data on the Internet. But creating a strong password is not easy. It requires a balance between security and usability. In this article, we will explain what entropy is and how it measures the strength of a password. We will also […]

Terrapin attack: How to Protect Yourself from this New Threat to SSH Security

SSH handshake with Terrapin attack and EviKey NFC HSM

Protect Yourself from the Terrapin Attack: Shield Your SSH Security with Proven Strategies SSH is a widely used protocol for secure communication over the internet. It allows you to remotely access and control servers, transfer files, and encrypt data. However, SSH is not immune to attacks, and a recent vulnerability OpenSSH before 9.6 (CVE-2023-48795) has exposed […]

Telegram and the Information War in Ukraine

Telegram and the information war in Ukraine

How Telegram Influences the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine Telegram and the information war in Ukraine are closely related. Telegram is a messaging app that offers users a secure and confidential way to communicate, thanks to its end-to-end encryption system. It has a large user base around the world, especially in Eastern Europe, where it […]