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Logotip de DataShielder HSM de FullSecure amb tecnologies de Freemindtronic

DataShielder HSM, la solució andorrana de FullSecure amb tecnologies de Freemindtronic, guanya el Premi Fortress 2023

Freemindtronic's Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic’s Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Resurrecting Excellence: Freemindtronic’s Legacy in Nanotechnology and the ‘Fullprotect’ Revolution In 2013, Freemindtronic, a visionary enterprise founded in 2010, celebrated its nomination as a finalist for the prestigious “electron d’Or” award and its recognition as one of the top 10 most innovative mechatronics startups, earning the esteemed European Mechatronics Award. These accolades marked pivotal moments […]

NFC HSM USB drive SSH Contactless keys manager EviKey NFC & EviCore NFC HSM Compatible Technologies patented from Freemindtronic Andorra Made in France - JPG

NFC HSM USB Drive: Secure Your SSH Key with EviKey

How to create and protect your SSH key with NFC HSM USB drive The NFC HSM USB drive is a device that allows you to create and store your SSH key securely with EviKey technology. EviKey is a patented technology that encrypts your SSH key with a secret code that only you know and that […]

Crypto Wallet Security enhancing crypto wallet security how EviSeed and EviVault could have prevented the $41m crypto Heist crypto Lazarus APT38 BNP MATIC Heist

Enhancing Crypto Wallet Security: How EviSeed and EviVault Could Have Prevented the $41M Crypto Heist

EviSeed and EviVault NFC HSM Technologies could have prevented the $41 million crypto theft by North Korean hackers. Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity, but they have also become increasingly vulnerable to theft. Hackers actively search for vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency storage and exchange platforms, leading to them stealing millions of dollars from users. North Korean hackers […]

Secure your cryptocurrencies with a cold wallet NFC HSM hacker hood with laptop secure cryptocurrencies the fatal mistake of using a virtual password manager lastpass hacked

Why choose a Cold Wallet NFC HSM to secure your cryptocurrencies?

How to secure your cryptocurrencies with a cold wallet NFC HSM is the topic of this article. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that offer many benefits, but also pose risks, especially in terms of security. To avoid losing or having your funds stolen, there is a solution: the cold wallet NFC HSM. It is a physical […]

Multi-factor authentication how to choose the best multi factor authentication MFA method for your online security and PassCypher NFC HSM solution passwordless MFA from Freemindtronic

How to choose the best multi-factor authentication method for your online security

Everything you need to know about multi-factor authentication and its variants Have you ever wondered how to protect your online accounts and data from hackers and cybercriminals? If so, you need to know about multi-factor authentication and its variants. Authentication is the process that verifies the identity of a user who wants to access a […]

Recover and protect your SMS and secure by EviCypher NFC HSM Technology by Freemindtronic from Andorra

How to Recover and Protect Your SMS on Android

Recover and Protect Your SMS on Android: A Complete Guide First of all, SMS are a popular communication tool on Android smartphones. They allow you to share information, emotions, memories with your loved ones or professional contacts. But what if you lose your SMS by accident or maliciously? How can you recover and protect them? […]

Coinbase Blockchain Hack 2023 How it happened and how to avoid it

Coinbase blockchain hack: How It Happened and How to Avoid It

How to Prevent Coinbase Blockchain Hack with EviVault NFC HSM Technology What happened to Coinbase Chain? The hack and its consequences On August 5, 2023, Coinbase announced that it had been the victim of a massive hack that compromised its decentralized blockchain, resulting in the loss of more than $200 million worth of cryptocurrencies. The hackers […]

Protect yourself from Pegasus Spyware with EviCypher NFC HSM and EviCore NFC HSM by Freemindtronic technology from Andorra

Protect yourself from Pegasus spyware with EviCypher NFC HSM

How to protect yourself from Pegasus spyware with EviCypher NFC HSM Pegasus Spyware: what it is, how it works, and how to protect yourself with EviCypher NFC HSM. In this article, we will tell you about Pegasus spyware. A global investigation revealed its misuse by governments and intelligence agencies. They target and spy on personalities […]