Our story


It all began in September 2016, with the Andorran deep tech Freemindtronic®, when the inventor Jacques Gascuel had the idea of designing and marketing the best patented Cybersecurity embedded systems, without contact, for daily use by all, internationally, without commitment.
An ambitious gamble rewarded by two trophies in 2017 for its innovations that break with existing solutions. More than a challenge, a challenge: to design products that respect the solidarity economy and the environment, capable of operating autonomously, without batteries or connection to the Cloud, with a lifespan of over 40 years of use.



Our storymap Freemindtronic Principat d'Andorra Europe


Located at an altitude of 1050 metres, in the heart of the Pyrenees in Escaldes Engordany (Principality of Andorra), we enjoy a privileged working environment. The R&D laboratory of the Andorran company Freemindtronic SL, made up of a multidisciplinary team, allows us to develop the products and services distributed by Fullsecure® from start to finish. This mastery of all the value chains allows us to produce customised products and services, under the brand name of our customers.



At the origin of all our products is Jacques Gascuel, inventor, who designs the products until they are made available on the market, in an approach of solidarity economy, respectful of the environment. This is reflected in all our cybersecurity products which produce their own energy, have no battery, connector, button or screen, and operate by radio frequency via existing terminals such as smartphones or tablets equipped with NFC technology.


Biography of Jacques Gascuel


Designing unconnected physical security systems using individual, nomadic, maintenance-free, subscription-free electronic safes that operate contactlessly via NFC terminals (PAD, smartphone, tablet). With our own design office, we are constantly looking for breakthrough solutions that allow companies and professionals to obtain their individual digital sovereignty. Our end-to-end mastery of our entire manufacturing chain allows us to meet the specific expectations of our customers.