About the author Jacques Gascuel inventor CEO Freemindtronic Andorra winner Global Infosec Awards 2021

Born in 1965, an inventor at heart

Jacques Gascuel has been an entrepreneur for 30 years. He studied electrical engineering and law at the University of Toulouse.
An inventor at heart, he has won several trophies and enjoys taking up challenges. “Every problem has a solution”, according to him, which leads him today, as director of an Andorran start-up specialising in cybersecurity, to create innovations in the field of people’s digital freedom and the security of their data.

His biography

His devotion to cybersecurity began in 2009, when he was the founding director of a company specialising in IT maintenance in rural areas, and he saw the distress of one of his clients, a dairy farmer in the Comminges region of France. The farmer is in great distress, a victim of physical and digital malicious acts on his computer systems. These systems control the veterinary management of the cattle and the milking of the milk, which has significant consequences for the farmer in terms of milk production. After saving his computer systems and data, the inventor looked for various solutions to protect and secure the hardware and digital computer systems. His first breakthrough invention was Safer Evolution, the first automatic black box circuit breaker that traces all types of environments.
Since then, the inventor has continued to innovate in the field of physical and digital cybersecurity, becoming a reference in the cybersecurity industry by creating breakthrough innovations that have won several international awards.
He created the name Freemindtronic, “the freedom to create in electronics” and the name Fullsecure, total physical and digital security at 360°. He will baptize all his innovations with the prefix “Evi” in reference to the name “evidence” in the legal sense of the material proof realized by an unfalsifiable black box, similar to that of an aircraft. Examples include EviKey, EviDisk, EviCoffee, EviLock, EviCard, EviTag, EviPost, EviToken and EviCypher.
Freemindtronic SL Andorra was founded in 2016, when Jacques Gascuel, the inventor of several innovation awards, settled in the heart of the Pyrenees Orientales mountains in the Principality of Andorra.