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Compatibility testing is an evaluation to verify that a software, an application or an extension works correctly on different browsers, databases, operating systems (OS), computer systems, telephone systems, intranet and internet networks as well as different devices and peripherals. These are mainly functional compatibility tests. That is to say that we test aspects such as ergonomics, reliability and performance. Our first concern is to be able to guarantee the reliability of our safety and cybersecurity solutions in order to obtain the greatest satisfaction in terms of user experience.

Our compatibility tests are an integral part from design to development to artisanal and industrial manufacturing. They ensure the reliability, the level of resilience and the durability of the security solution. They are carried out continuously to maintain a level of reliability over time, in particular due to the evolution of encryption technologies, increasingly high authentication.

We perform two main types of compatibility testing, backward compatibility testing and forward compatibility testing.

Type of functional tests


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Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility testing, also known as backward compatibility, is used to validate Freemindtronic’s solutions. We test the performance of our latest hardware, software, application, extension, peripheral solutions with old systems (computers, information, telecommunications, messaging, networks, web browsers, communication protocols).

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Forward compatibility

Forward compatibility testing provides a future-proof assessment to verify the performance of our hardware & digital solutions with future beta, standardization, research and development releases (of operating systems, software, hardware, etc.). applications, extensions, algorithms, dependencies, electronic technologies, electrotechnics, ergonomics as well as legal.

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