Freemindtronic specializes in the design of electronic products for securing sensitive and confidential data. Our team of experts in MFA access control and NFC HSM encryption holds international patents for our technologies. We design electrical protection for computer and wireless access control systems with segmented encryption keys.

Our innovative products, created under a white-label licensing agreement, have gained international recognition, winning multiple awards in 2014, 2017, and 2022. Our technologies have also received distinctions, including a silver medal in 2010 and a gold medal in 2021 at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

At Freemindtronic, we are committed to providing advanced technology solutions for computer security.

An expertise in the NFC technology

One of the missions that Freemindtronic has set for itself, is to develop embedded systems and sub-systems using the near field communication technology. 

So, Freemindtronic owns an expertise in the implementation of industrial NFC. Indeed, we also design modular NFC devices and secure protocols to exchange interoperable data with independent and autonomous services. The latter is made possible by developments in energy harvesting systems via RF signals such as the NFC signal.

In addition, Freemindtronic has specialized in the application of its systems in the field of Cybersecurity and Safety of particularly sensitive data. Thus, these systems offer secure, decentralized and individualized management. Especially, these systems do not use a server on the internet (serverless). They work offline, without contact (contactless) and without battery (batteryless).


Jacques Gascuel, the inventor, moved in the Pyrénées Orientales mountains in Principat of Andorra in 2016. It is in this inspiring mountain environment that he founded Freemindtronic in September 2016.

This start-up thus benefits from the know-how protected by international patents. Less than a year after its creation, a technological innovation was born, called EviAlpha. This will be integrated into an NFC device called EviTag®. It is a password and bank card manager. In addition, this product is several times Innovation Laureate in 2017 in cybersecurity and embedded systems.

The EviToken technology birth

The idea of ​​the inventor Jacques Gascuel is to create a universal technology aimed at managing all types of sensitive data such as encryption keys, passwords, access codes and authentication to computer systems and the Internet. . He also thinks of the secure unlocking of USB keys or SSD drives.

From this point of view, the innovation was on a small nomadic module, which works for life without a battery, dedicated to personal protection. The idea is to give humans an autonomous, unconnected tool to freely manage their private data anonymously.

Then, the first prototype manufactured was presented to the public on January 18, 2017 in Paris, during the 4th parliamentary meetings on Cybersecurity. It was not until a year later that this technology was commercialized. Finally, in 2020, EviToken becomes a universal tool for all computer and internet systems in the world.

Freemindtronic Team

A very agile multidisciplinary team who are passionate about technology, cybersecurity and innovation.

Freemindtronic Team Andorra 2021 Geneva international inventions Gold Medal


Christine, Jacques , François et Fabrice

Freemindtronic SL, won the 2021 Geneva Gold Medal for International Inventions for its EviCypher Contactless Secret Guardians technology has multi-criteria of trust.

2017 MtoM & Embedded System & IoT Award Freemindtronic winner in the category Electronic Module / Subsystem


Freemindtronic SL, won the Trophy of “Embedded and Connected Objects” with its new innovation «EVITAG NFC» in the category «Module/electronic sub-system»


Freemindtronic SL, won the 20217 Trophy for Best Cybersecurity Demonstration with the EviTag module hardened contactless hardware password manager via an NFC phone