EviCloud NFC HSM

Contactless Cloud Keys Management

Secure EviCloud NFC HSM: a unique technology to store, manage and use your contacless cloud keys easily and offline.Cloud keys are identifiers for cloud services. They allow to access and use data and applications hosted on remote servers via the internet. Cloud services can include banking, social networking, streaming, computing, storage, etc. EviCloud NFC HSM uses NFC technology to store and transfer cloud keys. It connects wirelessly from an NFC HSM with EviCloud technology to an Android phone. Cloud keys are encrypted in AES 256 post quantum in a dedicated NFC eprom storage space. They are physically offline and easily accessible. EviCloud NFC HSM ensures confidentiality, security and convenience of cloud keys.

Contactless Cloud Keys Manager

New end-to-end secure cloud key contactless hardware management system to connect to cloud services.

EviCloud NFC HSM

The EviCloud NFC HSM function is compatible with EviKeyboard BLE technology which works on all computer systems and web browsers.

On the right you can see the cloud services tested compatible with EviCore NFC HSM.

Next version including the use of Cloud keys via EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension technology

Cloud Services

EviKeyboard BLE fonctional schema type inputstick utility virtual keyboard
Freemindtronic win awards 2021 Next-Gen in Secrets Management with EviCypher & EviToken Technologies
Freemindtronic win awards 2021 Most Innovative in Hardware Password Manager with EviCypher & EviToken Technologies

Best New International Innovation 2021

Triumph of EviCore NFC HSM Technology in Hardware Secrecy and Password Management Awarded Cyber ​​Defense and Cybersecurity Innovator Freemindtronic Achieved Outstanding Recognition at RSA 2021 Conference. won three prestigious Global InfoSec Awards, highlighting its dedication to industry-leading solutions.

EviCloud NFC HSM technology embedding EviCore NFC HSM technology is dedicated to cloud key management.

Freemindtronic earned the “Most Innovative Hardware Password Manager” accolade, highlighting its breakthrough in secure password management.

Leader in Secrets Management EviCore NFC HSM’s recognition as the “next generation in secrets management” underscored Freemindtronic’s progress in protecting sensitive data.

The triumph showcases Freemindtronic’s commitment to pioneering cybersecurity solutions. Their innovations ensure secure and transparent data management.

Hybrid physical and digital security

EviCore NFC HSM uses an ISO/IEC 15693 NFC component to physically secure access to the data stored in its eprom. The cloud keys are stored encrypted with trust criteria, some of which are defined at the discretion of the user. In addition, at least one of the trust criteria is not physically present in the device. This makes it possible to resist an invasive attack. Thus even if the physical access security is corrupted, the data stored in the memory will always remain encrypted.