Experience the Future of Coffee Machines with EviCoffee

EviCoffee – A Revolutionary NFC Embedded System for Coffee Machines

EviCoffee NFC Embedded system for Coffee Machines

Are you looking for a coffee machine that takes the experience to the next level? Introducing EviCoffee – the world’s first coffee machine for the general public with three international patents. EviCoffee is a cutting-edge system that uses two state-of-the-art technologies: NFC HSM and Argos One NFC. This embedded system has been designed and manufactured by Freemindtronic and is available for white labeling.

EviCoffee – The Eco-Friendly and Efficient Choice

Choose EviCoffee and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying your daily coffee.

EviCoffee’s automatic on/off feature results in significant energy savings, making it an eco-friendly and responsible choice.

The machine ensures the water temperature is just right for the perfect cup of coffee and automatically cuts off the heating element when not needed.

EviCoffee’s smart operation helps conserve water, as the pump is shut off to limit water waste.

With the help of the contactless black box, maintenance and support for EviCoffee are made even easier.

Experience the future of coffee with EviCoffee technology

EviCoffee technology: a revolution for your coffee

Freemindtronic’s EviCoffee technology offers incredible benefits for a coffee machine. Here are some examples of what this technology can achieve.

Wirelessly control your coffee machine

Industrial NFC technology with energy recovery allows you to control the coffee machine without it being plugged into a power source. EviCoffee technology recovers energy through the NFC phone signal to function.

A black box for contactless recording

The Argos One NFC technology includes a contactless queryable black box via the energy recovery system by NFC signal.

Security and anonymity

Access control allows you to securely manage machine usage while remaining completely anonymous through secret keys provided by the machine administrator.

Savings and ecology

The coffee machine no longer needs a physical power button or coffee type selection. This reduces the cost of manufacturing raw materials and wiring for these buttons. This allows for significant cost savings in manufacturing while reducing the use of raw materials..

Total cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an important element of this technology. This machine is only connected contactlessly via NFC phone. The machine is physically isolated from computer networks, which excludes any possibility of remote or proximity attack since everything is end-to-end encrypted from the NFC HSM..

Personalized time management

Time management by EviCoffee technology allows you to precisely manage the length of coffee for each user of this machine through the embedded Cold Wallet.

Enjoy the best coffee with Freemindtronic’s EviCoffee technology.