EviPay NFC HSM: Advanced Technology for Securing Contactless Cryptographic Transactions

EviPay NFC HSM: An upcoming technology to secure contactless payments for cryptocurrency transactions.

This Strongbox features patented EviSeed NFC HSM technologies that allow you to store and manage your cryptocurrency wallet information to make cryptocurrency transfers from NFC HSM. With EviPay NFC HSM, you benefit from patented contactless access control and segmented key authentication systems and protections against cyberattacks. Discover how this custom-adaptable EviPay NFC HSM technology under white label license allows you to improve the financial security of cryptographic assets in this space dedicated to it.

What is EviPay NFC HSM?

EviPay NFC HSM: Advancing Cryptocurrency Security for Contactless Transactions

Cryptocurrency transfers involve sensitive data, particularly BIP 39 secret keys and their derived private keys. Safeguarding the confidentiality of this information is paramount. EviPay NFC HSM provides a secure solution for conducting contactless crypto-asset transfers via an NFC HSM device. This versatile device comes in various formats, including cards, labels, key rings, and personalized objects (such as pens or PCBs).

Advantages of this Strongbox:

  1. Credit Card Information Storage: EviPay allows you to save credit card details. It can auto-populate online payment fields, including those related to cryptocurrencies.
  2. Additional Financial Data: Beyond crypto wallets, the NFC HSM can store other sensitive financial information, such as bank account details.

Technical Details:

  • Power Source: The device operates using the NFC signal from an Android phone, which acts as both an HSM (Hardware Security Module) and an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) terminal.
  • Memory Capacity: Equipped with EEPROM memory, it can store up to 64 KB of crypto-asset data, equivalent to approximately 33 cryptocurrency wallets (including each wallet’s BIP39 seed phrase, private key, and public key).

Security Features:

  • Encryption: Data stored in the EviPay NFC HSM is automatically encrypted. The application employs cutting-edge algorithms, including 256-bit AES in CBC mode and 4096-bit RSA, for key sharing or backups to other storage media.
  • Anti-Cloning and Anti-Replay Mechanisms: These prevent unauthorized access or duplication of secrets.
  • Read and Write Monitoring: The patented system ensures the integrity and availability of the NFC HSM by monitoring reading and writing via the Android phone’s NFC signal.
  • Contactless Access Control: Two distinct access profiles (administrator and users) are defined, preventing unauthorized access to each other’s secrets.
  • Segmented Key Authentication: Define up to 9 trust criteria (e.g., geolocation, BSSID, password, or fingerprint) for secret encryption.

Strong box EviPay NFC HSM represents a significant strongbox advancement in securing cryptographic assets, providing peace of mind for users in this specialized domain. Additionally, it incorporates technologies such as EviSeed NFC HSM, EviVault NFC HSM, and EviCore NFC HSM, along with the EviCore NFC browser extension for optimized contactless and passwordless transactions. These combined technologies position EviPay NFC HSM as a comprehensive and robust solution for securing digital assets and facilitating cryptographic exchanges.

What are the Benefits of EviPay NFC HSM?

EviPay NFC HSM: Advancing Cryptocurrency Security for Contactless Transactions

EviPay NFC HSM offers multiple advantages for managing your payment and cryptocurrency transfer information, such as:

  • Authenticator Sandbox Function for Anti-Phishing and Smart Login: EviSeed NFC HSM is compatible with the EviPass NFC HSM password manager technology, featuring a Sandbox function that provides advanced protection against phishing attempts during auto-login to online accounts. It verifies the authenticity of original sites associated with the stored credentials in the NFC HSM, ensuring that sensitive data is only auto-filled on reliable and verified platforms. It also smartly automates the process of filling in credit card information stored in the NFC HSM EviPay for online contactless payments.
  • Secure Manager for Payment and Crypto Asset Transfer Information: The EviPay NFC HSM function uses the Freemindtronic app for Android NFC to manage various types of NFC HSM devices, such as Cards, Tags, PCBs, and others, to physically protect credit card, bank account, and especially cryptocurrency wallet information. It also allows users to customize access levels for each stored record and define additional trust criteria to limit the use of these sensitive data, such as a fingerprint and/or a geo-zone and/or a password.
  • Account function for managing and using SEPA compatible bank accounts: The account function allows you to manage and use your own and those of third parties private or professional bank accounts (name, IBAN, BIC) in the NFC HSM device, which encrypts them without contact. EviPay NFC HSM uses a patented system of auto detection of bank information to verify the issuer of the RIB iBAN. This system ensures that the RIB iBAN that you use is the one of the bank that you have chosen and that there is no error or fraud.
  • Loyalty function for managing and using loyalty cards associated with a payment system via QR code or Bar code: The loyalty function allows you to store and use your loyalty cards from your favorite stores or services. You can store the numbers, codes or QR codes of your loyalty cards in the NFC HSM device, which encrypts them without contact. You can then use the NFC HSM device to scan the QR code or Bar code of your loyalty card on the payment terminal of the store or service. You can thus benefit from the advantages, discounts or special offers linked to your loyalty card.
  • Battery-Free Operation and Longevity: The NFC HSM device operates maintenance-free for life without a battery, using energy harvesting from smartphone NFC signals for self-powering.
  • Virus-Sensitive Zone Security (such as COVID): EviPay NFC HSM helps you avoid physical contact for using sensitive data on a computer system via the local network, auto-encrypted from the NFC HSM device. This reduces the risk in environments that may be contaminated by viruses like COVID-19. You can perform various operations such as auto-filling bank card information, filling in private and public crypto keys for various operations.
  • Local Network Auto-Encryption: You can also use auto-filling remotely via the local network or by sharing a connection through your phone. This feature improves convenience and protects your health, allowing you to use the information contained in the devices on a nearby computer system or remotely on the same local network.
  • NFC Contactless Security and Compliance: EviPay NFC HSM physically protects unauthorized access to credit cards with NFC stored in wallets or others against any malicious reading attempts of your credit cards. This is possible when the NFC HSM EviSeed device is juxtaposed with credit cards. Indeed, the NFC HSM protects other credit cards from detection by a scanner. Freemindtronic’s NFC HSMs have anti-collision technology that takes priority and prevents the reading of other bank cards. Additionally, Freemindtronic’s NFC HSM PCB models also have a copper ground plane that naturally short-circuits NFC signals, protecting all juxtaposed devices along with the anti-collision system. This is an effective physical protection of payment cards and others against all risks of remote and non-invasive attack attempts.
  • Air Gap Security: EviPay NFC HSM uses physical isolation security, separating itself from computer networks. This ensures that the encrypted data of the NFC HSM Card device is stored exclusively in its non-volatile memory, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Protection Against Fraudulent Use: EviPay NFC HSM ensures that all uses of financial information stored in the NFC HSM are not stored on computer systems, phones, or online cryptocurrency transaction sites. This preserves your privacy and anonymity. The encrypted data is transmitted securely to the computer system, protecting it from potential threats and unauthorized access.
  • Physical Protection of Credit Cards: Advantageously, due to the storage of information from all types of credit cards, you can erase sensitive data such as the CCV of bank cards. Indeed, saved in the NFC HSM Card devices. Erasing the CVV present on the card secures it against the risk of illicit use, especially online.
  • Enhanced Security: EviSeed uses the standards of BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) formats, notably BIP39, to generate and enter recovery phrases without error thanks to a checksum control.
  • Encrypted Backup: EviSeed allows you to save your recovery phrases encrypted with your own encryption keys, which can be segmented according to an implementation of the patented invention on segmented key authentication.
  • Extended Compatibility: EviSeed is compatible with most popular wallets and blockchains that use the BIP39 standard to generate their recovery key.
  • Durability: The chosen supports for storing your recovery phrase can resist water, high heat, shocks. They do not deteriorate over time.
  • Ease of Use: With EviSeed, there is no need to write or engrave your recovery phrase; simply enter the seed phrase to be automatically stored encrypted in the NFC HSM supports.
  • Secure Exchange: EviSeed also generates a QR code containing your encrypted recovery phrase, which you can print, share, send, or save between NFC HSM devices by scanning the encrypted QR code in RSA 4096.

Additional Features:

  • Cryptocurrency Transfer Between NFC HSM Devices: A notable innovation is the ability to store more than thirty different cryptocurrency wallets in a single NFC HSM support. It is possible to credit one wallet contained in an NFC HSM from another NFC HSM, transferring cryptocurrencies between wallets contained in different NFC HSMs. This technology can be custom adapted under a white label license.
  • Cryptocurrency Transfer: Similar to transfers between NFC HSM devices, it is also possible to transfer cryptocurrencies by defining the values to be transferred to a public address. Thus, EviPays NFC HSM technology can be adapted and implemented as a payment system for goods and services in cryptocurrency from an NFC HSM. This technology must also be custom adapted under a white label license.

These features position EviPay NFC HSM as a comprehensive solution for enhanced security in managing payment and cryptocurrency transfer information.

How to Utilize EviPay NFC HSM Effectively

To harness the full potential of EviPay NFC HSM technology, follow these active steps:

Initiate by Downloading

Begin by downloading the Freemindtronic app. This app is not only compatible with EviSeed NFC HSM but also integrates seamlessly with all Freemindtronic technologies, including EviCore NFC HSM for Android NFC phones and the browser extension for computers.

Proceed to Pair

Continue by pairing your NFC HSM Card device with your Android NFC phone through the Freemindtronic app. Consequently, the app will automatically recognize the model and brand (white label) of the device. Subsequently, you can register various information such as credit card details and bank accounts.

Engage in Wallet Creation

Directly manage wallet creation from the NFC HSM device, utilizing EviSeed NFC HSM, EviVault NFC HSM, and the technology for creating wallets on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. The wallet, including a BIP 39 format secret key, a private key, and a public key, will be auto-generated. Furthermore, the public address will be auto-generated from this information, enabling transaction signatures for operations like transfers and receipt of cryptocurrency.

Envision Payment Solutions

Imagine using it for payment of goods and services via a simple scan of a public address to transfer cryptocurrency from the NFC HSM. This innovative approach can be realized under a white label license, tailored to the market targeted by the licensee.

Enhance Security

Adapt the security level to fortify the use of the NFC device by adding trust criteria. For instance, to confirm a transaction, the user must validate all trust criteria, such as a password or fingerprint and/or being within an authorized geographic zone.

Expand Possibilities

The EviSeed NFC HSM technology, protected by two international patents, notably in the United States, broadens the horizons where other technological solutions are limited.

Remember, it’s essential to incorporate all the information provided to preserve the integrity of the original text, especially regarding white label technologies that imply customization according to the market targeted by the white label licensee.

How to use EviPay NFC HSM on your computer with EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension?

Enhance Your Security with EviPay NFC HSM

Unlock the full potential of EviPay NFC HSM on your desktop using the EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension. This powerful, free tool bridges your NFC HSM device and the websites you frequent, ensuring a seamless and secure online experience. Pair it effortlessly with our Freemindtronic app for NFC-enabled phones, available on Google Play, and enjoy the convenience of advanced secret management.

Effortless Encryption and Auto-Fill Features

With EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension, encrypting and decrypting data is as simple as using your phone as a terminal. Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering passwords; our extension allows for automatic form-filling and login, safeguarding your secrets without the need to know or access them directly.

Multi-Factor Authentication Made Easy

Experience robust security with multi-factor authentication powered by our Android NFC app. EviCore NFC HSM technology automatically validates every authentication factor set by you, providing peace of mind with every use.

Additional Tools for Enhanced Protection

Beyond NFC capabilities, the extension comes equipped with a password generator, QR Code generator, and domain name extension alerts to shield you from potential fraud. These tools are at your disposal even without the NFC device.

Getting Started with EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension

  1. Download the Freemindtronic Extension from the Chrome Web Store or other compatible browsers.
  2. Pair your NFC HSM device with your phone by scanning a QR code provided by the extension.
  3. Establish a secure connection between your phone and computer using an encrypted local or ad-hoc network, fortified with one-time keys and certificate renewals.
  4. Access and manage your secrets with ease, utilizing the extension for various online activities.

EviPay NFC HSM: Elevating Cryptocurrency Security

EviPay NFC HSM harnesses EviCore NFC HSM technology to protect sensitive data within NFC HSM devices. Let’s explore the key aspects:

Algorithmic Precision:

  • EviPay utilizes a variety of encryption algorithms, each selected for their specific use case.
  • Algorithms are chosen to leverage their strengths and secure any potential weaknesses.
  • For example, AES CTR SHA256 with segmented keys provides robust symmetric encryption, safeguarding against even post-quantum threats.

Holistic Security Approach:

  • Zero Trust, Zero Knowledge: EviPay functions without the need for servers, databases, or online account creation.
  • Transactions are kept confidential, ensuring user anonymity.
  • EviSeed NFC HSM technology, supported by international patents, delivers unmatched security.

Seamless Interaction:

  • Wallet Creation: Directly generate wallets on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
  • BIP 39 format secret keys, private keys, and public keys are auto-generated.
  • Public addresses are created from the private keys, facilitating secure transactions.

Innovative Possibilities:

  • Cryptocurrency Transfer: Transfer cryptocurrencies effortlessly by setting values to public addresses.
  • White Label Adaptation: Tailor EviPay to specific markets with a white label license.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • Recovery phrases need not be written or engraved; EviPay manages this automatically.
  • Secure QR Code Exchange: Encrypted recovery phrases can be shared via QR codes encrypted with RSA 4096.

Physical Protection:

  • EviPay defends against unauthorized access, modification, or interception.
  • Sensitive data, like CCV from credit cards, can be erased for added security.
  • Air gap security provides data isolation, enhancing protection.

In conclusion, EviPay NFC HSM stands out as an ideal solution for securing sensitive data and safeguarding cryptographic assets. Its seamless integration and robust encryption offer a superior choice for users seeking

EviPay NFC HSM Function Table

EviPay NFC HSM has different functions that allow you to manage and use your payment and money transfer information in various ways. Here is a table that summarizes the main functions of EviPay NFC HSM and their features:

Sandbox d’authentification Antiphishing protection and smart login
  • Securely fills in credit card information on websites
  • Verifies the authenticity of websites
  • Automates the process of filling in credit card information and logging into original websites
Wallet Management and use of cryptocurrencies
  • Stores and uses private keys of cryptocurrency wallets
  • Generator of wallets of multiple cryptocurrencies in an NFC HSM
  • Checks the balance and history of cryptocurrency transactions
  • Possibility of transaction from NFC HSM and enters proximity and remote NFC HSM.
Card Protection and use of credit cards and bank cards
  • Stores and uses numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes of cards
  • Uses the NFC HSM device as a contactless card
Account Management and use of SEPA compatible bank accounts
  • Stores and uses own and third parties bank accounts (name, IBAN, BIC)
  • Uses auto detection of bank information to verify the issuer of the RIB iBAN
  • Prevents errors or frauds related to bank accounts
Loyalty Management and use of loyalty cards associated with a payment system
  • Stores and uses numbers, codes or QR codes of loyalty cards
  • Scans the QR code or Bar code of loyalty card on payment terminal
  • Benefits from advantages, discounts or special offers linked to loyalty card
NFC/RFID Blocking Protection of contactless cards from unauthorized reading
  • Uses anticollision technology in ISO 15693 to block the NFC signal of other cards
  • Protects multiple contactless cards by superimposing a NFC HSM Card over or under them
  • Prevents cloning, skimming or hacking of contactless cards

You can access these functions from the EviPay NFC HSM application on your phone or from the EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension on your computer.

Compatibility table

EviPay NFC HSM is compatible with various types of cards and cryptocurrencies. Here is a table that shows some examples of compatible cards and cryptocurrencies:

Bank card Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
Credit card Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.
Loyalty card with payment Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, etc.
Loyalty card without payment Sephora, Fnac, Ikea, etc.
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

You can use EviPay NFC HSM to store and use any of these cards and cryptocurrencies securely and easily.

How Does EviPay NFC HSM Compare to Other Contactless Payment Solutions?

EviPay NFC HSM: A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

Unique Features of EviPay NFC HSM

EviPay NFC HSM is a hardware-based solution that stands out in the cryptocurrency payment landscape. It offers a suite of features that provide enhanced security and functionality for managing and transacting with digital assets.

Comparison with Other Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions

Here’s an updated comparison of EviPay NFC HSM with other cryptocurrency payment solutions, focusing on their ability to handle transactions for products and services:

Feature EviPay NFC HSM Ledger Nano X Trezor Model T ELLIPAL Titan CoolWallet Pro PayPal
Direct Wallet Creation
Multiple Wallets (Up to 33)
Segmented key authentication system
Encryption level AES 256 SHA256 bits & 1x RSA 4096 bits
Number of secrets stored up to 100
Access control system admin & user
100% Contactless Operation
International Patents
Private Key and Seed Phrase Sharing
Android NFC Phone Compatibility
Browser Extension for Chromium and Firefox
Credit Card and Bank Account Information Storage
White Label Customization for Market Adaptation

Advantages Over Other Solutions

EviPay NFC HSM offers a unique combination of features not commonly found in other solutions. It supports the creation of up to 33 different wallets within a single device, ensuring that an entire financial ecosystem is stored securely in one place.

Accessibility and User-Friendliness

Its 100% contactless operation and compatibility with Android NFC phones and browser extensions make it highly accessible and user-friendly.

Security and Innovation

The device’s international patents highlight its innovative approach to security, enabling the secure sharing of private keys and seed phrases.

EviPay NFC HSM vs. PayPal

On the other hand, although PayPal recently introduced cryptocurrency transactions, it does not offer the same level of hardware security or the ability to create and manage multiple wallets.

White Label Customization

EviPay NFC HSM’s white label customization also allows for bespoke implementations, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their services.

Datasheet of EviPay NFC HSM

EviPay NFC HSM revolutionizes the way we handle contactless transactions, offering a suite of features that enhance security and convenience. Here’s an improved overview of its technical specifications:

EviPay NFC HSM Datasheet Technical Specifications and Features
Encryption Algorithms AES 256 bits and RSA 4096 bits
Memory Capacity 64 KB EEPROM
Communication Protocols ISO/IEC 15693
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Operating Distance Up to 10 cm
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Data Retention Up to 40 years
Write Endurance Up to 1,000,000 cycles
Power Supply Via NFC signal
Dimensions Depending on device type
Weight Depending on device type
Contactless In-Store Payments Utilize your NFC HSM Card device at any NFC-enabled terminal for seamless payments. Online payments require no physical payment information.
Contactless Online Payments The Authenticator Sandbox function secures online payment data, verifying website authenticity and automating the login process for trusted sites.
Contactless Money Transfers Send and receive funds effortlessly with other NFC HSM Card or Freemindtronic app users, and transfer money to bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallets.
Contactless Access Control Access your blockchain financial information securely. Define distinct access profiles for administrators and users, ensuring privacy and control.
Segmented Key Authentication Encrypt your data with up to 9 trust criteria, such as geolocation and biometrics, tailoring security to your preferences.
Hardware Encryption with Secure Element Store your data in a 64 KB EEPROM memory, shielded by top-tier encryption algorithms like AES 256 bits and RSA 4096 bits.
Air Gap Security with Non-Volatile Memory Isolate your financial data from networks, storing it in non-volatile memory for unmatched protection.
Anti-Cloning and Anti-Replay Protection Safeguard your transactions with unique anti-cloning and anti-replay mechanisms, ensuring security with each use.
Battery-Free Operation and Longevity Enjoy over a decade of maintenance-free use, powered by the NFC signal from smartphones, eliminating the need for batteries.
Compatibility Android phones with NFC chip and internet connection; Computers with browsers compatible with Freemindtronic Extension
Supported Encrypted Data Types Bank card, Credit card, Loyalty card (including those with payment functionality), Private key of cryptocurrency
Payment Types Online contactless payment via autofill, Payment via QR code or Barcode, Public address of cryptocurrency
Phone Compatibility Android 6 and above with NFC technology
Computer Compatibility Full compatibility with EviCore NFC Browser Extension

This comprehensive table provides a detailed look at the specifications, features, and compatibility of the EviPay NFC HSM device.

Compliance with international standards

EviPay NFC HSM adheres to various international standards related to security, encryption, and communication:

  • ISO/IEC 15693: Defines communication protocols for vicinity cards operating at 13.56 MHz with a range of up to 1 meter. EviPay NFC HSM uses this standard for communication between the NFC HSM device and the phone or computer.
  • ISO/IEC 14443: Defines communication protocols for proximity cards operating at 13.56 MHz with a range of up to 10 cm. EviPay NFC HSM uses this standard for communication between the phone or computer and the payment terminal.
  • ISO/IEC 7816: Specifies smart card specifications, including the secure element that stores and encrypts secrets in the NFC HSM device.
  • ISO/IEC 27001: Sets requirements for information security management systems, ensuring end-to-end cybersecurity between the NFC HSM device, phone or computer, and the payment terminal.

You can find more information about these standards on their respective websites:

EviPay NFC HSM is a technology that respects and follows these standards to ensure the highest level of security and encryption for your payments and transactions.


EviPay NFC HSM: The Pinnacle of Secure Contactless Transactions

In conclusion, EviPay NFC HSM emerges as a pillar of security in the digital realm. This innovative solution redefines contactless transactions, offering users a fortified platform for financial management. Indeed, EviPay NFC HSM’s commitment to safeguarding transactions cements its status as a frontrunner in cryptocurrency transaction solutions. Users can rest assured, their transactions are secure and their financial data is under vigilant protection.

For comprehensive insights into EviPay NFC HSM technology and its suite of products, explore the Freemindtronic website. Additionally, EviPay NFC HSM integrates seamlessly with other cutting-edge technologies like Contactless OTP Manager (2FA) and EviBitBenhancing cybersecurity levels, particularly for online activities. These technologies are available under license from Freemindtronic and can be tailored to augment security based on specific use cases.