Contactless OTP manager TOPT HOTP EviCypher technology by Freemindtronic Andorra innovation


NFC device for contactless OTP token management (HOTP & TOTP)


Contactless OTP Manager (NFC Hardware Token Management) OTP (One Time Password) or PIN (One Time Authorisation Code) or OTAC dynamic password, is a password valid only for a single login session, transaction, on an information system or computer system. The OTP is notably used as a two-factor authentication (2FA). It makes it possible to secure the use of static passwords that can be stolen. The user of the static password is asked for a code generated by the OTP to confirm authentication. The user has an OTP device to generate the codes associated with the accounts where their static passwords are used.

OTP is an additional protection to traditional passwords. However, OTPs can be intercepted or redirected, and hard tokens can be lost, damaged or stolen. Many OTP systems must be implemented in a rigorous and highly secure manner to prevent attackers from discovering the password in order to impersonate its user.

An OTP code is a one-time use code. You will be asked for a new one each time you log in with your traditional password. So if the latter is stolen by a cybercriminal, he will have to provide your OTP code. The OTP code is in your pocket, in an EviCypher NFC device that manages OTP tokens. This makes it physically impossible for a cybercriminal to steal your OTP code.

Contactless OTP Manager is an NFC device that offers its user the possibility to access contactless OTP codes and static passwords in seconds via an NFC-enabled Android phone.

NFC Hardware Wallet OTP Token Manager

New secure end-to-end contactless hardware OTP token manager

Contactless OTP Manager Application

The OTP token manager function is integrated in the EviCypher application from Freemindtronic.

Contactless OTP Manager supports both types of OTP. The time-based TOTP and the counter-based HOTP.

Below you can see the version history of the cloud service that uses encryption keys.

1.7.0 EviCypher by Freemindtronic application NFC phone Android

Frst version December 25, 2022


  • Added support for OTP Token (TOTP)

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Contactless OTP manager NFC hardware wallet for secret keys TOTP & HOTP & password manager passwordless auto login autofill by Freemindtronic Andorra innovation 2022

New International Innovation 2022

Our solution, protected by two international patents, breaks with all existing solutions. Indeed, our method of securing the secret keys (OTP: One Time assword) is not only innovative but also unmatched. The solution is not based on the use of remote servers, nor the storage of keys on the computer or on the phone.
In fact, the secret key OTP are stored encrypted in an NFC device. These keys are then used from the device to generate an OTP passcode. Thus the secret keys are physically isolated from the computer and telephone systems.
OTP passcodes are always available on demand via the device, which can be stored in the pocket.

In contrast to digital and hardware OTP solutions, OTP secret keys can be added to the trust criteria. Thus, OTP secret keys can only be used if all trust criteria are validated such as a geographical area.
OTP secret keys can also be exchanged between even remote NFC devices in RSA 4096. The pre-established trust criteria cannot be modified by the recipient. This is the only security and protection system that is realized from human to human via his device, of which he has total control.

Secure control of the entire value chain

The research and development department are committed to making the Contactless OTP manager hardware solution as secure as possible. That’s why we design, develop and manufacture our software, applications, web browser extensions, electronic design, embedded system and manufacturing tools. We aim to control the entire value chain, from the idea to the manufacture of products and services.


Hybrid physical and digital security

Contactless OTP manager uses an ISO/IEC 15693 NFC component to physically secure access to the data stored in its eprom. The encryption keys are stored encrypted with trust criteria, some of which are defined at the discretion of the user. In addition, at least one of the trust criteria is not physically present in the device. This makes it possible to resist an invasive attack. Thus even if the physical access security is corrupted, the data stored in the memory will always remain encrypted.

Some added values that break with the existing