DataShielder NFC HSM Auth


DataShielder NFC HSM Contactless Encryption: Essential for Comprehensive Security

DataShielder NFC HSM Auth leads the defense against identity fraud with unmatched precision. It features a unique AES-256 encryption key created by the RSSI, CEO or CFO for secure communication, ensuring access is restricted to authorized personnel only. Designed for high-risk environments, this device offers contactless encryption that integrates seamlessly into existing security infrastructures but requires a DataShielder NFC HSM Lite, Master, or Defense model to operate. Available in 14 languages, it supports global operations and enhances user-friendliness, making it an indispensable part of your security strategy. Equip your organization with DataShielder NFC HSM Auth for robust and streamlined protection against identity thef

DataShielder NFC HSM Auth Card with EviCard and Blue EviTag Keychain
DataShielder NFC HSM Auth
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