In an era defined by escalating cyber threats, safeguarding sensitive information has become crucial. Passwords have long been a cornerstone of online security, yet they carry inherent vulnerabilities. Traditional password management solutions face issues ranging from data corruption to Zero-Day vulnerabilities, posing potential risks to users. This article introduces EviPass HSM PGP (Encrypted Virtual Interface – Hardware Security Module – Pretty Good Privacy), a pioneering approach by Freemindtronic to overcome these challenges. EviPass HSM PGP offers a robust and secure method for managing passwords, encryption keys, SSH Keys and secret phrases, integrating segmented key authentication and AES-GCM 256-bit encryption.

EviPass HSM PGP: A Passwordless Password Management Technology

EviPass HSM PGP introduces a revolutionary approach in password management, eliminating the need for conventional passwords. This innovative technology enhances cybersecurity by significantly reducing the attack surface typically associated with password reliance. By streamlining authentication processes and utilizing advanced encryption techniques, EviPass HSM PGP offers a more secure, user-friendly experience. It represents a paradigm shift, addressing the modern cybersecurity challenges by providing a robust, yet simplified solution for digital security.

Unveiling the Pitfalls of Conventional Password Managers

Data Corruption: A Persistent Enigma

Data corruption in conventional password managers occurs when stored data is erroneously or maliciously altered, leading to unreadable or inaccurate data. This frequent issue endangers user data, including passwords and personal banking information. Statistics reveal that 63% of password management tools have experienced data corruption incidents.

Security Vulnerabilities: A Perilous Landscape

Security vulnerabilities in password managers, often due to programming, configuration, or usage errors, expose users to a myriad of threats such as data theft, account hacking, and ransomware. Notably, 88% of password management solutions have reported security flaws.

Zero-Day Exploits: The Concealed Threat

Zero-Day exploits exploit unknown security flaws, posing significant challenges in detection and prevention. They represent a constant threat to password managers, with 45% having fallen victim to such attacks, potentially leading to system compromise and data theft or damage.

Replay Attacks: A Stealthy

Strategy Replay attacks, involving the capture and reuse of data from password managers like the master password or login credentials, can lead to unauthorized access to user accounts or data modification. Such attacks occur if the communication protocol or authentication mechanism of the password manager is insecure.

Denial of Service Attacks: A Method of Disruption

Denial of Service attacks disrupt the normal functioning of password managers by overwhelming them with requests or exploiting vulnerabilities, rendering them unavailable or reducing their performance. Inadequately designed or implemented password managers are particularly susceptible to these attacks.

Master Password Loss, Theft, and Corruption: A Dire Scenario

The loss, theft, or corruption of the master password in traditional systems can have severe consequences, such as losing access to all digitally associated services, identity theft, or data corruption in the password manager. Surveys indicate that 25% of users have forgotten or lost their master password, and 15% have been victims of theft or corruption.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks: An Espionage Tactic

Man-in-the-middle attacks intercept communications between two parties, potentially listening, modifying, or diverting exchanged data like public keys, passwords, or certificates. Vulnerabilities in user interface clarity or autocomplete functions in password managers can facilitate such attacks.

Post-Quantum Attacks: An Emerging Danger

Post-quantum attacks, leveraging the capabilities of quantum computers to break classical encryption algorithms, pose a future threat to the decryption of data in password managers, such as the master password or stored passwords. Estimations suggest that quantum computers capable of breaking RSA-2048 encryption might be available by 2028.

The Resilience of EviPass HSM PGP

Serverless Architecture: A Paradigm Shift

EviPass NFC HSM revolutionizes password management with its serverless architecture. This groundbreaking approach eliminates dependency on external servers or databases, ensuring superior security. Users gain unparalleled control and privacy, safeguarding their data and encryption keys from potential database breaches.

Empowering User Data Control

EviPass HSM OpenPGP empowers users with full data ownership, a stark contrast to traditional password managers reliant on external databases. This unique feature significantly reduces vulnerabilities, placing data control firmly in the user’s hands.

Redefining Security Standards

Setting new cybersecurity benchmarks, EviPass HSM OpenPGP’s advanced architecture and user-centric design offer robust protection against the security pitfalls commonly found in conventional password management systems.

How does EviPass HSM PGP work?

Maximizing the Power of Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

EviPass NFC HSM uniquely leverages a wide array of secure storage options, surpassing traditional managers. It innovatively uses AES-256 encryption to safeguard segmented keys, SSH keys, and identifiers. Unlike standard systems, EviPass operates on a sophisticated dual encryption key system exceeding 256 bits, randomly generated. This setup ensures that each secret, including auto-connect URLs, is individually encrypted within its secure sandbox, enhancing security and convenience.

Local Storage Key: Enhanced Security

The first segment of the encryption key is securely stored within the user’s browser local memory. Ingeniously designed, this segment is rendered unusable without the corresponding second key, fortifying data protection against potential compromises.

External Storage Key: Versatile and Secure

The second key segment’s storage is at the user’s discretion, with options like Freemindtronic’s EviKey NFC HSM or SSD Sata III NFC. This arrangement allows for seamless, contactless access via NFC-enabled Android devices. The user’s liberty to select from a variety of storage mediums, including SD cards, USB keys, and online storage options, significantly boosts the system’s resilience and safeguards against denial-of-service attacks.

What are the functions of EviPass HSM PGP?

Advanced Password Management

EviPass NFC HSM streamlines the creation, storage, and management of passwords and identifiers. It simplifies the process by removing the need to remember, know, input, or display complex passwords, effectively reducing the risk of weak passwords.

SSH Key Management

The technology extends to randomly managing SSH keys, significantly enhancing the security of SSH secret keys for remote server access. Users can easily generate and manage SSH keys, ensuring high security.

Secret Phrase Management

Acknowledging the growing need for passphrase-like security that is memorable, EviPass HSM OpenPGP simplifies their creation and management, adding extra security layers, including sandbox technology with the original URL.

Segmented Key Authentication

This flagship feature divides encryption keys for unprecedented security, ensuring that even if a part of the key is compromised, the entire key remains secure. EviPass HSM PGP technology simplifies the management of segmented keys used by PassCypher HSM.

AES-GCM 256-bit Encryption: Superior Data Protection

Data is safeguarded with the highest OpenPGP encryption standards, ensuring leading-edge security and confidentiality.

Advancing Cybersafety and Security with EviPass HSM PGP

Additional Layer of Security

EviPass NFC HSM’s security is enhanced by its real-time check against Pwned Passwords, alerting users to potential password corruption through visual cues. This added layer of protection, coupled with manual verification options for passwords and SSH keys not managed by EviPass HSM Open PGP, elevates its security profile.

Resilience Against Brute Force Attacks

EviPass HSM OpenPGP’s AES-GCM 256-bit symmetric encryption, combined with segmented keys, offers post-quantum resistance. This robust encryption and key segmentation fortify the system against brute force attacks, even from quantum computers.

Phishing and Espionage Protection:

EviPass HSM PGP significantly minimizes risks associated with phishing and spyware, such as keyloggers. It eliminates manual password entry, clipboard usage (copy/paste), the need for password knowledge, and visibility, enabling automatic web browser account access.

No Dependency on Third-party Services

A standout feature of EviPass HSM PGP is its total independence. Unlike many password managers that rely on external servers, EviPass HSM PGP operates autonomously, ensuring that user data remains private and secure. This self-sufficiency differentiates it from others, providing an additional layer of data protection and privacy assurance.

EviPass HSM PGP: Advanced Password Customization and Management

EviPass HSM PGP revolutionizes password management with versatile generation and robust encryption, accommodating diverse user needs. This section outlines its password generation and management functions.

Password Generation Options

EviPass HSM PGP enables password creation using various character bases and options:

  1. Printable ASCII Characters: Generate up to 60-character passwords from 95 ASCII characters, equating to 395 bits.
  2. Hexadecimal Base (16, 58, 64, 85): Create up to 51-character passwords, equivalent to 329.6 bits, offering high security levels.

Character Customization for Passwords

  • Lowercase/Uppercase Characters: Choose from 26 English alphabet letters in either format.
  • Numbers: Include digits from 0 to 9 for numerical complexity.
  • Symbols: Integrate 33 non-letter/number characters for enhanced security.
  • Special Characters: Option to include or exclude specific ASCII symbols and punctuation for compatibility with various systems.

Password Management Functions

  • Secure Storage: Store passwords on EviPass HSM PGP compatible devices, encrypted with post-quantum algorithms like LWE or RLWE.
  • Easy Access and Management: Utilize the EviPass Web Browser Extension for effortless access to online accounts without entering passwords.

Customizing Passwords with ASCII Options

  • EviPass NFC HSM facilitates password customization, letting users select or deselect ASCII character types via the app or browser extension.
  • The ASCII table’s 95 printable characters are categorized for user selection, ensuring compatibility and security for various account types.

This section demonstrates EviPass HSM PGP’s flexibility in password generation and management, providing users with advanced options to meet specific security requirements and account compatibilities.

Manual Encrypted Secret Management in EviPass HSM PGP

EviPass HSM PGP’s manual encryption feature, developed by Freemindtronic, provides a distinct layer of security for managing sensitive data. This approach allows users to encrypt secrets with unique AES-256 keys, diverging from the automated version’s use of a single segmented key pair.

Individual AES-256 CBC Encryption for Each Secret

Unlike the automated version, the manual encryption method in EviPass HSM PGP empowers users to encrypt each secret with a different AES-256 key. This individualized approach enhances data security, ensuring each piece of information is protected uniquely.

Added Security with Password-Protected Encryption Keys

To further strengthen security, each AES-256 symmetric key can be safeguarded with a password. This feature provides an additional security layer, making the keys even more resilient against unauthorized access.

Leveraging OpenPGP.js for Flexible and Secure Encryption

Integrating OpenPGP.js, EviPass HSM PGP supports various encryption algorithms, including AES-128, AES-192, and Triple DES, while defaulting to AES-256 for its superior security.

QR Code Secret Management and NFC HSM Integration in EviPass HSM PGP

EviPass HSM PGP, developed by Freemindtronic, introduces an innovative QR code secret management system that seamlessly interacts with EviCore NFC HSM technology, offering users a unique and efficient method to handle their encrypted data.

Efficient QR Code Secret Creation and Management

EviPass HSM PGP enables users to create, manage, and utilize coded (but non-encrypted) QR codes for secret storage. These QR codes should be stored securely, as they can be quickly imported into an NFC HSM device with an Android NFC phone in under three seconds. This feature emphasizes the importance of secure storage practices for QR codes to prevent unauthorized access by other users of Freemindtronic technologies.

Quick and Secure Online Account Access

With EviPass HSM PGP, users can automatically connect to online accounts by directly using these coded QR codes. This process, taking less than 10 seconds with just two clicks, significantly enhances user experience by offering a fast and secure login method.

Unlimited Secret Storage with EviPass NFC HSM

The interconnectivity with EviPass NFC HSM technology allows for an unlimited storage of secrets through the generation of coded QR codes. This integration creates a comprehensive ecosystem, making EviPass HSM PGP a holistic solution for digital security needs.

Multiple Automatic Connection Options

Apart from QR code-based logins, EviPass HSM PGP offers another automatic connection method via NFC HSM, using an Android NFC phone paired with EviPass HSM OpenPGP. This additional feature, facilitated by the EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension, provides yet another layer of convenience and security, making it a versatile tool in the realm of hardward password management.

Enhanced Navigation with BITB Protection

Revolutionizing Web Browsing with BITB Auto-Destruction

  • Feature: BITB Auto-Destruction for Secure Browsing
  • Value: EviPass HSM PGP enhances the browsing experience by incorporating EviBITB technology. This feature automatically identifies and destroys redirecting iframes, offering users a seamless and secure navigation experience. Unlike conventional ad blockers, this method of iframe management is uniquely designed to improve both security and user experience without being classified as an ad-blocking software by browsers.
  • Impact: Users enjoy an elevated browsing experience, free from intrusive iframes, while ensuring their online activities remain secure. This innovative approach not only enhances user convenience but also provides an additional layer of security against hidden phishing attempts and data breaches.

Incorporating this feature into EviPass HSM PGP creates a harmonious balance between optimal web navigation and uncompromised security, setting a new standard in user-centric internet security solutions.

EviPass HSM PGP: Integrating Advanced Technologies for Secure Password Management

Automation and Easy Access

  • Feature: Streamlined Access Through Automated Key Segmentation
  • Value: EviPass HSM PGP automates password access across devices, leveraging segmented key technology. This eradicates the need for manual synchronization or memorization, significantly enhancing user convenience.
  • Impact: Users experience seamless and effortless password management, ensuring quick and secure access on any device without repetitive manual updates.

Managing password updates

  • Feature: Automated Password Renewal System

  • Value: EviPass HSM PGP significantly streamlines and secures regular password updates, making the process less than 5 seconds. It utilizes predefined user links for old and new passwords with the same URL, ensuring consistency and enhanced security. EviPass HSM PGP adeptly fills in the old password and both new password fields during updates, accompanied by an automatic Pwned check in its sandbox. This seamless integration ensures a secure and efficient end-to-end password update process.

  • Impact: Users experience a marked reduction in the complexity and time required for password updates. EviPass NFC HSM further enhances this process by allowing rapid replacement of all passwords with complex, randomly generated passwords. This feature not only accelerates password changes but also significantly elevates security levels, reducing the risk associated with compromised or reused passwords. The automation relieves users of the burden of manual data entry and errors, providing peace of mind through improved cybersecurity measures.

Secure Backup and Recovery

  • Feature: Independent and Secure Data Duplication
  • Value: EviPass HSM PGP allows encrypted password duplication on any chosen storage medium, eliminating risks associated with data loss or theft.
  • Impact: Provides a robust backup solution that safeguards against potential device loss, theft, or malfunction.

Advanced Attack Protection

  • Feature: Advanced multi-dimensional protection
  • Value: Integrates a suite of security measures including AES-256 encryption, proactive defense against BITB attacks, automated password checks via Pwned, enhanced Sandbox protection, and compatibility with NFC HSM technology. This robust blend of features creates an impenetrable barrier against a wide range of online threats.
  • Impact: Users benefit from an unprecedented level of security, ensuring complete protection of their sensitive information in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and the risk of data leaks.

Offline Independence and Accessibility

  • Feature: Network-Independent Functionality
  • Value: Functions independently of network connectivity, ensuring password access remains uninterrupted even without internet access.
  • Impact: Guarantees continuous and reliable access to passwords, enhancing usability in various connectivity scenarios.

Total Control and Privacy

  • Feature: User-Centric Privacy and Control
  • Value: Users retain absolute control over their data without reliance on external servers or databases, ensuring end-to-end anonymity and privacy.
  • Impact: Offers a heightened sense of security and privacy, as users are not subject to third-party terms, policies, or jurisdictional laws.

Cross-Browser and Professional/Private Segmentation

  • Feature: Multi-Browser Compatibility with Diverse Access Paths
  • Value: EviPass HSM PGP, being a Chromium and Firefox-based extension, allows users to activate it on multiple web browsers within the same system, with distinct access paths to encrypted password lists.
  • Impact: This feature opens up various usage scenarios, enabling separate and secure environments for personal and professional purposes. Users can maintain distinct profiles for different needs, adding a layer of customization and flexibility to password management.

EviPass HSM PGP – Core Technical Specifications

  • Random Generators: Generates complex ASCII passwords (95 characters), dual segmented keys, SSH keys, passphrases.
  • Entropy Measurement: Shannon entropy controller for high entropy verification, color-coded gauge.
  • Storage Path Management: Custom storage paths for locating encrypted secrets; 1-click, 1-second auto-connection with sandbox control.
  • Encryption: AES-GCM 256-bit, aligned with Open PGP standards.
  • Storage Options: Compatible with USB keys, SD cards, SSDs, CF cards, HDDs, keychains, key stores.
  • QR Code Generation & Management: Generates and manages coded QR codes for secret transfer and use with NFC HSM devices.
  • Manual Encryption Option: Encrypts secrets with individual AES-256 keys, each protected by a unique password.

EviPass HSM PGP Compatibility with EviPass NFC HSM

  • NFC HSM Connection: Contactless auto-connection using NFC HSM with Android NFC phones; compatible with Freemindtronic app QR codes.
  • QR Code Secret Generator: Generates NFC HSM-compatible QR codes for secret export to NFC EPROM memory.
  • Manual Encrypted Secret Management: Offers manual encryption of secrets using AES-256 CBC encryption.

How does EviPass HSM PGP compare to other password managers?

EviPass HSM PGP’s innovative features set it apart in the password management industry, especially in terms of portability and compatibility. Here’s an updated comparison:

Feature EviPass HSM PGP Traditional Password Managers
Encryption & Security AES-GCM 256-bit with segmented keys Typically simpler encryption methods
Operation Mode Serverless, database-free; decentralized or centralized Often rely on servers and databases
Record Limitations Unlimited entries May have limitations on the number of entries
Anonymity Absolute end-to-end anonymity Varies; some require account creation and personal data
Hardware Compatibility Compatible with NFC HSM Limited compatibility with hardware managers
Segmented Key Management Manages segmented encryption keys Standard key management
Local Storage Export Supports import/export in browser local storage Limited or no local storage interaction
Storage Media Export Export segmented keys to various data storage types Limited export capabilities
Encrypted Secret Export Encrypts secrets for export to any storage medium May not support encrypted export
Random Generator with Entropy Control Passwords, passphrases, SSH keys with Shannon entropy check Standard generators without entropy verification
Segmented Key Generator Generates segmented authentication and encryption keys Standard key generation
Master Password Usage No master password needed for decryption. EviPass HSM PGP offers a unique method of securing passwords without the need for a master password, which is a standard requirement in most traditional password managers. Relies on a master password for decryption
Password Visibility Never displays all passwords in clear Some managers display passwords in clear
Password Storage State Passwords always remain encrypted on their physical storage mediums Passwords may be decrypted and stored in memory or databases
Auto Login/Autofill Sub-1-second autofill with EviEngine Serverless, Databaseless technology Varies; generally slower and less efficient autofill
Automatic Checks Sandbox & Pwned auto-checks Limited or manual checks
Manual Check Manual Pwned check available Varies; some offer manual checks, others don’t
Portability & Retrocompatibility Browser extension technology for Chromium and Firefox, compatible with all computer systems Limited by specific platforms or browser support
NFC HSM Pairing Pairs with Freemindtronic’s NFC Android app, using NFC HSMs for contactless auto-login Limited or no NFC HSM support
EviKeyboard BLE Integration EviKeyboard BLE technology in Freemindtronic’s app fills EviPass HSM PGP fields without contact No equivalent feature for contactless field filling
QR Code Secret Generator Generates NFC HSM-compatible QR codes for secret export to NFC EPROM memory Limited or no support for QR code generation for secret export

EviPass HSM PGP’s use of browser extension technology compatible with both Chromium and Firefox browsers ensures its wide applicability across various computer systems. This feature, combined with its other advanced capabilities, offers a level of portability and retrocompatibility that is not commonly found in traditional password managers.

EviPass HSM PGP vs. FIDO Systems: A Comparative Analysis

EviPass HSM PGP and FIDO systems both offer advanced security solutions, but they differ significantly in their approach and application. This section compares these two technologies:

Aspect EviPass HSM PGP FIDO Systems
Authentication Method Uses segmented key authentication for enhanced security. Employs passwordless authentication protocols.
Security Features Offers AES-GCM 256-bit encryption with segmented keys. Focuses on biometric and two-factor authentication methods.
User Experience Simplifies user interaction with NFC HSM compatibility and EviKeyboard BLE integration. Provides a streamlined login process for online services.
Hardware/Software Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of hardware, including NFC HSM. Often requires specific hardware or biometric sensors.
Application Scope Broad application range, managing passwords, passphrases, and SSH keys. Typically used for secure online service authentication.

Authentication Flexibility

EviPass HSM PGP’s segmented key authentication offers a robust security framework compared to FIDO’s passwordless approach. It provides flexibility in authentication methods, catering to various user needs.

Enhanced Security Protocols

While FIDO focuses on biometric and two-factor authentication, EviPass HSM PGP enhances security with AES-GCM 256-bit encryption and segmented keys, ensuring data integrity and protection against advanced cyber threats.

User Experience and Compatibility

EviPass HSM PGP enhances user experience with NFC HSM compatibility, unlike FIDO, which may require specific hardware. This makes EviPass HSM PGP more versatile and adaptable to different user environments. In summary, EviPass HSM PGP offers a more versatile and comprehensive security solution compared to FIDO, especially in terms of encryption, authentication methods, and hardware compatibility.

How to use the EviPass HSM PGP?

This section outlines practical steps for leveraging EviPass HSM PGP’s capabilities, with additional options for users with NFC HSM and EviCore NFC HSM technologies.

Initial Setup

  • Install the Browser Extension: Download and install the EviPass HSM PGP extension for Chromium or Firefox-based browsers.
  • Optional NFC HSM Integration: If you have an NFC HSM device, connect and ensure it’s recognized by the system for enhanced functionality.

Creating and Managing Passwords

  • Generate Secure Passwords: Use the random generator for complex passwords, verified for entropy and security.
  • Efficient Storage and Management: Securely save passwords in your preferred storage medium, using segmented key encryption for added security.

Utilizing Advanced Features

  • Segmented Key Authentication: Create and manage segmented keys for robust security.
  • Optional NFC HSM and EviKeyboard BLE Integration: For NFC HSM users, explore contactless login and password field autofill without physical contact.

Daily Usage

  • Quick Auto Login/Autofill: Experience fast, secure autofill with EviEngine’s Serverless, Databaseless technology.
  • Security Checks: Regularly use manual and automatic checks, including the Pwned verification, for enhanced security.

Exporting and Importing Data

  • Optional Secure Export with NFC HSM: Users with NFC HSM devices can safely export encrypted secrets to NFC HSM or other storage devices.
  • Import Secrets Safely: Import secrets back into EviPass HSM PGP while maintaining encryption integrity.
  • Optional NFC HSM Integration: Connect and ensure the NFC HSM device is recognized by the system for enhanced functionality, including QR code secret management and contactless auto-login.
  • Exporting and Importing Data: Users with NFC HSM devices can safely export encrypted secrets to NFC HSM or other storage devices using QR code technology.

By following these steps, users can effectively utilize EviPass HSM PGP for their cybersecurity needs, with additional features available for those with NFC HSM and EviCore NFC HSM technologies.

EviPass HSM PGP Feature Values: Enhancing User Experience and Security

This section delves into the practical benefits and real-world applications of EviPass HSM PGP, illustrating how its features translate into tangible value for users.

Unparalleled Security and Privacy

  • Feature: AES-GCM 256-bit encryption with segmented keys.
  • Value: Offers superior protection against advanced cyber threats.
  • Impact: Users enjoy peace of mind with state-of-the-art encryption.

User-Centric Operation

  • Feature: Serverless and database-free architecture.
  • Value: Guarantees enhanced privacy and data integrity.
  • Impact: Complete control over data, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Flexible and Accessible

  • Feature: Compatibility with various hardware, including NFC HSM.
  • Value: Ensures accessibility across different platforms.
  • Impact: Seamless experience, regardless of hardware or software ecosystem.

Streamlined Authentication

  • Feature: No master password required; simplified authentication process.
  • Value: Eliminates the need to remember complex passwords.
  • Impact: Hassle-free user experience, making secure access quicker and convenient.

Future-Proof Technology

  • Feature: Advanced random generators with Shannon entropy control.
  • Value: Highest security standard for passwords and keys.
  • Impact: Equipped with tools to safeguard against evolving threats.

QR Code Secret Management

  • Feature: Creation and management of QR codes for secure data transfer.
  • Value: Simplifies transfer and access of encrypted data.
  • Impact: Enhanced user experience in managing encrypted data.

Manual Encrypted Secret Management

  • Feature: Encrypts each secret with unique AES-256 keys.
  • Value: Additional layer of security for individual encryption.
  • Impact: Increased data protection and greater control over encryption settings.

NFC HSM Integration and Usage

  • Feature: Integration with NFC HSM technology.
  • Value: Efficient, contactless method for managing encrypted data.
  • Impact: Seamless and secure experience with NFC HSM devices.

Enhanced Portability with QR Code Compatibility

  • Feature: Compatibility with QR code technology.
  • Value: Alternative method for secret management via QR codes.
  • Impact: Increases flexibility and applicability of EviPass HSM PGP.

Diverse Secret Management Options

  • Feature: Three methods for managing secrets.
  • Value: Multiple options to suit specific requirements and preferences.
  • Impact: Enhanced adaptability and appeal for various user scenarios.

Fondations innovantes et brevetées d’EviPass HSM PGP

EviPass HSM PGP incorporates cutting-edge patented technologies, including Freemindtronic’s EviCore HSM OpenPGP. This unique technology enables segmented key authentication for computer applications, dramatically enhancing security. The patent (WO2018154258) symbolizes a leap in digital protection, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly approach to securing sensitive information. EviCore HSM OpenPGP’s innovative design is a cornerstone of EviPass HSM PGP’s ability to provide unparalleled cybersecurity solutions.


As we conclude our in-depth examination of EviPass HSM PGP, it becomes evident that this technology is not just a leap forward in password management, but a comprehensive revolution in cybersecurity practices. EviPass HSM PGP transcends traditional concepts of data security with its advanced encryption methods, including AES-GCM 256-bit with segmented keys, and innovative features like manual encrypted secret management and QR code secret management.

Far from being a conventional password manager, EviPass HSM PGP represents a paradigm shift towards a more secure, flexible, and user-centric approach to data protection. Its serverless and database-free architecture not only puts users in complete control of their data but also eliminates the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional online password systems. The addition of diverse secret management options, including NFC HSM integration, QR code compatibility, and manual encryption, further illustrates EviPass HSM PGP’s commitment to adaptable and advanced security solutions.

EviPass HSM PGP’s unique blend of features – ranging from automatic checks against vulnerabilities like Pwned passwords to support for multiple storage and export options – makes it an unparalleled tool in the cybersecurity arsenal. It caters to a wide spectrum of users, from individuals seeking to safeguard personal information to professionals managing sensitive corporate data.

In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, EviPass HSM PGP emerges as an essential ally. It’s a technology designed not only for today’s digital landscape but also for the challenges of tomorrow. With EviPass HSM PGP, users can step into a new era of digital security, where innovation, reliability, and a user-focused design are the cornerstones of data protection.

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