Awards of Freemindtronic: A Testament to Global Innovation

Since 2009, Freemindtronic has been a pioneer in cybersecurity, transforming challenges into groundbreaking solutions. Our accolades tell a story of relentless pursuit and excellence. Each award marks a significant milestone in our journey from Geneva’s prestigious stages to international acclaim.

A Journey of Discovery and Innovation

Our accolades are more than symbols; they narrate our quest for innovation. From the Silver Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva to the Gold Medal for EviCypher, we’ve consistently set new standards in cybersecurity.

Recognition on a Global Scale

We are deeply honored by the global recognition of our efforts. Prestigious awards like the Embedded Trophy and the Gold Medal for EviCypher are not merely trophies but affirmations of our innovative solutions by esteemed institutions. These recognitions showcase our leadership and dedication to advancing the field of cybersecurity.

The Prestige of Our Awards of Freemindtronic

  • The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva recognizes the world’s most original and effective inventions. Our Silver Medal for EviCypher highlights our unique approach to secure data encryption.
  • The Embedded Trophy celebrates innovations in embedded systems, crucial for smart devices and AI. Freemindtronic’s win underscores our contribution to the embedded systems sector with Fullsecure technology.
  • The Gold Medal for EviCypher, from the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, honors breakthroughs in information security. This accolade for EviCypher underscores our prowess in creating robust cryptographic solutions.

Commitment to Security and Innovation

Our team’s creativity and hard work are reflected in every award. Products like EviCypher, Fullsecure, and EviKey embody our commitment to providing high-level security and encryption. These tools are designed to meet the complex needs of data and communication security.

Looking Forward

As we continue to innovate, these awards inspire us to further secure the digital landscape. We are thankful for the trust and support from our customers, partners, and the community. With every solution we develop, we aim to contribute more significantly to a secure digital future.

Topics Covered in this Category

🗸DataShielder HSM Fortress Award 2023 Dual Use technology (civilian & military)

🗸Gold Globee Winner 2022 for Cyber Security Excellence

🗸 Keepser Group Award CES 2022 Freemindtronic technologies embedded

🗸Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in Secrets Management

🗸 EviCypher Gold Medal 2021 for Best Invention Worldwide

🗸Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in Hardware Password Manager

🗸 Silver Medal 2021 International Inventions Geneva for FullProtect Technology

🗸Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in Crypto Security

🗸 MtoM & Embedded System & IoT Award 2017 for EviTag NFC

🗸RCO Award 2017 for Hardware Wallet and Password Manager

🗸 Embedded Trophy 2014 for EviKey NFC

And many more!

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