RFID Award 2014 🎙️ Jacques gascuel presents NFC USB Stick EviKey

RFID Award 2014 Interview Jacques Gascuel presents EviKey NFC Rugged USB stick secured unlocked contactless

RFID Award 2014 🎙️ Interview with the inventor Jacques Gascuel on 7-8 October 2014 in Marseille (France) participating in the RFID AWARD 2014 competitions of the 5th edition International RFID Congress scientific conferences organized by the CNRFID. The inventor presents EviKey NFC an electronic safe in the format of a hardened secure USB key.

EviKey is invisible to computer systems when it locks itself. It is a contactless unlocked electronic safe via an NFC phone. EviKey also carries a tamper-proof black box that ensures the traceability of random events. EviKey also has a technology for self-diagnosing the origin of these events.

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Three Awards 2021

Embedded Trophy 2014 Freemindtronic Award 2014 Bercy Paris France EviKey NFC rugged USB Stick contactless unlock and NFC SSD Sata 3 Technology patented Andorra Copyright

CNRFID / Connectwave 
Octobre 2014
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