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Who we are

Name: Freemindtronic

Adress: Av. Co-Prince de Gaulle,13, Valira Building ground floor, AD700 Escaldes – Engordany, Principality of Andorra.


Office Phone: 00 376 804 500

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Statistical data collection

However, in order to offer a better service through this site and facilitate its use, we analyze the number of page views, number of visits, as well as the activity and frequency of use of users. This data is used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to control its specific technical functioning, it is cancelled immediately after processing.

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Use policy

All rights reserved. Access to this site is subject to the following conditions:

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Only personal use of images and files that can be downloaded from the web is allowed. Commercial use is prohibited. It is forbidden to change the site or its content.

This privacy policy applies only to this website and is not guaranteed access through links to other sites.

Intellectual property clause

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Freemindtronic® is the sole owner of all rights to its brand, as well as the Internet domain www. Therefore, it prohibits using it in any way without obtaining the express, prior and written consent of Freemindtronic®.

If the user becomes aware of the existence of any illegal content, contrary to the law or involving a violation of intellectual property and/or industrial rights, must notify Freemindtronic® so that it can take appropriate action.

The user of this site undertakes to respect the stated rights and to avoid any action that could harm them, and in any case Freemindtronic® reserves the exercise of all media and legal actions that correspond to the defense of their legitimate rights.

Limitation of liability clause

This site aligns a purely informative nature with regard to the content, products and/or services offered by Freemindtronic® does not constitute an offer or request for any product or service, nor does it involve a contractual or pre-contract relationship.

Freemindtronic® cannot guarantee, be responsible for access to the website or its continuity, nor access to their contents, products and/or services, or update, correction, accuracy, reliability, utility, performance, or relevance or any damage that might occur.

Freemindtronic® is not responsible for the presence of viruses and/or other harmful elements on this site or server that provides, or the vulnerability of website/security measures that should be adopted or the damage that can be caused to the user’s computer system (material and software) or information (in the broadest sense of the word) that is stored as a result of the use of this website or content, products and/or services; or damage that may occur.

Freemindtronic® is not responsible for published information, comments or content, including but not limited to forums, chats, blogs, social networks or any other means of insertion content regardless of this site, or for any damage that may occur.

Freemindtronic® is not responsible for information or any other content on third-party websites accessible via links or advertised on this site, nor its user access, or results obtained as a result of that access, nor any damage that could occur. The inclusion of a link to this site cannot in any way be considered a recommendation for user use.

Dispute resolution clause, applicable law and jurisdiction

Any disputes that may arise with regard to the fulfilment of these conditions and which are not resolved amicably on a possible violation of Freemindtronic®, for which wehave allocated, if necessary, personnel and technical means. In this case, each party must bear the costs of the human and technical resources that are allocated.

The day after Freemindtronic® discloses the reason for the written challenge to the alleged violation, both parties have a month’s timetable to reach an agreement. Otherwise, if Freemindtronic® could not make such a disclosure or, after having made this dispute resolution procedure out of court, Freemindtronic® could take legal action. These conditions are governed by Andorran law, with an express submission to the jurisdiction of the Andorran courts