Freemindtronic's Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic’s Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic’s Legacy by Jacques Gascuel: This article will be updated with any new information on the topic.  

Breaking News: Rediscover Excellence with Freemindtronic’s Technological Heritage!

In this exclusive preview, at Freemindtronic, we take immense pride in inviting you to delve into our pioneering legacy in the realm of extreme security. Discover how our company not only reshapes the technological landscape but also has the potential to establish new industry standards in the captivating world of advanced nanotechnology and electronic cyber protection.

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Resurrecting Excellence: Freemindtronic’s Legacy in Nanotechnology and the ‘Fullprotect’ Revolution

In 2013, Freemindtronic, a visionary enterprise founded in 2010, celebrated its nomination as a finalist for the prestigious “electron d’Or” award and its recognition as one of the top 10 most innovative mechatronics startups, earning the esteemed European Mechatronics Award. These accolades marked pivotal moments for Freemindtronic, showcasing its groundbreaking ‘Fullprotect’ technology and pioneering contributions to electronic innovation.

A New Chapter Begins with Freemindtronic SL Andorra – Resurrecting Excellence

Freemindtronic SL Andorra, the custodian of a global exclusive patent license for this groundbreaking technology, is embarking on a new chapter. Even though the partnership between STMicroelectronics and Freemindtronic SAS prematurely concluded just before the production of the first FullProtect component, Freemindtronic SL Andorra’s commitment to the project of creating nanotechnological components enters a new dynamic, as we explore new avenues for development.

Nanotechnology Components: A Resilient Legacy – Freemindtronic’s Technological Excellence

The journey begins with the creation of a range of miniaturized electronic components using nanotechnology. Freemindtronic SAS France’s primary objective was to create a range of miniaturized electronic components utilizing nanotechnology. This included the development of the first product range for direct current, covering 5 volts, 12 volts, and 8 volts to 48 volts, in collaboration with STMicroelectronics. This technology has the potential to revolutionize electronic systems, enhance performance, and set new industry standards. While the partnership with STMicroelectronics may have ended, Freemindtronic SL Andorra’s commitment to nanotechnology components remains unyielding, as we seek new avenues for development.

Rekindling Electronic System Protection – Innovating with ‘Fullprotect’

But the heart of the revival lies in the resurrection of ‘Fullprotect,’ the revolutionary technology that redefined electronic system protection. This innovation was designed to safeguard electronic systems from electrical and environmental threats while meticulously recording random events within an immutable “Evidence Box.” It was, and remains, a game-changer in the realm of electronic protection.

A Comprehensive Vision – The Vision of Freemindtronic

This synergy presents a comprehensive vision where technology converges to provide holistic solutions. Freemindtronic’s ‘Fullprotect’ technology sets the stage for a secure and efficient electronic landscape.

Expanding Horizons with Global Patents – International Patents and Innovations

Advantageously, Freemindtronic’s innovation, Argos One NFC, based on the patent FR2941572, is not an isolated triumph. It seamlessly integrates with the company’s other innovations in the realms of safety and cybersecurity, both of which hold international patents.

The Evolution of EviKey NFC HSM – EviKey NFC HSM: A Technological Evolution

An excellent example of this evolution is EviKey NFC HSM. It represents the discreet version of several other patented NFC HSM technologies by Freemindtronic SL Andorra, including EviCore, EviPass, EviSeed, EviVault, EviSign, EviOTP, EviPC, EviKeyboard, and EviCypher, with silicon integration on the horizon. This exemplifies Freemindtronic’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic protection and innovation.

Rediscover Excellence with Freemindtronic – Join Us in Rediscovering Excellence

Join us in rediscovering the illustrious journey of Freemindtronic, a legacy of innovation in nanotechnology components and the ‘Fullprotect’ revolution. Together, we’re reigniting the flame of excellence and pioneering the future of electronic protection.

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