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Quantum computing RSA encryption

Quantum computing RSA encryption: a threat and a solution

Quantum computing RSA encryption: a challenge and a solution Quantum computing RSA encryption is a challenge for online security. Quantum computing is a new way of computing that uses quantum physics. It can do things that classical computers cannot or are too slow to do. One of these things is breaking RSA encryption, which secures […]

Freemindtronic's Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic’s Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Resurrecting Excellence: Freemindtronic’s Legacy in Nanotechnology and the ‘Fullprotect’ Revolution In 2013, Freemindtronic, a visionary enterprise founded in 2010, celebrated its nomination as a finalist for the prestigious “electron d’Or” award and its recognition as one of the top 10 most innovative mechatronics startups, earning the esteemed European Mechatronics Award. These accolades marked pivotal moments […]

NRE cost optimization for electronics digital computer cyber security by Freemindtronic from Andorra

NRE Cost Optimization for Electronics: A Comprehensive Guide

Efficient NRE Cost Optimization for Electronics NRE Cost Optimization, in the field of electronic product development, plays a central role. This one-time cost, associated with designing, testing, and developing a new product, has a direct impact on the product’s unit cost and the profit margin. Therefore, estimating and optimizing NRE cost are essential for ensuring […]

BIP39 EviSeed post Freemindtronic from Andorra web site

How BIP39 helps you create and restore your Bitcoin wallets

How BIP39 helps you create and restore your Bitcoin wallets Do you struggle to manage your cryptocurrency wallets? Are you looking for a simple and secure solution to create and restore your wallets? You are not alone. According to a study, more than 20% of cryptocurrency users have lost access to their funds because of […]

Segmented key authentication: an innovation by Jacques Gascuel to secure sensitive data

Segmented key authentication: an innovation by Jacques Gascuel to secure sensitive data What is segmented key authentication? Segmented key authentication is a technology that allows to protect sensitive data by using encryption keys that are stored on different supports. This technology was invented by Jacques Gascuel, a French inventor living in Andorra, and patented under […]

Recovery phrase backup how to secure it article by Jacques Gascuel from Freemindtronic Andorra

Recovery Phrase Backup: How to Secure It

This article will be updated with any new information on the topic, and readers are encouraged to leave comments or contact the author with any suggestions or additions. How to make a physical backup of your secret phrase The Mnemonic Phrase is the ultimate key to access your crypto assets. If you lose it or […]

The first wood transistor for green electronics

What is a wood transistor? A transistor is a device that can amplify or switch electrical signals. Transistors are the building blocks of modern electronics, such as computers, smartphones, and sensors. They are usually made of silicon, a semiconductor material that can conduct electricity under certain conditions. However, a wood transistor is a type of transistor […]