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NFC vCard Cardokey: Revolutionizing Digital Networking

Cardokey NFC vCard Business: Edit, Read, and Import Contacts Seamlessly on iPhone.

NFC vCard Cardokey: Free Digital Networking Revolution

This article examines Cardokey’s capabilities to create and manage NFC vCard digital business cards without servers, without databases, without the need for account creation, highlighting its commitment to security, privacy and sustainability . Learn how Cardokey leverages NFC technology to facilitate environmentally friendly and secure business information exchanges. Click here to access Cardokey download links

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NFC vCard Cardokey: Revolutionizing Digital Networking

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Dive into our Tech News section for an in-depth look at the Cardokey NFC vCard, designed by Jacques Gascuel, a pioneer in the field of secure, contactless solutions without the need for servers or databases. Stay up to date and secure with our frequent updates.

NFC vCard: Revolutionize Your Professional Networking

As the creator of Cardokey, I am thrilled to introduce an application revolutionizing the exchange of professional information. Utilizing NFC technology, Cardokey offers a groundbreaking, free, and secure way to create, share, and manage NFC vCard digital business cards without the constraints of traditional methods. Expanding its functionalities to iPhone users, Cardokey now allows for the reading and importing of NFC vCards—a previously costly iOS feature. Moreover, we are on the cusp of enabling Cardokey Pro to convert HSM PGP badges into versatile NFC HSM badges.

The Innovative Concept Behind NFC vCard Cardokey

Cardokey was conceived 3 years ago with the ambition to simplify the sharing of digital identities through secure, data protection law-compliant methods. The application enables anonymous, contactless NFC vCard exchanges, functioning without servers, databases, or account creation, and is designed to operate even in restrictive environments like Faraday cages or in airplane mode. This not only ensures maximum security and privacy but also underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability by repurposing NFC-enabled devices.

Development and Security Features of NFC vCard Cardokey

Crafted by Freemindtronic SL and introduced by Fullsecure Andorra, Cardokey will integrate EviBadge HSM PGP technology, utilizing NFC NDEF storage through EviSwap NFC NDEF technology. This integration ensures the secure storage of encrypted authentication data created by Cardokey Pro Badge. This collaboration enhances Cardokey’s capacity for efficient and secure NFC vCard management, ensuring user privacy and offering flexibility in diverse environments, such as offline or airplane mode.

Ecological Impact and Compliance

Cardokey champions eco-friendly practices in professional networking. We align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #12, adhering to ISO 14001, Basel, and WEEE standards. This commitment not only reduces our carbon footprint but also promotes sustainable consumption and production. Cardokey stands as a beacon for environmental stewardship within the digital networking sphere.

Innovative Reuse of NFC Devices

At Cardokey, we see value in repurposing various NFC devices. From ski lift tickets to more mundane objects, we transform them into vessels of professional connectivity. This practice not only breathes new life into potential waste but also aligns with our vision for a sustainable, connected world. With Cardokey, every NFC device has the potential for a meaningful second act.

Comprehensive Overview of Cardokey NFC vCard Capabilities

Cardokey’s functionalities are pivotal in reshaping professional networking. Our detailed table outlines the vast array of features available to both Android and iPhone users. Cardokey simplifies the creation and management of digital business cards and NFC data, ensuring a seamless, secure, and eco-conscious networking experience.

Intelligent Dynamic NFC Memory Management

A standout feature of Cardokey is its intelligent dynamic NFC memory management. This advanced functionality automatically notifies users of the real available memory space of the NFC device in use. By providing an accurate understanding of the storage capabilities within the NDEF-formatted EEPROM, Cardokey enhances user experience, allowing for informed data storage decisions. This insight into the actual storage potential elevates Cardokey’s usability, ensuring optimal use of NFC device memory.

Cardokey Datasheet: Global Deployment and Multilingual Support

Cardokey revolutionizes digital networking. It integrates Freemindtronic’s NFC NDEF EviSwap technology and complies with IEC/ISO 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693 standards. This datasheet highlights its universal security and usability.

Category Feature Android NFC iPhone NFC Coming Soon
Creation Craft a vCard considering space
Manually create an NFC NDEF vCard
Generate a vCard from a contact
Edit NFC URLs for social networks
Customize NFC URLs
Badge Mode Create an NFC badge from an encrypted QR Code created by Cardokey Pro
Management/Administration Import NFC vCard to Phone contacts
Manage NFC card data (CRUD)
Handle NFC card contacts (CRUD)
Display contact on phone and card
Convert NFC to NDEF format
Automate NFC card memory management
Translate into 14 languages
HELP (function explanations)

EviSwap technology enables smart, dynamic NFC memory management. It optimizes NFC device use and provides an intuitive user experience. Cardokey facilitates international NFC device recycling and the use of physical NFC products destined for disposal. It promotes environmental care and enables meaningful global exchanges.This merged section showcases Cardokey’s features, international standards compatibility, and commitment to a borderless user experience. It also emphasizes EviSwap technology’s role in enabling secure, sustainable digital transformation in professional networking.

Use Cases for Cardokey

Cardokey’s versatility supports numerous professional networking scenarios:

Eco-Friendly Digital Business Card Exchange:

  • Swap paper cards for NFC vCards to cut carbon footprint and embrace sustainable development.
  • Share professional details effortlessly at various networking events.
  • Update your contact info anytime without reprinting business cards.

Simplified Management of Digital Identities:

  • Securely store and easily access NFC vCards on your mobile device.
  • Manage multiple vCards for diverse professional roles.
  • Import NFC vCards from different apps or platforms.

Creative Reuse of NFC Devices:

  • Repurpose NFC items like ski passes into personal or professional vCards.
  • Revive unused NFC devices, reducing electronic waste.
  • Implement sustainable networking practices through innovative device reuse.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

  • Discreetly exchange secure information and contacts via non-connected NFC supports.
  • Operate offline for increased privacy, without reliance on servers or databases.
  • Avoid sharing contact details through third-party apps.

Additional Features:

  • NFC vCards in 14 languages enable global networking.
  • Intelligent NFC memory management for optimal storage space usage.
  • Built-in help feature for easy acclimatization.

Added Value of Cardokey

Lifetime Free Updates for NFC vCards:

  • Ensures your information is always current.
  • Highlights Cardokey’s user-focused design.
  • Demonstrates Cardokey’s dedication to user service and sustainability.

Usage of Recycled Materials:

  • Lowers carbon footprint.
  • Offers a responsible alternative for professionals.
  • Positions Cardokey as an innovative and committed solution.

Example with an NFC Ski Ticket:

  • Simplifies sharing memories or professional links.
  • Gives new purpose to otherwise discarded items.
  • Showcases Cardokey’s adaptability to various needs.

Bridging the Gap in Digital Networking

The capabilities of Cardokey extend far beyond simple contact exchange. Our dedication to innovation, security, and ease of use is evident across all features. Upcoming functionalities will further enhance secure, efficient, and green professional networking. With Cardokey, you’re not merely sharing a digital card; you’re making a profound statement about your professional identity in the digital age.

Let’s Summarize

Cardokey is not just an NFC vCard creation application; it is an innovation in many ways that I passionately want to bring to the world. First of all, this tool is free. It works immediately offline, without needing a server, database, or even creating an account to use it. First of all, it should be noted that Cardokey uses NFC technology. Its objective is to actively participate in the digital transformation of the use of business cards in a digital way. At the same time, my innovation demonstrates a strong commitment to safety, security, privacy and environmental sustainability, principles that are dear to me.

Additionally, Cardokey redefines and expands how professionals connect, share and manage their digital identities. Indeed, it promotes the reuse of many NFC devices, ensuring compliance with strict data protection standards. My innovation doesn’t stop there. Since it presents itself as a pioneering solution, respectful of the environment while taking its legitimate place in the field of digital networks for dual civil and military use through its scalable capacity for free services. It’s a seamless simultaneity of technology and sustainability, a vision I’m proud to see brought to life and made available to you for free.

In conclusion Cardokey: More Than an App, a Sustainable Networking Revolution

Cardokey is evolving into much more than just an app; it represents a significant leap forward for professional networking. By integrating NFC vCard technology, Cardokey facilitates not only an eco-friendly and secure exchange of professional information but also sets a new standard in the way we connect in our digital world. The future holds even greater possibilities with the introduction of advanced cyber defense features, positioning Cardokey as an indispensable tool in the landscape of modern professional networking.

Through innovation, security, and a steadfast commitment to ecological responsibility, Cardokey is reimagining what it means to network professionally. It’s not just about sharing a digital card; it’s about forging connections that are secure, private, and impactful, all while caring for our planet. As we continue to develop Cardokey, we are guided by a vision of a world where professional interactions are seamless, sustainable, and above all, secure.

Join us as we move forward into this new era of professional networking. With Cardokey, you’re not just adopting a new tool; you’re embracing a future where technology enhances our professional lives without compromising our values or the environment. Welcome to the future of networking with Cardokey – where innovation meets sustainability.

We Value Your Feedback

If Cardokey has enhanced your networking experience, consider sharing it with others. Your feedback is crucial to us. Please feel free to rate us on the Apple Store and the Play Store. Every star ✨ and comment helps.

Thank you for your support in shaping the future of Cardokey.

NFC Business Cards with Cardokey free for life: How to Connect without Revealing

Cardokey NFC vCard Business: Edit, Read, and Import Contacts Seamlessly on iPhone.
NFC Business Cards with Cardokey by Jacques Gascuel: This article will be updated with any new information on the topic.

How to Create NFC Business Cards with Cardokey

Do you want to create your contact information in a simple, fast and eco-friendly way? Do you want to use NFC technology without spending a fortune or compromising your privacy? Then you need to read this article about Cardokey, the app that’s revolutionizing NFC business cards.

2024 Articles Cardokey EviSwap NFC NDEF Technology GreenTech Technical News

NFC vCard Cardokey: Revolutionizing Digital Networking

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NFC Business Cards with Cardokey free for life: How to Connect without Revealing

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NFC Business Cards: Create your NFC vCard with Cardokey, the Eco-Friendly and Secure NFC App

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to create contactless business cards? Do you want to benefit from affordable NFC technology and prioritize privacy? You’ll love Cardokey – the app revolutionizing NFC business cards! Cardokey, the NFC business card that connects you while protecting your privacy.

What is Cardokey and how does it work?

Cardokey: Free App for Eco-Friendly NFC Business Cards

You can easily and free create and share your business cards, your social network links or links to your favorite sites for life. Recycle any NFC Tag, NFC Ticket, NFC Sticker or NFC card allowing the use of the NDEF format.
Use of the free Cardokey application is completely anonymous and does not ask for any personal or professional information. You therefore do not need to create an account or identify yourself to use Cardokey.

Cardokey: a compliant and sustainable solution

Cardokey adheres to various standards like ISO/IEC 7816-4, ISO/IEC 14443, NFC Forum Type 2, ISO/IEC 18092, and ISO/IEC 15693 without compromising your privacy or security. It also complies with international data protection laws such as GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA, and more.

Cardokey is an eco-designed solution that contributes to the UN Goal 12. Consequently, it complies with international standards for eco-responsible practices, circular and solidarity economy, sustainable economy and carbon footprint reduction.

Cardokey: a compatible and versatile app

NFC business cards created with Cardokey are compatible with all NFC phones, Android and iPhone. The application works in real time, offline, without a database, including in airplane mode. This means that you can modify the information contained in the memory of your NFC media at any time. The app also allows you to format any NFC Media to NDEF format and also erase almost all types of NFC chips.

Cardokey: a simple and fast way to share your contact information

Digital business cards created with Cardokey can be shared in seconds. In fact, your interlocutor does not need to download a specific application in order to be able to read the information you wish to share. All he has to do is place the digital business card under his phone equipped with NFC technology to see the information.

How to create an NFC business card with Cardokey that fits the memory size of your NFC media?

The intelligent system of Cardokey

One of the most interesting features of Cardokey is the automatic management of the memory size of forms. The contact form indicates in real time the actual occupancy of the NDEF memory based on the number of characters. The Cardokey user knows the type of vCard information. He can store it according to the memory size. The memory size depends on the NFC media.

The different types of NFC Media and their memory size

It is possible to make a vCard with a minimum of name, surname and email information for a very small NFC memory4. For example, on an NTAG Nano, which has a capacity of 160 bytes and can store NDEF messages of up to 128 bytes, one can store basic information like a person’s name, surname, phone number, and email address.

Or, more complete information can be stored on a ST25TV02K chip, which has a capacity of 256 bytes and can store NDEF messages of up to 224 bytes. In this case, one can include a person’s name, surname, title, organization, phone number, email address, and postal address.

The steps to create an NFC business card with Cardokey

You can create NFC business cards that fit the memory size of your media without losing information. This allows you to optimize the use of your NFC Media and take advantage of their full capabilities.

To create NFC business cards that fit the memory size of your media, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Cardokey app and choose the type of content you want to create (business card, URL link, social media link).
  • Enter the information you want to share in the contact form. The form tells you in real time how much memory your data is occupying and how much memory is available on your media.
  • Hover your smartphone to the NFC media of your choice. The app writes the data to the NFC media and confirms that the NFC business card has been created successfully.
  • Test your NFC business card by scanning it with your smartphone or another NFC phone. You’ll see the information you’ve shared on the screen.

That’s it, you’ve created an NFC business card adapted to the memory size of your media, thanks to Cardokey’s automatic form memory size management feature

What are the benefits of NFC business cards with Cardokey?

Cardokey is free and anonymous

Cardokey is a free app that lets you create NFC vCard business cards easily. You can create as many NFC business cards as you want, without paying any fees or signing up for any subscriptions. Moreover, Cardokey is completely anonymous and does not ask for any personal or professional information from the user. You don’t need to create an account or fill in any data. Everything works offline, in real-time, without a database.

Cardokey is easy to use

Cardokey is very easy to use, with one-click installation and operation. You don’t need any technical knowledge or specific hardware to create your NFC business cards. All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone, choose the type of content you want to create, enter the information you want to share, and swipe your smartphone on the NFC media of your choice. And there you have it, your NFC business card is ready! Furthermore, Cardokey features an intelligent system that optimizes the NDEF memory management of NFC media. This provides an optimal user experience.

How Cardokey protects your data with EviSwap NFC NDEF technology

The innovative features of EviSwap NFC NDEF technology

Cardokey uses EviSwap NFC NDEF technology by Freemindtronic for cybersecurity. This is an innovative technology that lets you create and share digital contacts contactless for life. With a simple click, you can create NFC business cards on any NFC media, whether it is disposable or not. You can give a new use to NFC tickets, cards, labels, and tags. You can also rewrite your NFC business cards at least a million times without any risk of error. You can use them for more than 40 years without needing a power source.

The standard and secure format of EviSwap NFC NDEF technology

EviSwap NFC NDEF technology is a technology that uses NFC to facilitate data exchange by implementing the NDEF NFC standard. NDEF stands for NFC Data Exchange Format. It is a standardized format that contains structured data, such as contacts, links, texts, images, etc. NDEF files are compatible with most computer and phone terminals, which can read and write them directly on the NFC memory. EviSwap NFC NDEF technology is especially used by Freemindtronic to exchange encrypted data from human to human from an NFC media, ensuring data security and privacy.

The performance and durability of EviSwap NFC NDEF technology for industrial chips

EviSwap NFC NDEF technology is also compatible with all NFC NDEF media, but it has the advantage of being optimized for Freemindtronic’s NFC HSM industrial chips. These chips can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to +85°C. They can withstand harsh environments and resist shocks, vibrations, and water. They are ideal for applications that require reliability and robustness, such as logistics, manufacturing, or security. Moreover, EviSwap NFC NDEF technology is optimized to exchange the largest quantity of information stored in a large NFC memory. For example, it is possible to store NDEF messages of up to 7.9 kilobytes on an M24LR64E-R chip, which has a capacity of 8 kilobytes. In this case, one can add all types of vCard data as well as security keys, digital signature keys and other custom data.

Cardokey: the anonymous and reusable solution for creating NFC business cards

Cardokey is a secure and reusable solution. The Cardokey app works anonymously. It is not connected to a remote service. It does not store in the phone the data. It does not ask you for any information about the user. Finally, it works in real time in Air Gap Network Security . The EviSwap technology also includes an intelligent system to optimize the memory management of NFC media. The goal is to improve the user experience. The intelligent system informs the user in real time of the limits imposed by the maximum size of the NDEF memory available in the media. This allows you to easily store data according to the memory size.

Cardokey, an eco-friendly application

Cardokey isn’t just a universal app for people worldwide; it’s also eco-friendly, allowing you to recycle NFC media and reduce their environmental impact.

How Cardokey recycles NFC Media

NFC media, such as tags, cards or bracelets, are made of several elements and materials, such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), aluminum or copper for the antenna, a silicon NFC chip, gold or other metals, and an adhesive. These materials are not all easily recyclable, and can cause pollution or waste problems. For example, PET is a common plastic, that is used in many consumer products, like water bottles or packaging. Although PET is recyclable, when it is used in large quantities and in the form of an NFC tag, it is hard to separate PET from other components for recycling, and it tends to clog the treatment filters. Moreover, the metal of an NFC antenna is difficult to recover and recycle. Finally, the NFC chip itself contains precious metals, that are often lost during the recycling process.

To avoid these problems, Cardokey offers an innovative and ecological solution: it allows you to recycle NFC media by reusing them to create new NFC business cards. Instead of throwing away your old NFC tags, cards or bracelets, you can transform them into NFC business cards with Cardokey, and give them a new life. You can also use existing NFC media, such as transport tickets, or access badges, and convert them into NFC business cards with Cardokey. You can thus enjoy all the benefits of NFC technology, without generating additional waste.

How Cardokey works with different types of NFC chips

Cardokey recycles all types of NFC chips (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), regardless of ISO standards (14443, 15693, 18092). It detects chip types and adjusts accordingly for maximum compatibility. For example, Cardokey can read and write to NFC chips that have enough memory to store information, such as NTAG, MIFARE or ICODE chips. However, Cardokey will not be able to format, erase or modify NFC chips that are permanently locked.

How Cardokey helps you create personalized NFC business cards

By using Cardokey, you can recycle NFC media and turn them into personalized NFC business cards, that contain the information you want to share, such as your name, company, title, website, email, phone number, and more. You can also create URL links to documents or presentations that are useful for your business, such as quotes, contracts, portfolios, and more. You can also create pre-configured links to your favorite social networks, such as Deviantart, Discord, Facebook, Flickr, GitHub, ICQ, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Medium, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Slack, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Spotify, Steam, Telegram, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, VKontakte, WeChat, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Finally, you can manage your data and contacts in the NFC card, edit or delete them at any time, and view them on your phone or card.

How Cardokey contributes to the preservation of the planet

If we consider the 14 languages ​​available in the Cardokey application, this represents more than 3.7 billion potential users. These potential users can each recycle 10 NFC media each year. This represents 37 billion NFC supports annually. This reduces the environmental impact of NFC and helps preserve the planet.

How Cardokey is eco-friendly and compliant

Cardokey is an eco-designed solution that contributes to the UN Goal 12. This goal aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. It complies with ISO 14001, Basel and WEEE standards. It also follows international standards for eco-responsible practices, circular and solidarity economy, sustainable economy and carbon footprint reduction. In addition, Cardokey complies with various standards and regulations. These include ISO/IEC 7816-4, ISO/IEC 14443, NFC Forum Type 2, ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO/IEC 15693. It also follows international law rules on the protection of private and professional data. These include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and others.

Unlike other NFC business card solutions, which are often paid, limited, complex or not very environmentally friendly, Cardokey offers you a free, unlimited, simple and eco-designed solution.

Cardokey therefore offers you an innovative and ecological solution to create NFC business cards that look like you and that suit your needs. Thanks to its recycling feature, you can also reuse NFC media and turn them into personalized NFC business cards.

Cardokey: a universal app

Cardokey is designed to let you create and manage your NFC business cards in a simple and efficient way. But did you know that Cardokey is also a universal app, which can be used by people from all over the world, regardless of their language?
Indeed, Cardokey is available in 14 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. This represents more than 86.02% of the languages spoken in the world, and more than 3.7 billion people who can use the app in their native language or in a language they master.

Moreover, Cardokey automatically adapts to the language of the phone where it is installed. If the user changes the language of their phone, Cardokey will do the same. Thus, you can create and manage your NFC business cards in the language of your choice, and enjoy all the features of the app.

You can also choose to share your information in multiple languages, by creating different profiles for each language. For example, you can have a profile in French for your French-speaking contacts, a profile in English for your English-speaking contacts, and a profile in Chinese for your Chinese contacts.

Cardokey offers you great flexibility and creativity to create NFC business cards that suit you and your needs.

How NFC vCards work

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a technology that allows two media to communicate with each other when they are close to each other. NFC business cards with Cardokey use this technology to share your contact information in a simple and fast way.

An NFC tag is a media that contains a tiny electronic chip that can store and exchange data. It can have different shapes, such as stickers, keychains or physical cards. When you bring your smartphone near an NFC tag, the data associated with the tag appears automatically on your screen.

NFC vCard business cards with Cardokey are a great alternative to paper business cards, which are often thrown away, lost or outdated. They are eco-friendly, reusable and updated. They also save you time and money, as you don’t need to print or carry them. Moreover, they are more secure and anonymous, as you don’t need to share your personal data or connect to the Internet to use them.

What are the features of Cardokey NFC vCard business cards?

Cardokey offers many features that allow you to create and manage your NFC digital business cards. Here’s a table that summarizes Cardokey’s features:

Function Available
Create a vCard (contact) taking into account the available space ✔️
Create an NDEF NFC Vcard (Manually) ✔️
Create a vCard from an existing contact in the phone ✔️
Modify any existing NFC vCard created by other paid or free apps to make it easier to recycle and update them ✔️
Delete data stored in the NDEF of an NFC media ✔️
Format all types of NFC media to add NDEF compatibility ✔️
Create and store in the NDEF memory of any existing NFC media: your pre-configured links for social networks, the url of your choice, a vCard contact ✔️
Data management in the NFC Media: Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) ✔️
Explanation of each pcictogram and its feature in the application ✔️
Show contact on phone and NFC Media ✔️
Automatic management of the memory size of the NFC card ✔️
Translation into 14 languages: CA, FR, EN, UK, ES, DE, IT, PT, RO, RU, AR, HI, ZH,JP ✔️
Information de contact de Freemindtronic ✔️
Information about the publisher of the Freemindtronic software ✔️
Direct link on the play store to buy the Cardokey Pro version and NFC Medial ✔️
Cardokey is a recycling solution for all types of disposable or non-disposable NFC Media ✔️


With these features, you can create a custom NFC business card, which contains the information you want to share, such as your name, company, title, website, email, phone number, and more. You can also create URL links to documents or presentations that are useful for your business, such as quotes, contracts, portfolios, and more. You can also create pre-configured links to your favorite social networks, such as Deviantart, Discord, Facebook, Flickr, GitHub, ICQ, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Medium, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, Slack, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Spotify, Steam, Telegram, TikTok, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, VKontakte, WeChat, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Finally, you can manage your data and contacts in the NFC card, edit or delete them at any time, and view them on your phone or card. These features give you a lot of freedom and creativity to create NFC business cards that look and match you.

What are the use cases for NFC business cards with Cardokey?

There are many of them, whether for business or personal needs. Here are some examples of use cases:

Andorra: keep in memory a special event

During the winter, a family visits Andorra’s Granvalira for their child’s first ski lesson and to experience their first snowflake, star, etc. The family keeps the NFC ski ticket formatted in NDEF format. Then, they save a URL that links to a page with all the photos and videos of this event. The ski ticket has become a souvenir object that will be kept for several years. In this case, Cardokey allows you to create an NFC business card with a URL that links to a page where there are all the photos, videos of this event.

Exhibitor: a connected poster with NFC tags

At a booth event, Marius uses self-adhesive NFC tags that they stick behind a poster holder advertising their products with a URL link that directs the visitor to their product information on the poster. The exhibitor can change the poster of his support with Cardokey. He can put a new poster and change the URL link of his new poster. This way, the exhibitor makes a simple poster a connected poster. In this case, Cardokey allows you to create an NFC business card with a URL link that directs the visitor to your product information on the poster.

Goodies: Offer NFC business cards

During a trade show, Mary offers her visitors NFC business cards with her brand as goodies. This allows her to make herself known and retain the loyalty of his potential clients, who will be able to scan her NFC business card with their smartphone to access her website, her LinkedIn profile, her portfolio, etc. Mary can purchase her NFC media from any NFC media e-commerce site or order from Cardokey NFC Cards with an extremely long lifespan of up to 1 million writes and 40 years of vCard retention NFC or URL or network link. In this case, Cardokey allows you to create an NFC vCard with all of Mary’s contact details to offer to her visitors.

Tourist: NFC business cards in different languages

While traveling abroad, Tao uses Cardokey to create his NFC business card with his contact details in his native language. This allows him to easily introduce himself to the people he meets. In fact, they will be able to scan his vcard with their smartphone to see the information translated into their language. He can also use Cardokey to save URL links to websites or applications useful for his trip, such as tourist guides, maps, booking services, etc. In this case, Cardokey allows you to create an NFC business card with your contact details in your native language.

Family: An NFC business card collecting memories

During a family reunion, a family member uses Cardokey to store links to photos and memories on NFC media. Before leaving each other, everyone takes their NFC media. Later, they will be able to relive their life moments with their loved ones, who will simply scan the NFC vcards with their smartphone to view their images, videos, messages, etc. They will also be able to use Cardokey to create URL links to websites or applications that are important to them, such as associations, causes, passions, etc. In this case, Cardokey allows you to create an NFC business card with your photos and memories.

How to download and install Cardokey?

To use Cardokey, you need an NFC-enabled smartphone, i.e. one that has an NFC chip and can read and write NFC data. Most recent smartphones are NFC-enabled, but you can check your smartphone’s compatibility on the Cardokey website.

Cardokey is available in 14 languages (Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, German, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian). You can download it in any country that accepts the Google play store or app store platform.

To download and install Cardokey on your smartphone, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for “Cardokey”.
  • Select the app and click “Install”.
  • Open the app and agree to the terms of use.
  • Start creating your NFC business cards!

If you are interested in Cardokey, feel free to download it now by clicking on the following link:

In short

Cardokey is a free, user-friendly, eco-conscious app compliant with global privacy and data protection laws. It allows you to create NFC vCard business cards for all Android and iPhone NFC phones. It also lets you reuse and customize NFC media.

Cardokey is the NFC business card that connects you without revealing you. It lets you exchange your contact details without contact and without paper. It offers you a free, unlimited, simple and eco-designed solution.

Definition of technical terms:

  • NFC (Near Field Communication): a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are close to each other.
  • NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format): a standard format for storing and exchanging data on NFC media.
  • vCard: a digital format for storing and sharing contact information, such as name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Air Gap

The first wood transistor for green electronics

Wood transistor by Jacques gascuel This article will be updated with any new information on the topic, and readers are encouraged to leave comments or contact the author with any suggestions or additions.  

The first wood transistor for green electronics

Wood is a natural and renewable material that can be used for many purposes, from construction to furniture. But did you know that wood can also be used to make electronic devices? In this article, we will introduce you to the first wood transistor ever created, and explain how it works and why it is a promising innovation for green electronics.

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What is a wood transistor?

A transistor is a device that can amplify or switch electrical signals. Transistors are the building blocks of modern electronics, such as computers, smartphones, and sensors. They are usually made of silicon, a semiconductor material that can conduct electricity under certain conditions.

However, a wood transistor is a type of transistor that uses wood as the base material instead of silicon. Wood is also a semiconductor, but with different properties than silicon. To make wood transistors, researchers coat thin slices of wood with carbon nanotubes. These are tiny tubes of carbon atoms that have excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

The carbon nanotubes act as electrodes, which are the parts of the transistor that connect to the external circuit. The wood acts as the channel, which is the part of the transistor that controls the flow of current between the electrodes.

How does a wood transistor work?

A wood transistor works by applying a voltage to one of the electrodes, called the gate. This voltage creates an electric field that affects the conductivity of the wood channel. By changing the gate voltage, the current flowing between the other two electrodes, called the source and the drain, can be modulated.

The wood transistor can operate in two modes: depletion mode and enhancement mode. In depletion mode, the wood channel is normally conductive, and the gate voltage can reduce or stop the current flow. In enhancement mode, the wood channel is normally non-conductive, and the gate voltage can increase or start the current flow.

The researchers who developed the wood transistor made an interesting discovery. They found that it can switch between depletion mode and enhancement mode by changing the polarity of the gate voltage. This means that the wood transistor can perform both n-type and p-type functions, which are essential for creating complex electronic circuits.

Why is a wood transistor important?

A wood transistor is important because it offers several advantages over conventional silicon transistors. Some of these advantages are:

  • Wood is abundant, cheap, biodegradable, and renewable, which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to silicon. Silicon is scarce, expensive, non-biodegradable, and requires high-energy processing.
  • Wood transistors have a low operating voltage, which means they consume less power and generate less heat than silicon transistors. This can improve the energy efficiency and performance of electronic devices.
  • Wood transistors have a high sensitivity to humidity and temperature changes, which makes them suitable for applications such as environmental sensors and smart textiles.
  • Moreover, wood transistors have a flexible and transparent structure, which makes them compatible with flexible and wearable electronics.

What are the challenges and opportunities for wood transistors?

Researchers are still developing wood transistors, and they face some challenges and opportunities for further improvement. Some of these are:

  • The stability and reliability of wood transistors need to be enhanced by optimizing the fabrication process and protecting them from moisture and oxidation.
  • The scalability and integration of wood transistors need to be improved by developing methods to produce large-area and high-density arrays of wood transistors on various substrates.
  • The functionality and diversity of wood transistors need to be expanded by exploring different types of wood materials and carbon nanotube coatings with different properties.
  • The applications and markets for wood transistors need to be explored by collaborating with industry partners and end-users who can benefit from this novel technology.


Wood transistors are a breakthrough innovation that can revolutionize green electronics. They combine the natural advantages of wood with the exceptional properties of carbon nanotubes to create low-power, high-performance, flexible, transparent, and biodegradable electronic devices.


Li, T., Zhu, H., Wang, X. et al. Wood-based fully biodegradable and flexible electronic devices. Nat Electron 4, 33–40 (2021).

[1] A transistor made of wood: Electrical current modulation in wood electrochemical transistor –

Hardware secrets manager Eco-friendly

Hardware Secrets Manager, Eco-friendly, NFC devices, works contactless from Freemindtronic is sustainable technology respects the environment design & product made in Andorra

hardware secrets manager eco-friendly goes beyond secret keeper contactless.

hardware secrets manager eco-friendly in our Cybersecurity innovations is much more than a commitment. It’s a reality ! Extreme lifespan, Cloud-free, maintenance-free and infinitely transferable products for the secondary market.

From the birth of this idea, the innovation that uses industrial NFC has integrated sustainable development.

How can we integrate ecology process into our innovations, at our start-up scale, make ecology a reality and design our products and services taking into account the circular production and consumption model to compensate to the problems linked to linear consumption (extract, produce, consume, throw away) which is undoubtedly at the origin of strong environmental impacts (use of resources, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and more or less waste production dangerous)?
Our desire is to extend the lifespan of products and services as much as possible as part of a united ecological approach aimed at reducing, or even extinguishing, our environmental impact. The inventor Jacques Gascuel, the designer of our products and services, integrates from the birth of a new idea the eco friendly parameters in our innovations including their uses and their industrialization in a virtuous cycle of sustainable development. Thus, until they are put on the market, the solutions that we develop go far beyond the criteria laid down by the laws of the energy transition. These same laws that frame green growth with the aim of improving product design, by sanctioning planned obsolescence, that is to say deliberately designing a product so that its lifespan is reduced.

Eco friendly process with the extreme lifespan of our products and services

More than a will, a reality in sustainable development: we design devices with a lifespan of several tens of years.
As early as 2007, when he applied for his first patent, the ecological aspect was integrated into Jacques Gascuel’s inventions. In 2010, in Geneva, he received the silver medal for world invention for his safety system for electrical devices equipped with a black box. This same technology is embedded in EVIKEY NFC and EVIDISK NFC products in order to fight against planned obsolescence and protect electronic systems from electrical and / or environmental hazards. It is a black box which not only traces the life of the product and its uses, but which is also capable of identifying the origin of a malfunction to carry out material proof and establish legal responsibilities.
The strength of sustainable development also applies to the latest inventions of the inventor Jacques Gascuel. EviCard, Evitag, EviVault, EviToken et EviCypher technologies have an extreme lifespan, estimated at more than 40 years.
In addition, extending the lifespan of our manufactured products is one of the levers that significantly reduce environmental impacts. This contributes to waste prevention, as part of a transition to a circular economy, but not only.

Our participation in the other aspect of ecology is energy saving

Our solutions go even further in terms of energy saving since our devices produce their own electrical energy to operate and have no battery (positive energy aspect). This has a double advantage: a saving of electrical energy and the absence of recycling of waste by the absence of a cell or battery whose lifespan is limited between 3 and 5 years.
In the same dynamic, our products and services do not use an internet connection or a remote server to host and use your data (identifiers, passwords, bank cards, encryption keys and access codes). They are recorded in real time dynamically in a programmable memory. Our products work with the auto micro energy produced via the signal from the NFC antenna of the terminal (smartphone). In fact, we have almost no impact on the power consumption, nor on the water and / or derived products, used for cooling servers (Cloud).

How do we participate in reducing waste in our Cybersecurity innovations from their conception?

In terms of waste, we are maximizing our development by using active and passive silicon-based components whose lifespan is not yet known. We mainly use components mass produced by the European group STMicroelectronics. This makes it possible to reduce on the one hand the risk linked to the obsolescence of the components, to favor the European economy, and to use components already mass produced and already proven like smartphones, bank cards or industry . In addition, our products such as Rugged NFC EviVault, EviPro, EviPlus, EviLite, EviOne, EviKey, EviDisk, are hardened to the extreme, and are able to withstand mechanical stresses of several tons, erosion, water, air, dust, brute force attacks, which considerably increases the lifespan of silicon components and therefore the on-board system designed to operate for several decades. In the field of service, our protection systems against brute force attacks are designed to restore our products to their factory configuration, of course after irreversibly erasing all the data stored in memory. This factory reset allows the product to be reused. Only one condition, however, that the owner has in his possession the unique pairing key associated with the product.

Making eco friendly innovations means to plan it from conception to industrialization

We also take ecology into account in the manufacturing process of our products. This means design products with the least possible impact on the environment; this is the principle of eco-design seen by the inventor. He sets goals, in the form of challenges, which require creativity. How do you make cybersecurity products as light and robust as possible, resilient in the extreme? How to achieve “zero defects”, to be adaptable and to be compatible between products and services, to anticipate and take into account technological developments with a long-term vision on the various uses? How do you get products that are extremely easy to maintain and up to “maintenance free”? How to favor, from the design, the manufacturing aspect to use recycled or easily recyclable materials?

Our eco friendly bring real values for our consumers due to  sustainable development

  • Products that work without any maintenance, are upgradeable for free, contribute to energy saving, with an extreme lifespan.
  • Products that can be given, sold, loaned or rented, in compliance with normal conditions of use. Designed not to break down, but nevertheless replaced free of charge for at least five years in the event of a manufacturing defect, since in principle no one is required.
  • The on-board security and safety system against brute force attacks and the possibility of formatting allow the product to be returned to factory configuration, which gives our solutions a second life, or even several other lives.
  • User guides available in video with subtitles on youtube EviToken Technology.
  • No batteries to change, no need to recharge, no maintenance, very easy to use, extreme hardened versions capable of operating in a deadly environment for humans.
  • An on-board black box which tracks the entire life of the product and in particular electronic, thermal, electrical or environmental anomalies
  • Cybersecurity solutions that can be used simply, on a daily basis, which respect the environment of the planet, the private and professional life of their user; this is our commitment eco-responsible

Our hardware secrets manager eco-friendly complies with laws, European and international directives

By the simple fact of the design of our products and services, they are already in compliance with the latest European Parliament Resolution of July 4, 2017 about a longer lifespan of products: benefits for consumers and businesses (2016/2272(INI)).

In the same way, we are also in compliance with French law n° 2015-992 of August 17, 2015 relating to the energy transition for green growth which strengthens the fight against planned obsolescence and promotes the extension of the duration of use of products through consumer information.Click here to know more about  the product life as mentioned by Europe since July 4th 2017