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BITB attacks Browser-In-The-Browser remove delete destroy by IRDR Ifram Redirect Detection Removal since EviCypher freeware web extension open-source from Freemindtronic in Andorra

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame We have all seen phishing attacks aren’t uncommon, and they demand urgent attention with fake emails and messages at least once.. However, there’s much more in the cybersecurity landscape than just conventional email practices when it comes to phishing. Enterprises that don’t take the necessary precautions can […]

Snake malware: The Russian that steals sensitive information for 20 years

Snake Malware: The Russian Spy Tool

Snake: The Russian malware that steals sensitive information for 20 years Snake is a malware that allows Russian intelligence services to collect and transmit sensitive information from hundreds of infected computers across 50 countries. It is a very sophisticated espionage tool, designed and used by Center 16 of the Federal Security Service of the Russian […]

ViperSoftX How to avoid the malware that steals your passwords

ViperSoftX How to avoid the malware that steals your passwords

ViperSoftX: The Malware that Steals Your Cryptocurrencies and Passwords ViperSoftX is a malware that steals sensitive information from infected computers, including data related to cryptocurrencies and passwords. It was first discovered in 2020 as a JavaScript-based remote access trojan and cryptocurrency hijacker. Since then, it has evolved to become more sophisticated and stealthy, using innovative […]

AMOS malware protection with Keepser NFC Cold Xallet

Protect Your Data from AMOS Malware

AMOS Malware Protection with Keepser Cold Wallet The Threat of AMOS Malware on macOS AMOS malware is a growing threat to macOS users. Hackers are marketing a new malware for the macOS operating system. Named Atomic Macos Stealer or AMOS, this malicious software is designed to steal user data for $1,000 per month. It extracts […]

CryptBot: the malware that targets your data and crypto on Chrome

Cryptbot malware steals data cryptocurrencies

Understanding Cryptbot Malware: A Comprehensive Guide to the Threats and Risks Cryptbot malware is a serious concern for Chrome users, as it surreptitiously steals their confidential information and digital currencies by hiding in malicious extensions that are installed in the browser without their knowledge. Once installed, it can compromise sensitive information such as passwords, banking […]

Kevin Mitnick and his Hashtopolis: The Ultimate Password Cracking Tool

Kevin Mitnick’s Password Hacking with Hashtopolis

Password hacking tool: how it works and how to protect yourself Password hacking is a practice that consists of finding the secret code that protects access to an account or a file. There are specialized tools to perform this operation, such as the one used by Mitnick Security Consulting. In this article, we will present […]