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Enhancing Crypto Wallet Security: How EviSeed and EviVault Could Have Prevented the $41M Crypto Heist

Crypto Wallet Security enhancing crypto wallet security how EviSeed and EviVault could have prevented the $41m crypto Heist crypto Lazarus APT38 BNP MATIC Heist

EviSeed and EviVault NFC HSM Technologies could have prevented the $41 million crypto theft by North Korean hackers. Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity, but they have also become increasingly vulnerable to theft. Hackers actively search for vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency storage and exchange platforms, leading to them stealing millions of dollars from users. North Korean hackers […]

Why choose a Cold Wallet NFC HSM to secure your cryptocurrencies?

Secure your cryptocurrencies with a cold wallet NFC HSM hacker hood with laptop secure cryptocurrencies the fatal mistake of using a virtual password manager lastpass hacked

How to secure your cryptocurrencies with a cold wallet NFC HSM is the topic of this article. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that offer many benefits, but also pose risks, especially in terms of security. To avoid losing or having your funds stolen, there is a solution: the cold wallet NFC HSM. It is a physical […]

EviVault NFC HSM vs Flipper Zero: The duel of an NFC HSM and a Pentester

EviVault NFC HSM and EviCore NFC HSM Embedded ISO 15693 VS Flipper Zero

EviVault NFC HSM vs Flipper Zero: The duel of an NFC HSM and a Pentester EviVault NFC HSM vs Flipper Zero: this is the question that this article will answer. EviVault NFC HSM is a technology that securely stores your blockchain keys offline. Flipper Zero is a device that tests the security of wireless systems […]

Cryptbot malware steals data cryptocurrencies

CryptBot: the malware that targets your data and crypto on Chrome

Understanding Cryptbot Malware: A Comprehensive Guide to the Threats and Risks Cryptbot malware is a serious concern for Chrome users, as it surreptitiously steals their confidential information and digital currencies by hiding in malicious extensions that are installed in the browser without their knowledge. Once installed, it can compromise sensitive information such as passwords, banking […]