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TETRA Security Vulnerabilities secured by EviPass or EviCypher NFC HSM Technologies from Freemindtronic-Andorra

TETRA Security Vulnerabilities: How to Protect Critical Infrastructures

TETRA Security Vulnerabilities: How to Protect Critical Infrastructures from Cyberattacks TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a radio technology that is used worldwide for critical communications and data, especially in the sectors of security, energy, transport and defense. But this technology, which has been kept secret for more than 25 years, hides serious security vulnerabilities, including […]

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM Protect your Sovereign Communications by Freemindtronic Andorra

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM: Protect Your Sovereign Communications

DataShielder Defense NFC HSM: How to Protect Your Sovereign Communications with a Revolutionary Solution The protection of sovereign entities and the enhancement of existing defense and intelligence systems are crucial challenges in today’s world. Sovereign communications, such as those between heads of state, diplomats, military personnel, or secret agents, are constantly exposed to threats of […]

FormBook Malware: how to protect your gmail and other data

FormBook Malware: How to Protect Your Gmail and Other Data

How to Protect Your Gmail Account from FormBook Malware Introduction Imagine that you receive an email from your bank, asking you to confirm your identity by clicking on a link. You open the link, and you find yourself on a page that looks like your bank’s website, but it is actually a fake. You enter […]

Dual-Use encryption products a regulated trade for security and human rights by Freemindtronic-from Andorra

Dual-Use Encryption Products: a regulated trade for security and human rights

The international regulations on dual-use encryption products The main international regulations that apply to dual-use encryption products are the Wassenaar Arrangement and the EU regime for the control of exports of dual-use goods. The Wassenaar Arrangement The Wassenaar Arrangement is a multilateral export control regime that aims to contribute to regional and international security and […]

Quantum computing RSA encryption

Quantum computing RSA encryption: a threat and a solution

Quantum computing RSA encryption: a challenge and a solution Quantum computing RSA encryption is a challenge for online security. Quantum computing is a new way of computing that uses quantum physics. It can do things that classical computers cannot or are too slow to do. One of these things is breaking RSA encryption, which secures […]

NFC Business Cards with-Cardokey NFC vCard free for life Eco-Friendly from Freemindtronic Andorra

NFC Business Cards with Cardokey free for life: How to Connect without Revealing

NFC Business Cards: Create your NFC vCard with Cardokey, the Eco-Friendly and Secure NFC App Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to create contactless business cards? Do you want to benefit from affordable NFC technology and prioritize privacy? You’ll love Cardokey – the app revolutionizing NFC business cards! Cardokey, the NFC business card that […]

Brute Force Attacks Cyber Attack Guide

Brute Force Attacks: What They Are and How to Protect Yourself

Brute-force Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide to Understand and Prevent Them Brute Force: danger and protection 80% of cyberattacks are brute force attacks. This technique tests all combinations to find the password, key, URL or hash of a system. These attacks threaten the security of your data. How to protect yourself? What tools and practices to […]

Fingerprint Systems Really Secure - How to Protect Your Data and Identity

Are fingerprint systems really secure? How to protect your data and identity against BrutePrint

Fingerprint Biometrics: An In-Depth Exploration of Security Mechanisms and Vulnerabilities It is a widely recognized biometric authentication system for identity verification. In this overview of fingerprint authentication systems, we will explore comprehensively to understand the complex world of fingerprint biometrics. Our goal is to provide a detailed exploration of these systems, their inner workings, vulnerabilities, […]

Predator Files How a Spyware Consortium Targeted Civil Society Politicians and Officials

Predator Files: The Spyware Scandal That Shook the World

Predator Files: How a Spyware Consortium Targeted Civil Society, Politicians and Officials Cytrox: The maker of Predator File Predator File is a spyware that was developed by Cytrox, a company based in North Macedonia that specializes in cyber intelligence systems. Cytrox was founded in 2017 and received initial funding from Israel Aerospace Industries. It later […]

Pegasus The Cost of Spying with the Most Powerful Spyware

Pegasus: The cost of spying with one of the most powerful spyware in the world

Pegasus: The Cost of Spying with the Most Powerful Spyware in the World Pegasus is a spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. It allows to remotely monitor the activities of a mobile phone. According to an investigation conducted by a consortium of international media, several countries have used this software to spy on […]