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TETRA Security Vulnerabilities: How to Protect Critical Infrastructures

TETRA Security Vulnerabilities secured by EviPass or EviCypher NFC HSM Technologies from Freemindtronic-Andorra

TETRA Security Vulnerabilities: How to Protect Critical Infrastructures from Cyberattacks TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a radio technology that is used worldwide for critical communications and data, especially in the sectors of security, energy, transport and defense. But this technology, which has been kept secret for more than 25 years, hides serious security vulnerabilities, including […]

Dual-Use Encryption Products: a regulated trade for security and human rights

Dual-Use encryption products a regulated trade for security and human rights by Freemindtronic-from Andorra

The international regulations on dual-use encryption products The main international regulations that apply to dual-use encryption products are the Wassenaar Arrangement and the EU regime for the control of exports of dual-use goods. The Wassenaar Arrangement The Wassenaar Arrangement is a multilateral export control regime that aims to contribute to regional and international security and […]

RSA Encryption: How the Marvin Attack Exposes a 25-Year-Old Flaw

NFC HSM Devices and RSA 4096 encryption a new standard for cryptographic security serverless databaseless without database by EviCore NFC HSM from Freemindtronic Andorra

How the RSA Encryption – Marvin Attack Reveals a 25-Year-Old Flaw and How to Protect Your Secrets with the NFC HSM Devices RSA encryptionRSA encryption is one of the most widely used encryption algorithms in the world, but it is not flawless. In fact, a vulnerability of RSA encryption, known as the Marvin attack, has […]

How to secure your SSH key with NFC HSM USB Drive EviKey

NFC HSM USB drive SSH Contactless keys manager EviKey NFC & EviCore NFC HSM Compatible Technologies patented from Freemindtronic Andorra Made in France - JPG

How to create and protect your SSH key with NFC HSM USB drive The NFC HSM USB drive is a device that allows you to create and store your SSH key securely with EviKey technology. EviKey is a patented technology that encrypts your SSH key with a secret code that only you know and that […]

Digital signature: How Freemindtronic secures its software

Digital Signature EV Code Signing Certificate from Freemindtronic SL Andorra

What is digital signature? Digital signature is a process that allows to authenticate the origin and content of a document or a computer program. It relies on the use of a digital certificate, which attests to the identity of the signer, and a private key, which allows to encrypt the data. The private key is […]