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Dual-Use encryption products a regulated trade for security and human rights by Freemindtronic-from Andorra

Dual-Use Encryption Products: a regulated trade for security and human rights

The international regulations on dual-use encryption products The main international regulations that apply to dual-use encryption products are the Wassenaar Arrangement and the EU regime for the control of exports of dual-use goods. The Wassenaar Arrangement The Wassenaar Arrangement is a multilateral export control regime that aims to contribute to regional and international security and […]

DataShielder HSM Fortress Award Jacques Gascuel inventor CEO de Freemindtronic Andorra el premi fortress 2023 de Business Intelligence Group

DataShielder HSM, la solució andorrana de FullSecure amb tecnologies de Freemindtronic, guanya el Premi Fortress 2023