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International awards of Freemindtronic Andorra

Predator Files How a Spyware Consortium Targeted Civil Society Politicians and Officials

Predator Files: The Spyware Scandal That Shook the World

Predator Files: How a Spyware Consortium Targeted Civil Society, Politicians and Officials Cytrox: The maker of Predator File Predator File is a spyware that was developed by Cytrox, a company based in North Macedonia that specializes in cyber intelligence systems. Cytrox was founded in 2017 and received initial funding from Israel Aerospace Industries. It later […]

DataShielder HSM Fortress Award Jacques Gascuel inventor CEO de Freemindtronic Andorra el premi fortress 2023 de Business Intelligence Group

DataShielder HSM, la solució andorrana de FullSecure amb tecnologies de Freemindtronic, guanya el Premi Fortress 2023

DataShielder HSM, FullSecure's Andorran solution featuring Freemindtronic technologies, wins the 2023 Fortress Award

DataShielder HSM Fortress Award 2023 from FullSecure: the Andorran serverless and databaseless encryption solution

BITB attacks Browser-In-The-Browser remove delete destroy by IRDR Ifram Redirect Detection Removal since EviCypher freeware web extension open-source from Freemindtronic in Andorra

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame

BITB Attacks: How to Avoid Phishing by iFrame We have all seen phishing attacks aren’t uncommon, and they demand urgent attention with fake emails and messages at least once.. However, there’s much more in the cybersecurity landscape than just conventional email practices when it comes to phishing. Enterprises that don’t take the necessary precautions can […]