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The Contactless Dual Strongbox for sensitive data at Eurosatory 2022

Contactless double strongbox with enslaving access evicypher nfc rugged secure usb storage technology
picto no border evicypher logo by freemindtronic

Contactless Dual Strongbox with enslaving access at Eurosatory 2022

Contactless dual strongbox, the ultimate dual hardware data backup system and contactless password and encryption key manager

Contactless Dual Strongbox for sensitive data


Secure storage

It secures the storage of the sensitive data in mobility



Contactless unlockable, without knowing the password.



Undetectable for computer systems


Enslaving access

The data to a geographical area, for instance

About the event

Contactless double Strongbox Bundle EviKey 8go premium and EviCypher Tag format NFC hardware passwords manager & encryption keys

This “Double Usage” solution in the Defense meaning, offers uncountable possibilities thanks to its resistance, its embarked maintenance, its surveillance system and its safety and cyber-security levels.

 For history records, the Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey®, from French origin and made in France, is commercialised since June 13th 2014. It will celebrate its 8th birthday at Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5B, booth C178 from the 13th of June to 17th June 2022:

Freemindtronic will present its new EviCypher NFC Rugged Secure USB Storage technology, protected by 3 international invention patents.

The Andorran start-up Freemindtronic Ltd., designer and creator of safety, cyber-security and counterespionage systems is also specialised in contactless technology (NFC).

Press Release

What is the contactless double strongbox with enslaving access?

It is made of a secured and resistant USB storage AND of a hardened tag or of an NFC card.

The EviKey® NFC Rugged USB Flash Drive possesses different smart protection systems of physical origin, mechanical, electrical, thermal, electrostatic and electronic. It also has an unforgeable black box, with protection against brute force attacks and equipped of an autodiagnosis tool of system failures.

Its contactless segmented-keyed multi-factor authentication (MFA) control access allows to answer to every extreme usage case, nearby or remotely, without the need of the user to know his code to unlock the USB key.

The physical auto-unlock with automatic isolation of the computer and phone systems builds an extra protection.

 The NFC bank format card (or the tag) allows to store until 200 unlocking codes of the EviKey® key or encryption keys.

We can also talk about the possibility to share unlocking and locking encrypted codes in RSA 4096. These latter can be enslaved to unforgeable trust criteria (password, digital fingerprint, geographical area, network grid), set by the administrator or the user.

 A conceived solution for a double usage, in every sense of the word

– It answers to many double usage cases, both private and of companies.

– Manages complex usages in safety and cyber security of sensitive data in mobility, efficient to ensure teleworking.

– It also resolves problems related to BYOD, CYOD, COPE and COBO because it allows to respect simultaneously, in a same storage support, private data of the collaborators, as well as the ones from the company.

Its advantages / qualities / specifications

One of its special features is its contactless autonomous between -40º and + 85º degrees black box security system, recovering energy via the NFC signal of an NFC phone.

  • Its impermeability level allows to resist large depth pressure, because it does not wear any keyboard or button.
  • Equipped with an electric thermal circuit breaker, with electrostatic protection.
  • Autonomous, it holds an auto-maintenance embarked system. The saved events on the unforgeable black box can be contactless consulted.

In the event of stealing or loss, the EviKey® is shown as non-functional due to the fact that it is undetectable for computer systems.

In the event of unlocking codes stealing, if these latter are enslaved to MFA criteria, the unlocking is forbidden.

In the event of encryption keys stealing, if these latter are enslaved to MFA criteria, the decryption is forbidden.

Its compatibility with Cyber Computer technology allows you to create locked partitions and encrypt sensitive data with different keys.

This traceable sovereignty solution is developed with actives components of STMicroelectronics (Franco-Italian), designed in Andorra and made in France, by the Groupe Syselec.

  • Protected by the international patents from French origin.
  • Its casing is made in France.
  • It is hardened with a military-level resin, patented, of British origin.

The Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey® is commercialised with a capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

The NFC devices can be customised for specific needs. They are particularly commercialised in the international level by the French company Bleujour with its brand Kubb Secure.

Made in Europe
The NFC devices of secrets management (tags and cards) are made in Andorra.

The EviKey USB key made in France is the French national winner of the 2014 Critical Embedded Awards

Contact for a meeting on the Freemindtronic stand at Eurosatory

Secure Card CES 2022

Secure Card de Bleujour CES 2022 by Freemindtronic Andorra contactless data encryption from an NFC HSM security hardware module

Secure Card innovation 2022

Secure Card is a preview at CES Las Vegas 2022 of the new product developed by Freemindtronic for our partner Bleujour. for its new Kubb Secure product range.
The Secure Card is an NFC HSM secret manager such as encryption keys and hardware passwords, which has received 10 international awards since 2021 including the Geneva Gold Medal for Inventions in security, cyber security and cyber defence of computer and information systems. The Secure Card is equipped with EviCypher technology, which manages contactless secrets such as encryption keys, passwords and tokens.


Learn more about Kubb Secure products click here
Learn more about our partner Bleujour click here


CES 2022 Booth: 18789 for CES booth plan click is here



CES 2022 Eureka Park booth: 61045 for CES booth plan click is here

The company BLEU JOUR is based on five founding pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, Practicality and Exclusivity. In a constantly changing universe, BLEU JOUR offers creations where aesthetics is combined with innovative technological solutions. The company favors French design and manufacture.

Category: Home Office Hardware and Accessories

Country: France

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Other project the Kubb Secure

Discover another project presented at CES 2022 Las Vegas the Kubb Secure.

This Kubb Secure works without an NFC phone as it includes an NFC reader. The first computer developed by Freemindtronic has been realized on a Kubb Secure from our partner Bleujour.

The Kubb Secure embeds the Cyber Computer technology which includes several Freemindtronic’s technologies forming a safety and cyber security eco system. Technologies that have received more than 10 international awards since 2021 in the fields of safety, security, cybersecurity and cyber defence of computer and information systems.

To find out more about the cyber computer click here

Kubb Secure embeds Cyber ​​Computer technology from Freemindtronic winner Gold Globee Awards 2022 Cyber ​​Security Global Excellence Awards hardware security category

Contactless Secrets Keeper Multiple Trust Criteria

Contactless secrets keeper and data encryption the new invention 2021 from Jacques Gascuel 100 years after Mr Hugo Alexander Koch by freemindtronic Andorra

Contactless Secrets Keeper & Data Encryption the new invention 2021 from Jacques

100 years after Hugo Alexander Koch, Jacques Gascuel invented the the first secrets keeper & contactless encryption system that fits in your pocket.

Jacques Gascuel presents the latest implementation of his invention on segmented key encryption at the 2021 International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

The inventor, of French origin, is a resident of the Principality of Andorra. In fact, Andorra is one of the 25 countries participating in the international invention’s competition in Geneva.

Andorra, Spain and France have 9 participants in this competition.

France 5 participants in classes C, K, N and F

Espagne 3 participants in classes P and V

Andorre 1 participant in Class C (page 32)

There are a total of 352 participants, 77 in Class C, 68 in Class V, 21 in Class P, 18 in Class F, 16 in Class K and 5 in Class N. (meaning classes at the end of article)

The beginnings of a portable encryption machine

In October 1919 Hugo Alexander Koch filed a patent application for a portable electromechanical encryption machine that would be used by the German army during World War II. It will be developed and marketed by Arthur Schermie’s to the Enigma brand.

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100 years later, on August 31, 2018, the first segmented key authentication system for encryption was invented by Jacques Gascuel. The first tool of individual sovereignty was born.

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After 3 years of research and development to find an effective solution to combat cybercrime and corporate espionage, inventor Jacques Gascuel creates in 2021 the first contactless encryption device, retro compatible, which fits in a pocket.

Greentech technology

It is a the the first secrets keeper & contactless encryption system that respects the environment. It works for life without battery, maintenance and cloud. It can be reset, in “factory return” configuration for the second hand market. Compatible with almost all information systems, IT systems and cloud services. The system is designed to operate in an extreme environment, for  more than 40 years, without the need for electrical energy. Finally, the system uses the energy it recovers via the NFC signal from the phone’s antenna. Thus, the system uses energy only at the time of use. That’s as much electrical power saved for storing sensitive data such as passwords and encryption keys still connected to computer systems around the world.

Absolute Anonymity, a force of individual sovereignty

This unconnected system, which collects no data from the user or the type of NFC device used, makes its use completely anonymous.

A scalable and adaptable 360-degree encryption system

The user can encrypt almost everything: instant messaging services, SMS and MMS. It can also encrypt data stored on physical media such as USB sticks, SD card, SSD and internal or external hard drive, including online storage services.

The user can also encrypt his communication protocols.

The system also allows the conditions for the use of encryption to be enslaved to confidence criteria of physical origin, such as territorial areas of 1 m2 to 2,500 km2.

This technology is scalable. It can be advantageously used as, a Token security manager dongle, an IoT encryption system or as an authentication system with more than 12 configurable factors at the discretion of the user and/or administrator.

Users of this technology immediately acquire absolute individual sovereignty over their data via an unencrypted, end-to-end, unconnected NFC device.

A system designed for sensitive professional activities

EviCypher technology features a fully automated intelligent fleet manager. This gives RSSIs a simple solution for managing multi-station computing and NFC phones that interface with devices.

A solution that solves countless cyber security and security problems related to telecommuting, mobility and CYOD, BYOD, COPE and COBO.

EviCypher technology is based on an Air Gap system that significantly reduces attack surfaces, especially remotely.

The administrator and user of this technology have absolute control over their digital lives and physical access.

An efficient solution for businesses

A solution quickly depreciable, without financial commitment, via a “one-shot” purchase.

The speed of commissioning, the ease of use and learning, save a considerable amount of time on a daily basis.

This is all the truer in the case of its use by companies that use telework and international mobility.

An effective hardware system to combat identity theft and espionage.

This new tool, which can be set at the discretion of the administrator and/or the user, offers an authentication solution that includes 12 physical trust criteria. This effectively combats “attacks on the president.”

EviCypher will be compatible with the #Thunderbird #Mozilla e-mail service to encrypt and decrypt, without contact, via a #NFC device, emails and attachments.

A hardware manager of complicated encryption keys and passwords

It is designed to handle and store up to 200 AES 256 encryption keys and 4 RSA 2048 keys or 2 RSA 4096 keys.

It is also possible to manage up to 200 complicated passwords and/or password phrases with self-login system and logon.

EviCypher is a technology developed, marketed and custom-made only by Freemindtronic Andorra.


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