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Keepser Group Award CES 2022

Keepser Group Award CES 2022 for Keepser product NFC Cold Wallet Cryptocurrency contactless

Keepser Group Award

Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy

Keepser Group Award CES 2022 is for Keepser products the Cold Wallet (KCW) is a contactless NFC device paired with an advanced security application: It is the easiest, most efficient, secure and cost-effective solution for investors in cryptocurrencies and users requiring the highest level of security. For enterprise or a single user, KCW is keeping safe all their sensitive data from malicious attacks or unfortunate loss. The companion software application is publicly available for download.

Keepser Group website:

Teaser Keepser Compagny

The teaser Keepser Group on the digital world valued for the services offered by the new generation of NFC Cold Wallet Keepser.

About us Keepser products

Keepser Technology

The hardware Wallet NFC from Keepser Group is for the only cold wallet that embedded internationally patenteds from Freemindtronic EviToken and EviCypher technologies. The Cold Wallet secures contactless cryptocurrencies and BIP39 passwords from all Cold Wallets and Hot Wallets. Cold Wallet products custom designed, developed and manufactured by Freemindtronic for Keepser Group feature the most advanced technologies in quantum security.

Keepser Group CES 2022 CEO Interview

Interview with Joseph Collado CEO of Keepser Group about their cold wallet solution for storing cryptocurrencies and other data and the partnership with International Boost

About us Keepser products

Keepser product Award CES 2022

Keepser cold wallet is a risk-free solution to store and manage your cryptocurrencies, access codes and private information. They have up to 6 levels of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and up to 3 different user-defined trust criteria to control individual access to each cryptocurrency key stored encrypted in the NFC Cold Wallet.

There are three models of Keepser hardware wallets that work contactless.
KEEPSER PASS for passwords and access codes.
KEEPSER PRO for cryptocurrency management KEEPSER PRO with double storage capacity.

Keepser Group Award CES 2022 INTERVIEW

Dave talks with Olivier Lauvray, General Manager of Keepser Group about their Cold wallet solution to store cryptocurrencies and other data

About us Keepser products