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PassCypher NFC HSM: Secure and Convenient Password Management

PassCypher NFC HSM contactless hardware password manager Freemindtronic Technology from Andorra

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Discover Secure Password Management with PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM

Protect your passwords with innovative solutions from PassCypher. From contactless management to invention patents, enhanced security, and versatility, find out how PassCypher provides you with a convenient and secure solution for password management. Don’t let data vulnerability be a concern anymore. Dive into our dedicated article on PassCypher products and take control of your password security.

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PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM: Secure and Convenient Password Management


PassCypher offers a range of contactless hardware password managers known as PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM. These products are protected by three invention patents and incorporate EviPass, EviOTP, and EviCore NFC HSM technologies, along with Freemindtronic’s NFC HSM devices, EviTag, and Evicard. PassCypher allows you to securely and conveniently store and manage passwords, one-time passwords (OTP), and HMAC-based passwords. It eliminates the need for a power source or internet connection. Additionally, PassCypher features a built-in RSA 4096 key manager with a random generator capable of changing the key up to one million times without any risk of error. It seamlessly works on Android NFC-enabled phones with fingerprint access control and is compatible with computers supporting Chromium-based or Firefox-based web browsers with autofill and auto login functionalities. For computer use, users need to install the PassCypher NFC Web Browser Extension and EviDNS software, which acts as a hotspot for pairing the extension with the PassCypher NFC HSM application through the local network. PassCypher is not compatible with Safari.


Features and Benefits

PassCypher’s web browser extension offers several convenient features, including:

Management of Paired Phones

With PassCypher, you can easily manage the phones paired with the EviCore NFC HSM for Web Browser extension. You can add phones to the list of paired devices, manage favorites, make direct calls, and delete paired phones.

Create a New Label (Secret)

PassCypher enables you to create labels containing sensitive information such as login IDs, passwords, OTPs, or HOTPs. You can define the name of the label and use an intelligent random password generator for login IDs and segmented keys. Additionally, PassCypher allows you to create a compatible QR Code for each label.

Digital Post-it

Retrieve labels from the NFC HSM in clear text using the Digital Post-it feature. This enables you to manually use the information for copying and pasting, including login IDs.

Free Tools: Advanced Password Manager

PassCypher offers a real-time entropy state bar based on Shannon’s mathematical function and a passphrase generator. It also includes various features such as checking if your password has been compromised in a data breach, generating personalized password and segmented key labels, and fetching login credentials and cloud keys.

Authenticator Sandbox

The Authenticator Sandbox function provides automatic anti-phishing protection by verifying the URL before authorizing auto-filling login fields. It leverages EviCore NFC HSM technology to store the URL during the first automatic login to a favorite site. Upon subsequent logins, PassCypher checks if the URL matches the auto-login request, ensuring seamless and secure authentication.

Segmented Key Generator

PassCypher introduces an innovative segmented key generator that requires multiple parties to reconstruct the key. The extension automatically populates the appropriate fields for each key component, ensuring the key’s integrity and security.

Pwned Function (Enhanced Cybersecurity)

Pwned offers proactive monitoring for online credentials. By leveraging a database of compromised usernames and passwords, PassCypher securely checks if your login information has been compromised in past data breaches. This feature helps prevent identity theft by promptly alerting you to compromised credentials and enabling you to change your password immediately.

Secret Phrase Generator (Passphrase)

Generate mnemonic phrases with basic salting using PassCypher’s Secret Phrase Generator. You can customize the number of words in your passphrase and choose special characters for separation. The real-time entropy control based on Shannon’s mathematical function enhances the security of your passphrases.


Advantages of PassCypher

PassCypher offers numerous advantages to its users:

  1. High-level Security: High-level security: PassCypher provides optimal security with AES 256-bit segmented key post-quantum encryption in NFC HSM memories, zero-knowledge architecture, patented technology and an integrated RSA 4096 key that enhances share security and remote backup of OTP passwords, segmented keys and secret keys.
  2. User-Friendly: PassCypher is easy to use with its contactless NFC card or tag, which can be conveniently placed on smartphones, computers, or other compatible devices.
  3. Environmentally Friendly and Cost-effective: PassCypher eliminates the need for batteries, cables, or power sources, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  4. Versatility: PassCypher can manage passwords, OTPs, and HOTPs, providing two-factor authentication capabilities.
  5. Compatibility: PassCypher is compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS) and web browsers based on Chromium or Firefox.
  6. One-time Purchase: There are no financial commitments or subscriptions required to purchase PassCypher products.
  7. Absolute Anonymity: PassCypher follows the principles of zero-trust and plug-and-play, requiring no account creation or collection of personal or hardware information. It ensures complete user anonymity.
  8. Built-in Black Box: The NFC HSM Tag and Card devices feature a black box that records certain events, such as the number of incorrect password attempts, providing traceability and security.
  9. Air Gap Functionality: PassCypher operates in an air gap mode, independent of servers or secret databases. It securely stores all data in real-time on the volatile memory of the phone or computer.
  10. Physically Decentralized Authenticator Sandbox: The Authenticator Sandbox autofill and auto login feature is securely stored within the Evicypher application on Android phones. This allows for extreme portability across multiple computers, utilizing the energy harvested from the phone’s NFC signal without contact.
Freemindtronic win awards 2021 Next-Gen in Secrets Management with EviCypher & EviToken Technologies
Freemindtronic win awards 2021 Most Innovative in Hardware Password Manager with EviCypher & EviToken Technologies

Freemindtronic Receives Global InfoSec Awards for Innovative PassCypher NFC HSM Technology

Freemindtronic, the proud developer of PassCypher NFC HSM, has been recognized as a winner of the prestigious Global InfoSec Awards during the RSA Conference 2021. The company was honored with three awards, including the titles of “Most Innovative Hardware Password Manager” and “Next-Gen in Secrets Management” by Cyber Defense Magazine. This achievement highlights Freemindtronic’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. With PassCypher NFC HSM’s advanced technology, users can enjoy secure and convenient password management. Join us as we celebrate this remarkable accomplishment and learn more about the exceptional features that make PassCypher a standout choice for safeguarding sensitive information.

Disadvantages of PassCypher

Despite its many advantages, PassCypher has a few limitations:

  1. NFC Device Requirement: PassCypher requires an NFC-compatible device to function, which may limit its use on certain devices or in specific situations.
  2. Risk of Loss or Theft: Like any portable device, PassCypher can be lost or stolen, necessitating backup and recovery measures.
  3. Incompatibility with Safari: PassCypher is not compatible with the Safari browser, which may be inconvenient for Mac or iPhone users.


PassCypher has an exceptionally long lifecycle, estimated to be over 40 years without maintenance or a power source. It can handle up to 1,000,000 guaranteed error-free read/write cycles, equivalent to daily use for over a millennium. PassCypher is designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. It is also resistant to shocks, scratches, magnetic fields, X-rays, and its TAG version is enveloped in military-grade resin, surpassing IP89K standards for superior waterproofing. As a result, PassCypher offers exceptional durability and resilience against external factors.

Comparison with Competitors

PassCypher stands out from its competitors in several ways:

  1. Contactless Hardware Manager: PassCypher is the only password manager that operates without requiring physical contact, providing a more convenient and hygienic solution compared to USB keys or biometric readers.
  2. Patent Protection: PassCypher is protected by three international invention patents, ensuring exclusivity and reliability compared to other solutions in the market.
  3. Innovative Technology: PassCypher incorporates EviPass, EviOTP, and EviCore NFC HSM technologies, along with Freemindtronic’s NFC HSM devices, EviTag and Evicard, providing unparalleled performance and features.
  4. RSA 4096 Key Manager: PassCypher is the only password manager that offers an RSA 4096 key manager with a random generator, allowing for one million key changes without the risk of error. This provides an additional level of security and flexibility..
  5. Value Proposition for Customers: PassCypher brings significant value to its customers by enabling them to:
    • Protect their data: PassCypher ensures the security of personal and professional data, guarding against hacking, theft, or loss.
    • Simplify password management: PassCypher centralizes the management of passwords and access codes, offering a user-friendly solution for securely handling them.
    • Securely access online accounts: PassCypher enables secure access to online accounts, even without an internet connection or power source.
    • Benefit from innovative technology: By choosing PassCypher, customers gain access to innovative and patented technology developed by Freemindtronic, a leading company in the NFC HSM field.
    • Flexibly secure secrets: PassCypher offers various options for securely backing up secrets, including cloning between NFC HSM devices (EviCard or EviTag), partial or complete copying between nearby or remote devices using RSA 4096 public key encryption, or encrypted archiving on any encrypted storage media using the RSA 4096 public key of an NFC HSM EviCard or EviTag. This flexibility provides peace of mind and adaptability to customers.
    • Choose the appropriate storage format: PassCypher is available in three different formats with varying secret storage capacities, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.
    • Multilingual Support: The PassCypher Android application and web browser extension are available in 14 different languages. Users can use PassCypher in their preferred language, including Arabic (AR), Catalan (CA), Chinese (CN), German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Ukrainian (UK), and Bengali (BIN). This feature provides a personalized experience and facilitates the use of PassCypher in various international contexts.

Comparison with Competitors

To better understand the advantages of PassCypher compared to other solutions in the market, here is a comparative table:

Features PassCypher NFC HSM Competitor A Competitor B
Contactless Management Yes Yes No
Invention Patents Yes (3 international patents) No Yes (1 national patent)
NFC HSM Technology Yes (EviPass, EviOTP, EviCore) No Yes (proprietary technology)
RSA 4096 Key Manager Yes No Yes (RSA 2048 key)
Versatility Passwords, TOTP, HOTP, Fingerprint Passwords Passwords, Fingerprint
OS Compatibility Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS Windows, MacOS Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Browser Compatibility Chromium- or Firefox-based browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari Chrome, Firefox
One-Time Purchase Yes Subscription Yes
Data Protection AES 256-bit, Zero-knowledge architecture for NFC memory AES 128-bit AES 256-bit, ECC, RSA 4096
Virtual Keyboard Support USB Bluetooth Multilingual No No
Biometric Authentication Fingerprint (from NFC-enabled phone) No Fingerprint (selected devices)
RSA-4096 Key Regeneration Yes (up to 1 million times without errors) N/A N/A
PassCypher Pro Compatibility All OS, Computers, TVs, NFC-enabled phones Limited compatibility Limited compatibility

This table highlights the unique features of PassCypher, such as contactless management, invention patents, NFC HSM technology, RSA 4096 key manager, and extensive compatibility with operating systems and browsers. Compared to competitors, PassCypher offers superior versatility, enhanced security, and flexibility in purchasing options.

Comparison with Competitors

PassCypher stands out from its competitors in several key aspects. Let’s compare PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM with two major competitors in the market, Competitor A and Competitor B.

PassCypher NFC HSM vs. Competitor A

PassCypher NFC HSM offers contactless management, protected by three international invention patents, and utilizes advanced NFC HSM technology (EviPass, EviOTP, EviCore). It includes an RSA 4096 key manager, enabling secure key changes and flexibility. PassCypher NFC HSM supports passwords, OTPs, and HOTPs for versatile authentication. It is compatible with various operating systems and browsers, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS, as well as Chromium and Firefox. PassCypher NFC HSM is available for one-time purchase, providing long-term value and eliminating subscription fees. With AES 256-bit data protection and a zero-knowledge architecture, PassCypher ensures the highest level of security.

In comparison, Competitor A also offers contactless management and AES 128-bit data protection. However, it lacks the extensive patent protection, advanced NFC HSM technology, and RSA 4096 key manager provided by PassCypher. Additionally, Competitor A may have limited compatibility with operating systems and browsers, restricting its usability for some users.

PassCypher NFC HSM vs. Competitor B

PassCypher NFC HSM surpasses Competitor B with its contactless management, three international invention patents, and NFC HSM technology (EviPass, EviOTP, EviCore). It includes an RSA 4096 key manager for secure and flexible key changes. PassCypher NFC HSM supports passwords, OTPs, and HOTPs, providing versatile authentication options. It offers compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and browsers, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and iOS, as well as Chromium and Firefox. The one-time purchase model of PassCypher NFC HSM eliminates ongoing subscription fees. With AES 256-bit data protection and a zero-knowledge architecture, PassCypher ensures the utmost security for user data.

In comparison, Competitor B offers contactless management, AES 256-bit data protection, and compatibility with multiple operating systems. However, it lacks the advanced NFC HSM technology, invention patents, and RSA 4096 key manager offered by PassCypher, limiting its capabilities and security features.


PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM are cutting-edge solutions for secure and convenient password management. With advanced NFC HSM technology, patent protection, and versatile features, PassCypher offers unparalleled security and flexibility. Whether it’s protecting personal or professional data, simplifying password management, or securely accessing online accounts, PassCypher provides a comprehensive solution.

By choosing PassCypher, users gain access to innovative technology, a one-time purchase model, and multilingual support. PassCypher’s ability to securely back up secrets and its compatibility with various operating systems and browsers further enhance its appeal. In comparison to its competitors, PassCypher demonstrates superior versatility, advanced security measures, and a user-friendly approach.

Discover the next level of password management with PassCypher NFC HSM and PassCypher Pro NFC HSM, and experience the peace of mind that comes with secure and convenient password management.

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