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FormBook Malware: How to Protect Your Gmail and Other Data

FormBook Malware: how to protect your gmail and other data

How to Protect Your Gmail Account from FormBook Malware Introduction Imagine that you receive an email from your bank, asking you to confirm your identity by clicking on a link. You open the link, and you find yourself on a page that looks like your bank’s website, but it is actually a fake. You enter […]

What is Juice Jacking and How to Avoid It?

what is juice jacking and how to avoid it

Juice Jacking: How to Avoid This Cyberattack Do you often use public USB chargers to recharge your smartphone or tablet? If so, you may be exposing your device to a cyberattack called Juice Jacking. This is a type of attack that can steal your data or infect your device when you use a public USB […]

Protect Your Data from AMOS Malware

AMOS malware protection with Keepser NFC Cold Xallet

AMOS Malware Protection with Keepser Cold Wallet The Threat of AMOS Malware on macOS AMOS malware is a growing threat to macOS users. Hackers are marketing a new malware for the macOS operating system. Named Atomic Macos Stealer or AMOS, this malicious software is designed to steal user data for $1,000 per month. It extracts […]