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Enhancing Crypto Wallet Security: How EviSeed and EviVault Could Have Prevented the $41M Crypto Heist

Crypto Wallet Security enhancing crypto wallet security how EviSeed and EviVault could have prevented the $41m crypto Heist crypto Lazarus APT38 BNP MATIC Heist

EviSeed and EviVault NFC HSM Technologies could have prevented the $41 million crypto theft by North Korean hackers. Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity, but they have also become increasingly vulnerable to theft. Hackers actively search for vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency storage and exchange platforms, leading to them stealing millions of dollars from users. North Korean hackers […]

Recovery Phrase Backup: How to Secure It

Recovery phrase backup how to secure it article by Jacques Gascuel from Freemindtronic Andorra

This article will be updated with any new information on the topic, and readers are encouraged to leave comments or contact the author with any suggestions or additions. How to make a physical backup of your secret phrase The Mnemonic Phrase is the ultimate key to access your crypto assets. If you lose it or […]