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    Advanced crypto asset management with SeedNFC HSM Tag. Manage up to 50 wallets and 100 BIP39 seed phrases with advanced AES-256 and RSA 4096 encryption. The SeedNFC HSM Tag 100 is sold with an EviKeyboard BLE for enhanced convenience. Android NFC compatible. Learn more about the SeedNFC HSM Cold Wallet. Learn more about the NFC HSM EviTag. Download the SeedNFC HSM app on Google Play Store. To use the keys stored in the SeedNFC HSM modules on a computer, install the EviDSN software and add the Freemindtronic extension, or use the EviKeyboard BLE. For more information and downloads, visit:

    For the Freemindtronic browser extension:

    Multiple colored SeedNFC HSM Tags with keyrings and rotating chrome carabiners alongside an Android phone running the SeedNFC app, featuring EviKeyboard BLE
    SeedNFC HSM Tag
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