EviCrypt NFC HSM: Contactless Message Encryption

Contactless message encryption via EviCrypt NFC HSM technology means having a material tool of absolute sovereignty from human to human!

Contactless Webmail Encryption

New automatic implementation of contactless email encryption on webmail.

Contactless Message Encryption Webmail from EviCrypt NFC HSM

The EviCrypt Webmail extension enables contactless message encryption on a computer via web browsers. The extension allows contactless encryption and decryption of instant messaging services, emails and social network messages on a computer.


Webmail Encryption

The extension for webmail services is tested regularly in order to maintain updates with compatible email services. The last tests were performed on February 10, 2022.

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Social Network

Encrypt Mail Cards two uses cases qrcode messaging encrypted and encrypt decrypt email by lan encrypted laptop & NFC Phones & NFC Cards

Contactless Message Encryption BY NFC CARD

Perform end-to-end contactless message encryption, but only between people with the right key and the right NFC card with EviCrypt NFC HSM Webmail Legacy technology. Not only do you remain anonymous, you can create, manage and use your own encryption keys anywhere, anytime, on any computer. You finally have the certainty that you have total control over access to your messages. Above all, you don’t change your habits. You continue to use your favourite email services like Gmail or ThunderBird and soon Yahoo and Outlook.

Contactless Message Encryption the Best New International Innovation 2021

Our solution, protected by two international patents, breaks with all existing solutions. Indeed, our security method is not only innovative but also unmatched. The solution is not based on the use of remote servers, nor on the exchange of keys via this type of service and even less on the storage of keys on computer and telephone systems.
Instead, messages and attachments encrypted contactlessly by EviCrypt NFC HSM Webmail legacy Technology’s NFC devices are made via keys generated, stored, managed and used from their non-volatile memory. Thus, even if mail servers are hacked, both data and messages remain encrypted. Similarly, it is not possible to read the content exchanged. In addition, the display of emails also remains encrypted. This is an effective solution against spying and/or malicious eyes. Anonymity is achieved from end to end. Since the encryption is outsourced to the computer or phone. Its level of compatibility with Webmail offers the user total freedom to use his personal or professional email.
The contactless message encryption solution is translated into thirteen languages Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. It offers a very good user experience.
There is no limit on the number of users.
The third party trust is done via an NFC device. The encryption keys are generated at the discretion of the sender. They are exchanged with trust criteria, which he pre-sets. This is contactless message encryption of trust criteria is in fact carried out from human to human via his device which he has full control over.

Secure control of the entire value chain

The research and development department are committed to making the Encrypt Mail Card solution the most secure hardware email encryption system in the world. This is why we design, develop and manufacture our software, applications, web browser extensions, electronic design, embedded system and manufacturing tools. We aim to control the entire value chain from idea to manufacturing of products and services.


Hybrid physical and digital security

Encrypt Mail Cards uses an ISO/IEC 15693 NFC component to physically secure access to the data stored in its eprom. The encryption keys are stored encrypted with trust criteria, some of which are defined at the discretion of the user. In addition, at least one of the trust criteria is not physically present in the device. This makes it possible to resist an invasive attack. Thus even if the physical access security is corrupted, the data stored in the memory will always remain encrypted.

Differentiating added values

Authentication has multi configurable trust criteria + End-to-end encryption from an NFC device + Hardware guardian of encryption key in an electronic device + Encryption key manager physically outsourced + Encryption on existing email service + Mail always encrypted even when they are displayed

Some added values that break with the existing

Interview in french

M. Jacques Gascuel CEO Freemindtronic / inventor and M. Fabrice Crasnier Research and Development Director