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Human Limitations in Strong Passwords Creation

Digital image showing a confused user at a computer surrounded by complex password symbols

Human Limitations in Strong Passwords: Cybersecurity’s Weak Link Passwords are essential for protecting our data on the Internet. But creating a strong password is not easy. It requires a balance between security and usability. In this article, we will explain what entropy is and how it measures the strength of a password. We will also […]

Terrapin attack: How to Protect Yourself from this New Threat to SSH Security

SSH handshake with Terrapin attack and EviKey NFC HSM

Protect Yourself from the Terrapin Attack: Shield Your SSH Security with Proven Strategies SSH is a widely used protocol for secure communication over the internet. It allows you to remotely access and control servers, transfer files, and encrypt data. However, SSH is not immune to attacks, and a recent vulnerability OpenSSH before 9.6 (CVE-2023-48795) has exposed […]

766 trillion years to find 20-character code like a randomly generated password

A server rack filled with multiple GPUs connected by yellow and black cables, illustrating the complexity and power needed to crack a 20-character code in 766 trillion years.

766 trillion years to find randomly generated 20-character code like randomly generated password 766 trillion years to find randomly generated 20-character code is the result of a simulator to find a 20-character generated by technology EviPass. The age of the universe is estimated at only 14 billion years, this gives you an idea of comparison. […]