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New EU Data Protection Regulation 2023/2854: What you need to know

New EU Data Protection Regulation 2023/2854: What you need to know
Learn more about the new European Data Protection Regulation (2023/2854) written by Jacques Gascuel, inventor of sensitive data safety and security systems, for Freemindtronic. This article may be updated on this subject.

EU 2023/2854 Data Protection Rules: what you need to know

The EU has adopted a new regulation to protect personal data published in OJ L, 2023/2854 on 22.12.2023. How does this impact you and your business? Learn more in this article and discover why Freemindtronic innovations are already compliant.

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What you need to know about the new EU data protection regulation (2023/2854)

Personal data is a valuable asset in the digital age, but also a vulnerable asset. This is why the European Union has adopted a new regulation to protect the personal data of individuals in the EU. Data

Protection Regulation (EU) 2023/2854 supplements and updates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 2018. The new regulation introduces additional procedural rules for the application of the GDPR, particularly in cross-border cases. It also creates the European Data Protection Authority (EDPA), a new independent body that ensures the consistent application of EU data protection rules across the EU. The new regulation will come into force on November 26, 2024. In this article, we will explain the main provisions of the new regulation, its advantages and disadvantages, its international scope and its reactions and controversies.

We will also show you how some products and technologies from Freemindtronic, an Andorran company specialized in security and cybersecurity of computer and information systems, already comply with the new regulation, since they offer innovative and ecological solutions to protect the personal data without using servers, databases, online accounts or identifiers.

The main provisions of the EU data protection law

Several measures to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of personal data are introduced by the EU data protection law. These measures are:

  • Declaration of the activity and the processing practices. The controllers and the managers of the entities that process personal data must declare them to the national data protection authorities (NDPA) and to EDPA. The EDPA is a new independent body. It oversees the consistent application of the EU data protection rules across the EU. It also cooperates with the NDPA and the other EU institutions. The goal is to ensure the protection of personal data.
  • Implementation of technical and organizational measures. The controllers and the managers of the entities that process personal data must implement them to prevent the risks of damage or loss of data. For example, these measures include the encryption of data, the pseudonymization of data, the limitation of data access, the regular testing of data security, the notification of data breaches, and the appointment of a data protection officer.
  • Reinforcement of the rights of the persons concerned. They have reinforced rights, such as the right of access, the right of opposition, the right of erasure, the right to data portability and the right to restriction of processing. These rights allow the persons to obtain information about the processing of their data, to object to certain types of processing, to request the deletion of their data, to transfer their data to another entity, and to limit the processing of their data in certain cases.
  • Provision of administrative sanctions. The regulation provides them. They can reach up to 20 million euros or 4% of the annual global turnover, depending on the severity of the infringement. The NDPA or the EDPA, depending on the case, impose these sanctions. The national courts or the Court of Justice of the European Union can hear the appeals.

The advantages and disadvantages of the EU data protection reform

The EU data protection reform has pros and cons for different actors involved.

The benefits for the persons whose data are processed

The regulation offers a better protection of their rights and interests. They can control more the use of their data and benefit from a high level of security. Moreover, they have an easy and fast access to the information related to the processing of their data, as well as to the remedies in case of dispute. For instance, a person can request a copy of their data from an online platform. If they find any inaccurate or outdated data, they can ask for a correction or an update. They can also withdraw their consent to the processing of their data at any time, or ask for the deletion of their data if they no longer want to use the platform.

The drawbacks for the controllers and the managers of the entities that process personal data

The regulation imposes additional obligations and stricter constraints on them. They must comply with harmonized rules within the EU, while taking into account the national and regional specificities. Furthermore, they face more severe sanctions in case of non-compliance with the regulation. For example, an entity that processes personal data of persons located in the EU must declare its activity and its processing practices to the NDPA and the EDPA.

It must also obtain the prior consent of the persons for the processing of their data, unless there is a legal basis for the processing. The entity must process the data in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, and collect them for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. It must also respect the principles of data minimization, data accuracy, data storage limitation, data integrity and data confidentiality.

The international scope of the EU data protection rules

The EU data protection rules have an international scope, as they apply to any entity that processes personal data of persons located in the EU, whether it is established or not in the EU. The regulation therefore requires foreign entities to respect the same rules as European entities, under penalty of sanctions. It aims to ensure an equivalent level of protection for personal data transferred outside the EU.

For this purpose, the regulation establishes different mechanisms to ensure the adequacy of the data protection in the third countries or the international organizations that receive the data. These mechanisms include, for example, the adoption of adequacy decisions by the European Commission, the use of standard contractual clauses, the adherence to binding corporate rules, or the certification by approved schemes.

The reactions and controversies of the EU data protection regulation

The EU data protection regulation has provoked diverse reactions, ranging from approval to contestation.

Positive reactions

Some actors have welcomed the interest of the regulation to strengthen the trust and to foster the technological evolution in the field of data protection. They have highlighted the innovative and ambitious character of the regulation, which places the EU at the forefront of the protection of personal data. For example, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), the independent advisor of the EU institutions on data protection issues, has praised the regulation as a “historic achievement” and a “major step forward” for the protection of the fundamental rights of the individuals in the digital age.

Negative reactions

Some actors have criticized the obligation to inform the NDPA and the EDPA about the activity and the processing practices of personal data. They have considered that it could infringe their national sovereignty or that it could create a risk of illegal or fraudulent exercise by some foreign entities. They have also expressed their concern about the complexity and the heaviness of the regulation, which could hinder the competitiveness and the growth of the entities that process personal data. For example, some member states, such as France, Germany, Italy or Spain, have raised objections or reservations about certain aspects of the regulation.

These aspects include the role and the powers of the EDPA, the criteria and the procedures for the adequacy decisions, or the level and the distribution of the sanctions.

How Freemindtronic products and technologies protect personal data

Freemindtronic is an Andorran company that specializes in security and cybersecurity of computer systems and information systems. It designs and develops green technology products and services under white label, based on contactless technology (NFC). Some of its products are PassCypher, DataShielder, SeedNFC or Cardokey, which use embedded technologies such as EviCore NFC HSM, EviCore HSM OpenPGP or EviCore NFC HSM Browser Extension.

These products and technologies have several advantages for the protection of personal data, compared to traditional solutions based on servers, databases, online accounts or identifiers. Indeed, they work without server, without database, anonymously from end to end, without the need to create an account on the internet or to identify themselves to use the products. Therefore, they reduce the risks of loss or damage of data, respect the rights of the persons concerned, and comply with the harmonized rules in the EU. These products and technologies of Freemindtronic are already compliant with the European regulation on data protection, because they respect the principles of security, confidentiality and integrity of data, as well as the rights of the persons concerned. They offer an innovative and ecological alternative to traditional solutions, which may present risks or constraints for data protection.


The regulation (EU) 2023/2854 is an important text for the protection of personal data in the EU. It introduces measures to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of data, as well as to reinforce the rights of the persons concerned. It applies to any entity that processes personal data of persons located in the EU, whether it is established or not in the EU. It was adopted within the legislative process on the fundamental rights in the EU, but it also provoked reactions and controversies between some member states. It will enter into force on November 26, 2024.

DataShielder HSM Fortress Award 2023 from FullSecure: the Andorran serverless and databaseless encryption solution

DataShielder HSM, FullSecure's Andorran solution featuring Freemindtronic technologies, wins the 2023 Fortress Award

DataShielder HSM, FullSecure’s Andorran solution featuring Freemindtronic technologies, wins the 2023 Fortress Award

We are proud to announce that our Andorran DataShielder HSM solution from FullSecure, developed by Freemindtronic, has won the Fortress 2023 Cyber Security Award in encryption in the product and service category. This award, awarded by the Business Intelligence Group, recognizes the excellence and innovation of companies around the world, products and people in the field of cybersecurity. DataShielder HSM from FullSecure is a serverless encryption solution that uses EviCore HSM OpenPGP technology from Freemindtronic. This technology enables to create HSM (Hardware Security Module) on any type of device (computer, phone, cloud, HD, SSD, SD, USB media) to encrypt and sign any data.

DataShielder HSM is an innovative solution that allows managing and generating many types of tokens (identifiers, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, etc.) on any available medium, whether connected or not. It offers a high level of security and performance, by encrypting, signing and authenticating data with keys stored in self-created secure hardware modules. Thus, DataShielder HSM is designed to transform any device into a HSM (Hardware Security Module), without server, without database, totally anonymous, untraceable and undetectable. The DataShielder HSM range is a complete ecosystem that meets many needs in terms of safety, cybersecurity, especially in mobility.

DataShielder HSM also incorporates the EviSign technology developed by Freemindtronic, which allows electronically signing documents with a legally recognized value. EviSign uses the OpenPGP protocol to ensure the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of signatures. EviSign is compatible with all document formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) and can be used with any NFC reader or smartphone.

The Fortress 2023 Cyber Security Award acknowledges the work and expertise of Freemindtronic, who offers innovative and adapted solutions to the current and future challenges of cybersecurity. Freemindtronic is proud of this distinction and thank the jury of the contest as well as their customers and partners for their trust and support.

DataShielder HSM was presented in a Dual-Use version in June 2022 at Coges Eurosatory (https://www.eurosatory.com), the international defense and security exhibition. This version allows DataShielder HSM to be used for both civil and military applications, offering a level of protection adapted to each context. The Dual-Use version of DataShielder HSM will soon be available in a civilian version by the end of October 2023, to meet the growing demand from individuals and professionals keen to protect their sensitive data.

We are very proud that DataShielder HSM from FullSecure has been awarded the Fortress Cyber Security Award 2023”, said Christine Bernard, director of FullSecure. “Our solution provides an innovative and adapted response to the current and future challenges of cybersecurity. We thank the Business Intelligence Group for this distinction, as well as our customers and partners for their trust and support.

“We are also very happy to be the first Andorran company to have applied for the Fortress Cyber ​​​​Security Award created in 2018 by the Business Intelligence Group. The Business Intelligence Group is an organization that recognizes true talent and superior performance in the business world. Its Fortress Cyber ​​Security Award aims to identify and recognize the world’s leading companies and products working to protect our data and electronic assets against a growing threat from hackers.”

Dylan DA COSTA FERNANDES gerent programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Eric Casanova programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Hugo Goncalves Oliveira co-gerent programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Alex Garcia Sanchez programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Adrian Serrano Gómez programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Victor Gil Feliu programador de DataShielder HSM a Freemindtronic premi Fortress Cybersecurity award 2023
Jacques Gascuel Inventor de datashielder HSM CEO de Freemindtronic Andorra el Premi Fortress 2023 cat

DataShielder HSM OpenPGP: Una solució de xifratge 100% andorrana

En resum, DataShielder HSM OpenPGP és una solució innovadora que permet crear mòduls de seguretat hardware (HSM) en qualsevol tipus de suport (ordinador, telèfon, núvol, HD, SSD, SD, clau USB) per xifrar i signar qualsevol tipus de dada. Aquesta solució utilitza la tecnologia EviCore HSM OpenPGP desenvolupada per Freemindtronic, una empresa andorrana titular de patents internacionals i líder en les tecnologies NFC HSM. Aquesta tecnologia ofereix un alt nivell de seguretat i rendiment.

Es tracta del primer producte dedicat a la gestió de claus de xifratge i de xifratge per HSM 100% andorrà. En efecte, l’equip de desenvolupament de DataShielder HSM OpenPGP és 100% d’una formació de la Universitat d’Andorra, l’única universitat pública del país. La Universitat d’Andorra és reconeguda per la seva excel·lència acadèmica i la seva recerca innovadora en els àmbits de les ciències, l’enginyeria i les tecnologies de la informació. L’equip de desenvolupament de DataShielder HSM OpenPGP va ser coordinat per un enginyer de programari de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) i professor de la Universitat d’Andorra. Això fa de DataShielder HSM OpenPGP el primer sistema de xifratge d’origen andorrà a haver rebut un premi internacional, el “Fortress Cybersecurity Award”.

Aquesta solució testimonia el saber fer i el potencial d’Andorra en el camp de la ciberseguretat i el xifratge de les dades. DataShielder HSM OpenPGP és una solució que respon a les necessitats actuals i futures de les empreses i els particulars que volen protegir les seves dades sensibles al núvol o als sistemes informàtics, oferint una nova solució en el camp de la sobirania de les dades.

You will soon be able to learn more about the DataShielder HSM product line at FullSecure. Without waiting you can already learn more about the Freemindtronic technologies embedded in DataShielder HSM, by clicking on the following links:

To learn more about the Fortress 2023 Cyber Security Award and other winners, you can visit the following sites:

Premsa Nacional d’Andorra:

DataShielder HSM de la revista de tecnologia Freemindtronic Fullsecure i incrustada Bondia 29 de setembre de 2023
Diari Andorra dijous 5 octubre del 2023: Fullsecure Guanya el Premi Fortress Andorra national press

News provided by Fortress® Cybersecurity Award 2023 from Business Intelligence Group

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives having experience and knowledge. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

May 31, 2023 Related Link: https://www.bintelligence.com/posts/105-people-companies-and-products-named-in-2023-fortress-cyber-security-awards

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To improve in English: If you want to download images, Freemindtronic logo, you can access the Freemindtronic media kit, which contains various files and information related to the company and its products or awards. You will find the link to the media kit at the end of this article. In addition, if you prefer to read this article in another language, or download the press release, you can choose from the following options:

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We hope you enjoyed this article and that you learned something interesting about Freemindtronic and its innovative technology.

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Protect Your Data from AMOS Malware

AMOS malware protection with Keepser NFC Cold Xallet

AMOS Malware Protection by Jacques gascuel
This article will be updated with any new information on the topic, and readers are encouraged to leave comments or contact the author with any suggestions or additions.
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Protect Your Mac from AMOS Malware

Are you worried about the threat of AMOS malware on your Mac? Keep your data safe with Keepser Cold Wallet. Learn how this technology can protect your sensitive information from this dangerous malware.

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AMOS Malware Protection with Keepser Cold Wallet

The Threat of AMOS Malware on macOS

AMOS malware is a growing threat to macOS users. Hackers are marketing a new malware for the macOS operating system. Named Atomic Macos Stealer or AMOS, this malicious software is designed to steal user data for $1,000 per month. It extracts passwords from the keychain, steals files on disks, cookies, as well as cards and identification information stored in the browser and tries to extract data from 50 different cryptocurrency wallets. Buyers also benefit from a complete web dashboard to brute force MetaMask.

How AMOS Malware Works

AMOS is capable of accessing iCloud keychain passwords, system information, files from the desktop and documents folder, as well as the Mac password. It is able to infiltrate applications such as Chrome and Firefox and extract autofill information, passwords, cookies, wallets and credit card information. Cryptocurrency wallets such as Electrum, Binance and Atomic are specific targets.

The malware is being propagated using an unsigned disk image file called Setup.dmg. Once executed, the file prompts the victim to enter their system password on a bogus prompt. This allows the malware to escalate privileges and carry out its malicious activities. This technique is similar to that used by other macOS malware, such as MacStealer.

How to Protect Against AMOS Malware

The increase in the deployment of macOS stealer malware by non-state actors highlights the need for users to be cautious when downloading and installing software. The cybersecurity industry recommends that users only download and install software from trustworthy sources, enable two-factor authentication, review app permissions, and refrain from opening suspicious links received via email or SMS messages.

The Solution: Keepser Cold Wallet with EviVault Technology

However, there is a solution to protect your sensitive data against AMOS malware. For only €387, you can purchase two NFC Cold Wallet Keepser from Keepser Group with EviVault technology from Freemindtronic SL. These wallets allow you to store offline and physically externalized from macOS and/or PC computers the private keys and/or seed phrases of cryptocurrency wallets as well as identifier and password pairs. Thus, it will simply be impossible to extract sensitive data from a computer that is not physically present in these computers, even for this AMOS malware.

By using EviVault NFC Cold Wallet technologies from Freemindtronic embedded in Keepser products, you can protect your sensitive data against malware attacks such as AMOS or Cryptbot. These wallets also work on macOS, providing additional protection to Mac users.

The Benefits of EviVault Technology

Thanks to EviVault technology developed by Freemindtronic, the Keepser Cold Wallet is a unique ultra-secure cold storage solution for cryptocurrency wallets, offering anonymous, offline and contactless use via NFC technology, as well as compatibility with NFC Android phones and computer systems via a browser extension.

It’s like they say: “Why pay €1,000 per month to steal sensitive data when you can pay €387 one shot for AMOS malware protection without subscription to protect against it (and other malware like Cryptbot)!” 😉

It is important to take seriously the threats posed by malware such as AMOS and to take the necessary measures to protect your sensitive data. By using advanced technologies such as EviVault NFC Cold Wallet from Freemindtronic embedded in Keepser products, you can ensure that your data is secure.