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Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters: Innovation 2024 DataShielder Defence

Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters promotional image showcasing Freemindtronic's Hall 5B - booth A-199 DataShielder NFC HSM PGP innovation with DNA-based encryption and authentication.
QR code black contact Freemindtronic Eurosatory Hall 5B C178


Discover this year our new innovation born at Eurosatory 2022 DataShielder Defense DNA-based Counter-espionage solution, Hall 5B cluster technology area. Don’t forget to sign up for free to visit the world’s leading The Global Event for Defence and Security.

To contact Freemindtronic during the event, scan the vCard in QR Code format.

Dual-Use encryption products a regulated trade for security and human rights by Freemindtronic-from Andorra

Infrastructure Security Technologies at Eurosatory 2024: Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

Eurosatory 2024 highlights Infrastructure Security Technologies. A key sector in cybersecurity. These technologies shine in detection precision. They surpass fraud. They tackle vulnerabilities proactively. Always anticipating. Always responding to threats.

Located in Hall 5B, the Infrastructure Security Pavilion stands out. It displays advanced security technologies. Including AI for deep behavioral analysis. For anomaly detection. Systems for advanced surveillance. Capable of drone detection. Physical security is enhanced. Barriers and bollards included. Cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive. They protect against cyber threats.

Moreover, these technologies secure sensitive sites. Military, industrial, nuclear. Critical infrastructure. Public spaces too. They ensure national security. They preserve strategic interests. By preventing malicious acts. By avoiding potential disasters.

Discover our new innovation this year. DataShielder Defense and DataShielder Suite (DataShielder HSM PGP & DataShielder NFC HSM). A DNA-based counter-espionage solution born at Eurosatory 2022. Remember to sign up. It’s free. Visit the leading Global Event for Defence and Security.

Participants will meet key stakeholders. National and international political authorities. Armed and security forces. Infrastructure security professionals. From security directors to solution providers.

In partnership with the National Association of Video Protection. This zone acts as a hub. For exchanging ideas. For exploring solutions.

For more on DataShielder Defense and other innovations, visit Freemindtronic’s this official website.

Key Highlights: Infrastructure Security Technologies

  • New Innovation: Discover the DataShielder Defense, a DNA-based counter-espionage solution, born at Eurosatory 2022
  • Location: Experience this cutting-edge technology in Hall 5B, within the cluster technology area.
  • Global Event: Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the world’s leading event for Defence and Security. Remember to sign up for free.

Discover below the first videos of DataShielder HSM PGP and DataShielder NFC HSM of which here is the link to the youtube playlist clic here :

How to Activate & Manage DataShielder HSM PGP License: Quick Start Guide Encryption Segmented Keys

🔒 Unveiling a Major Breakthrough in Cryptography at Eurosatory 2024 🔒

Freemindtronic is excited to announce our participation in Eurosatory 2024, where we will showcase a significant advancement from our research and development in cybersecurity technology: the new product, DataShielder Defence. This solution stands as the zenith of our 2024 innovations in cryptography, featuring a system for segmented key generation and standard and OpenPGP symmetric and asymmetric encryption based on DNA, envisioned by Jacques Gascuel two years prior at Eurosatory 2022. This technology paves new avenues in various application fields including authentication, encryption, digital signing, and digital and physical access control, as already implemented in the Cardokey Pro Badge Defense produc

🎁 Exclusive Offer: Visitors at the Freemindtronic booth will receive a complimentary 3-month license of DataShielder HSP PGP by using the code found in the QR Code also present in the header image.

📍 Visit us in Hall 5B, within the cluster technology area, to explore this novel counter-espionage solution tailored for sovereign entities in both DataShielder Defence and DataShielder Suite versions for Dual Use (civil and military). This breakthrough significantly enhances the protection of sensitive classified information against identity theft, remote espionage, and proximity threats.

A DNA-based segmented key encryption and authentication system: DataShielder Defence integrates a novel system based on Human DNA sequencing composed of over 12 million unique DNA codes from an individual to conduct various cryptographic operations. This provides an unparalleled level of security and confidentiality, implemented through Freemindtronic’s internationally patented technologies, especially in wireless access control and segmented key authentication.

Thank You to Freemindtronic’s Partners

We extend our deepest gratitude to General Beaudoin Charles, his team at Eurosatory, Coges Events, and their partners at the National Association of Video Protection (AN2V) for facilitating Freemindtronic’s late participation. This opportunity allows us to present the EviDNA technology embedded in DataShielder Defence, a concept conceived by Jacques Gascuel at Eurosatory 2022.

Where to find us at Eurosatory 2024 – Technology Clusters

Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters promotional image showcasing Freemindtronic's DataShielder NFC HSM PGP innovation with DNA-based encryption and authentication.

🚨 Urgent Response to CEO Fraud: Freemindtronic Prioritizes DataShielder for SMEs

Addressing the Dramatic Issue of Financial Cyber Victims

In response to the escalating threat of ‘CEO fraud’ that has led to a surge in financial cyber victims, a concern discussed in Marseille during AccessSecurity with Mr. Damien HASSKO, head of Urgence Cyber région SUD (CSIRT) for the southern region, and Malik Dahman, president of PhosPhosure Technology specializing in SMEs and also President of French Tech Toulon, Freemindtronic has decided to expedite the development of DataShielder HSP PGP. This solution will soon be globally available for associations, organizations, public services, and particularly for SMEs and VSEs, providing an essential layer of security against these sophisticated attacks.

🌐 To learn more about DataShielder Defence, the dual-use cybersecurity solutions of DataShielder Suite, and the PassCypher NFC HSM solutions, visit our website.

Ensure your attendance at the world’s foremost defence and security event by registering for free. Collaborate with industry leaders and discover the next wave of cybersecurity solutions.

🤝 Connect with Freemindtronic: Interested parties can easily reach out by scanning the QR Code-compatible vCard featured in the header image.

🎁 Exclusive Offer: Visitors at the Freemindtronic booth will receive a complimentary 3-month license of DataShielder HSP PGP by using the code found in the QR Code also present in the header image.

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Freemindtronic’s Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic's Legacy: Rediscovering Excellence

Freemindtronic’s Legacy by Jacques Gascuel: This article will be updated with any new information on the topic.  

Breaking News: Rediscover Excellence with Freemindtronic’s Technological Heritage!

In this exclusive preview, at Freemindtronic, we take immense pride in inviting you to delve into our pioneering legacy in the realm of extreme security. Discover how our company not only reshapes the technological landscape but also has the potential to establish new industry standards in the captivating world of advanced nanotechnology and electronic cyber protection.

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Resurrecting Excellence: Freemindtronic’s Legacy in Nanotechnology and the ‘Fullprotect’ Revolution

In 2013, Freemindtronic, a visionary enterprise founded in 2010, celebrated its nomination as a finalist for the prestigious “electron d’Or” award and its recognition as one of the top 10 most innovative mechatronics startups, earning the esteemed European Mechatronics Award. These accolades marked pivotal moments for Freemindtronic, showcasing its groundbreaking ‘Fullprotect’ technology and pioneering contributions to electronic innovation.

A New Chapter Begins with Freemindtronic SL Andorra – Resurrecting Excellence

Freemindtronic SL Andorra, the custodian of a global exclusive patent license for this groundbreaking technology, is embarking on a new chapter. Even though the partnership between STMicroelectronics and Freemindtronic SAS prematurely concluded just before the production of the first FullProtect component, Freemindtronic SL Andorra’s commitment to the project of creating nanotechnological components enters a new dynamic, as we explore new avenues for development.

Nanotechnology Components: A Resilient Legacy – Freemindtronic’s Technological Excellence

The journey begins with the creation of a range of miniaturized electronic components using nanotechnology. Freemindtronic SAS France’s primary objective was to create a range of miniaturized electronic components utilizing nanotechnology. This included the development of the first product range for direct current, covering 5 volts, 12 volts, and 8 volts to 48 volts, in collaboration with STMicroelectronics. This technology has the potential to revolutionize electronic systems, enhance performance, and set new industry standards. While the partnership with STMicroelectronics may have ended, Freemindtronic SL Andorra’s commitment to nanotechnology components remains unyielding, as we seek new avenues for development.

Rekindling Electronic System Protection – Innovating with ‘Fullprotect’

But the heart of the revival lies in the resurrection of ‘Fullprotect,’ the revolutionary technology that redefined electronic system protection. This innovation was designed to safeguard electronic systems from electrical and environmental threats while meticulously recording random events within an immutable “Evidence Box.” It was, and remains, a game-changer in the realm of electronic protection.

A Comprehensive Vision – The Vision of Freemindtronic

This synergy presents a comprehensive vision where technology converges to provide holistic solutions. Freemindtronic’s ‘Fullprotect’ technology sets the stage for a secure and efficient electronic landscape.

Expanding Horizons with Global Patents – International Patents and Innovations

Advantageously, Freemindtronic’s innovation, Argos One NFC, based on the patent FR2941572, is not an isolated triumph. It seamlessly integrates with the company’s other innovations in the realms of safety and cybersecurity, both of which hold international patents.

The Evolution of EviKey NFC HSM – EviKey NFC HSM: A Technological Evolution

An excellent example of this evolution is EviKey NFC HSM. It represents the discreet version of several other patented NFC HSM technologies by Freemindtronic SL Andorra, including EviCore, EviPass, EviSeed, EviVault, EviSign, EviOTP, EviPC, EviKeyboard, and EviCypher, with silicon integration on the horizon. This exemplifies Freemindtronic’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic protection and innovation.

Rediscover Excellence with Freemindtronic – Join Us in Rediscovering Excellence

Join us in rediscovering the illustrious journey of Freemindtronic, a legacy of innovation in nanotechnology components and the ‘Fullprotect’ revolution. Together, we’re reigniting the flame of excellence and pioneering the future of electronic protection.

EviStealth Technology at Eurosatory 2022

evistealth FOMEC FFOMECBLOT Camouflage Furtif Anonymat
EviStealth logo color svg

EviStealth, its exhibition at Eurosatory 2022

EviStealth stealth data exchange




Stealth system to transmit sensitive data with a click from a phone


Without compromises

Encrypted data exchange without risk of compromise



Leaves no trace in computer and telephone systems

About the event

Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5B booth C178 from June 13th to June 17th 2022: Freemindtronic will present for the very first time its EviStealth technology. It offers users many usage possibilities from smartphone devices, such as the camera, the microphone, the gyroscope, the GPS, the digital fingerprint, as well as NFC’s means of communication, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM. The sender transmits, instantly and without leaving any traces, different types of encrypted data (photo, video, text, sound) with the keys of the recipients stealthily, anonymously and secured.

Press Release

The Andorran start-up Freemindtronic Ltd., conceiver and creator of security, cyber-security and counterespionage systems is also specialised in contactless technology (NFC).

The chosen logo for the new technological milestone shows the idea of the solution. Indeed, the Megascops, also named scops owl, is a master in the art of camouflage.

 The solution is mainly designed to significantly limit the risk for senders to be compromised and/or the recipients, as well as of the sensitive data transfer.

Press Release
evistealth FOMEC FFOMECBLOT Camouflage Furtif Anonymat

The solution is mainly designed to significantly limit the risk for senders to be compromised and/or the recipients, as well as of the sensitive data transfer.

EviStealth possesses different anonymization implementations such as taking pictures through the digital fingerprint of the smartphone. Therefore, it is the user’s experience that is at the heart of this innovation.


1 ) The discretion is shown, for instance, thanks to the possibility to take pictures while faking that you are making a phone call. The sender has, to do this, a function that is shown on the screen darkened by a discreet framing viewer with the telephone placed close to the ear.

2) The simplicity is found in the different stages of the solution. The sender sends, by a simple click, his encryption key to the recipient, who adds it to his phone in one click. Then, the recipient is authenticated. The recipient’s encription key can also be added via a Freemindtronic’s contactless NFC device.

Press Release

The recipients, as well as the senders, have different possibilities to store their encryption and decryption keys. They can be stored and encrypted in the EviStealth application or in an NFC device. For this latter, the physical externalization of the keys grealtly increases the anonymity, the stealth and the reduction of some compromising risks.

Any transferred data is stored neither on the sender’s phone, nor on the recipient’s one. The data are stored encrypted in a server, temporary or permanently.

3 / Untraceable: Quick usage is crucial. The sender stealthily takes a photo and transfers it instantly to an authenticated recipient, without leaving digital traces, neither in the sender’s system, nor in the recipient’s computer system.

You will understand it with the EviStealth solution, transfer videos, audio messages or photos without leaving any trace, from your phone to your recipient’s phone.

Contact for a meeting on the Freemindtronic stand at Eurosatory

Press release

Multi-language download links for press releases.

Freemindtronic at Eurosatory 2022

Where to find us at Eurosatory 2022

CP EviStealth download links

Links exhibtion EviStealth at Eurosatory 2022:

Cyber Computer at Eurosatory 2022

Cyber Computer Laptop EviCypher technology embedded contactless NFC hardware from Freemindtronic andorra Eurosatory 2022 exhibition picture web edition

Cyber Computer technology logo 2022

Cyber Computer on display at Eurosatory 2022

Cyber Computer auto locks and isolates backups

Cyber Computer at Eurosatory


Auto-lock storage

Encrypts and auto-locks all kinds of data storage media.


Dongle creation

Creates an unlocking Dongle operating system.


Auto-lock backup

It executes an additional encrypted and auto-locked backup


Offline secrets

Operates externalised secrets (IDs, encryption keys) in a secured NFC device

About the event

The Cyber Computer equipped with Freemindtronic’s EviCypher technology has won a Gold Globee Award 2022 in Material Security and 2 Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in Most Innovative Hardware Password Manager and Next-Gen in Secrets Management.

The Andorran start-up Freemindtronic Ltd., conceiver and creator of safety, cyber-security and counterespionage systems is also specialised in contactless technology (NFC).

Freemindtronic will present its Cyber Computer technology, protected by 3 international invention patents at Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5B booth C178 from June 13th to June 17th 2022

Press Release

The solution is mainly designed to significantly limit the risk for senders to be compromised and/or the recipients, as well as of the sensitive data transfer.

EviStealth possesses different anonymization implementations such as taking pictures through the digital fingerprint of the smartphone. Therefore, it is the user’s experience that is at the heart of this innovation.

What is a Cyber Computer?

It consists of a new automated, quickly-deployable system to fight at once against different Cyber risks in a computer.

An ecosystem conceived of the control access taking of physical internal storage supports (HDD, SSD) and/or removable (USB key, SD, external SSD). The first solution presented at EUROSATORY 2022 is compatible with the TPM2.0 norm via Windows Bitlocker. It also encrypts the stored saves on the Cloud. The user carries out differential saves according to the 3-2-1 rule, encrypted in version management, with auto-locking and auto-logout.

This solution can work on the software installed in the computer. To obtain an extreme security level and the largest possible field of application, you can combine it with a manager of physically externalised secrets NFC device.

A solution designed for a « dual use », in every sense of the word.

The security and sovereignty of the sensitive data are a global issue that imply the private and public sectors, companies, state and, particularly, Defense, without making any distinctions. The Cyber Computer is customised by Freemindtronic, as an answer to traceability and access denial demands of the data, for instance.

Its advantages / qualities / specifications

Simplicity, quick deployment, efficiency at a low cost, non-intrusive retro-compatibility to computer and data systems, anonymous, physical and digital access control to sensitive data: it is a sovereign sensitive data storage solution, without having to know where the Cloud is physically located.

The solution allows different unlocking methods: manual key input, through an associated Dongle, via an NFC device or through a digital fingerprint, for instance.

The Cyber Computer successfully resolves all the problems related to private and company related data in BYOD, CYOD, COPE and COBO usages.

Moreover, the usage of Freemindtronic’s Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey® significantly increases the safe securing and the sensitive data restoration. Indeed, in terms of saving, Evikey automatically disconnects from the computer physically and becomes undetectable for computer systems.

Made in Europe

Software, application, extension and NFC devices are developed and made in Andorra by Freemindtronic.

Products compatible with Cyber Computer: Bleujour’s Kubb Secure French computer manufacturer  click here more information

Contact for a meeting on the Freemindtronic stand at Eurosatory

The Contactless Dual Strongbox for sensitive data at Eurosatory 2022

Contactless double strongbox with enslaving access evicypher nfc rugged secure usb storage technology

picto no border evicypher logo by freemindtronic

Contactless Dual Strongbox with enslaving access at Eurosatory 2022

Contactless dual strongbox, the ultimate dual hardware data backup system and contactless password and encryption key manager

Contactless Dual Strongbox for sensitive data


Secure storage

It secures the storage of the sensitive data in mobility



Contactless unlockable, without knowing the password.



Undetectable for computer systems


Enslaving access

The data to a geographical area, for instance

About the event

Contactless double Strongbox Bundle EviKey 8go premium and EviCypher Tag format NFC hardware passwords manager & encryption keys

This “Double Usage” solution in the Defense meaning, offers uncountable possibilities thanks to its resistance, its embarked maintenance, its surveillance system and its safety and cyber-security levels.

 For history records, the Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey®, from French origin and made in France, is commercialised since June 13th 2014. It will celebrate its 8th birthday at Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5B, booth C178 from the 13th of June to 17th June 2022:

Freemindtronic will present its new EviCypher NFC Rugged Secure USB Storage technology, protected by 3 international invention patents.

The Andorran start-up Freemindtronic Ltd., designer and creator of safety, cyber-security and counterespionage systems is also specialised in contactless technology (NFC).

Press Release

What is the contactless double strongbox with enslaving access?

It is made of a secured and resistant USB storage AND of a hardened tag or of an NFC card.

The EviKey® NFC Rugged USB Flash Drive possesses different smart protection systems of physical origin, mechanical, electrical, thermal, electrostatic and electronic. It also has an unforgeable black box, with protection against brute force attacks and equipped of an autodiagnosis tool of system failures.

Its contactless segmented-keyed multi-factor authentication (MFA) control access allows to answer to every extreme usage case, nearby or remotely, without the need of the user to know his code to unlock the USB key.

The physical auto-unlock with automatic isolation of the computer and phone systems builds an extra protection.

 The NFC bank format card (or the tag) allows to store until 200 unlocking codes of the EviKey® key or encryption keys.

We can also talk about the possibility to share unlocking and locking encrypted codes in RSA 4096. These latter can be enslaved to unforgeable trust criteria (password, digital fingerprint, geographical area, network grid), set by the administrator or the user.

 A conceived solution for a double usage, in every sense of the word

– It answers to many double usage cases, both private and of companies.

– Manages complex usages in safety and cyber security of sensitive data in mobility, efficient to ensure teleworking.

– It also resolves problems related to BYOD, CYOD, COPE and COBO because it allows to respect simultaneously, in a same storage support, private data of the collaborators, as well as the ones from the company.

Its advantages / qualities / specifications

One of its special features is its contactless autonomous between -40º and + 85º degrees black box security system, recovering energy via the NFC signal of an NFC phone.

  • Its impermeability level allows to resist large depth pressure, because it does not wear any keyboard or button.
  • Equipped with an electric thermal circuit breaker, with electrostatic protection.
  • Autonomous, it holds an auto-maintenance embarked system. The saved events on the unforgeable black box can be contactless consulted.

In the event of stealing or loss, the EviKey® is shown as non-functional due to the fact that it is undetectable for computer systems.

In the event of unlocking codes stealing, if these latter are enslaved to MFA criteria, the unlocking is forbidden.

In the event of encryption keys stealing, if these latter are enslaved to MFA criteria, the decryption is forbidden.

Its compatibility with Cyber Computer technology allows you to create locked partitions and encrypt sensitive data with different keys.

This traceable sovereignty solution is developed with actives components of STMicroelectronics (Franco-Italian), designed in Andorra and made in France, by the Groupe Syselec.

  • Protected by the international patents from French origin.
  • Its casing is made in France.
  • It is hardened with a military-level resin, patented, of British origin.

The Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey® is commercialised with a capacity of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

The NFC devices can be customised for specific needs. They are particularly commercialised in the international level by the French company Bleujour with its brand Kubb Secure.

Made in Europe
The NFC devices of secrets management (tags and cards) are made in Andorra.

The EviKey USB key made in France is the French national winner of the 2014 Critical Embedded Awards

Contact for a meeting on the Freemindtronic stand at Eurosatory

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Eurosatory 2022 Freemindtronic Andorra presents the first time in its history its latest innovations in safety cyber security & anti-spying Soldier NFC phone

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Best international invention 2021

Best invention worldwide 2021, EviCypher NFC Hardware Wallet contactless Secrets Management multi trust criteria Gold Medal 2021 Geneva international inventions by Freemindtronic Andorra

evicypher dual nfc hardware wallet black golden encryption key management password manager by freemindtronic andorra

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Read more of the best international invention 2021 click here 

Best invention worldwide 2021 with Gold medal of international inventions of Geneva.

The best invention worldwide 2021, it’s EviCypher Technology from Freemindtronic for the category C (computer sciences, software, electronics, electricity and method communication).

Because, the personal security should no longer be in the hands of connected digital services, but in those of the individual. Indeed, it is because cybercriminals have access to digital systems that they can carry out their attacks. Freemindtronic’s EviCypher technologie, invented by Jacques Gascuel, establishes an effective physical and digital barrier. It’s an “Air Gap” device that keeps secrets, but that’s not all.