Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters: Innovation 2024 DataShielder Defence

Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters promotional image showcasing Freemindtronic's Hall 5B - booth A-199 DataShielder NFC HSM PGP innovation with DNA-based encryption and authentication.
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Discover this year our new innovation born at Eurosatory 2022 DataShielder Defense DNA-based Counter-espionage solution, Hall 5B cluster technology area. Don’t forget to sign up for free to visit the world’s leading The Global Event for Defence and Security.

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Infrastructure Security Technologies at Eurosatory 2024: Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

Eurosatory 2024 highlights Infrastructure Security Technologies. A key sector in cybersecurity. These technologies shine in detection precision. They surpass fraud. They tackle vulnerabilities proactively. Always anticipating. Always responding to threats.

Located in Hall 5B, the Infrastructure Security Pavilion stands out. It displays advanced security technologies. Including AI for deep behavioral analysis. For anomaly detection. Systems for advanced surveillance. Capable of drone detection. Physical security is enhanced. Barriers and bollards included. Cybersecurity solutions are comprehensive. They protect against cyber threats.

Moreover, these technologies secure sensitive sites. Military, industrial, nuclear. Critical infrastructure. Public spaces too. They ensure national security. They preserve strategic interests. By preventing malicious acts. By avoiding potential disasters.

Discover our new innovation this year. DataShielder Defense and DataShielder Suite (DataShielder HSM PGP & DataShielder NFC HSM). A DNA-based counter-espionage solution born at Eurosatory 2022. Remember to sign up. It’s free. Visit the leading Global Event for Defence and Security.

Participants will meet key stakeholders. National and international political authorities. Armed and security forces. Infrastructure security professionals. From security directors to solution providers.

In partnership with the National Association of Video Protection. This zone acts as a hub. For exchanging ideas. For exploring solutions.

For more on DataShielder Defense and other innovations, visit Freemindtronic’s this official website.

Key Highlights: Infrastructure Security Technologies

  • New Innovation: Discover the DataShielder Defense, a DNA-based counter-espionage solution, born at Eurosatory 2022
  • Location: Experience this cutting-edge technology in Hall 5B, within the cluster technology area.
  • Global Event: Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the world’s leading event for Defence and Security. Remember to sign up for free.

Discover below the first videos of DataShielder HSM PGP and DataShielder NFC HSM of which here is the link to the youtube playlist clic here :

How to Activate & Manage DataShielder HSM PGP License: Quick Start Guide Encryption Segmented Keys

🔒 Unveiling a Major Breakthrough in Cryptography at Eurosatory 2024 🔒

Freemindtronic is excited to announce our participation in Eurosatory 2024, where we will showcase a significant advancement from our research and development in cybersecurity technology: the new product, DataShielder Defence. This solution stands as the zenith of our 2024 innovations in cryptography, featuring a system for segmented key generation and standard and OpenPGP symmetric and asymmetric encryption based on DNA, envisioned by Jacques Gascuel two years prior at Eurosatory 2022. This technology paves new avenues in various application fields including authentication, encryption, digital signing, and digital and physical access control, as already implemented in the Cardokey Pro Badge Defense produc

🎁 Exclusive Offer: Visitors at the Freemindtronic booth will receive a complimentary 3-month license of DataShielder HSP PGP by using the code found in the QR Code also present in the header image.

📍 Visit us in Hall 5B, within the cluster technology area, to explore this novel counter-espionage solution tailored for sovereign entities in both DataShielder Defence and DataShielder Suite versions for Dual Use (civil and military). This breakthrough significantly enhances the protection of sensitive classified information against identity theft, remote espionage, and proximity threats.

A DNA-based segmented key encryption and authentication system: DataShielder Defence integrates a novel system based on Human DNA sequencing composed of over 12 million unique DNA codes from an individual to conduct various cryptographic operations. This provides an unparalleled level of security and confidentiality, implemented through Freemindtronic’s internationally patented technologies, especially in wireless access control and segmented key authentication.

Thank You to Freemindtronic’s Partners

We extend our deepest gratitude to General Beaudoin Charles, his team at Eurosatory, Coges Events, and their partners at the National Association of Video Protection (AN2V) for facilitating Freemindtronic’s late participation. This opportunity allows us to present the EviDNA technology embedded in DataShielder Defence, a concept conceived by Jacques Gascuel at Eurosatory 2022.

Where to find us at Eurosatory 2024 – Technology Clusters

Eurosatory 2024 Technology Clusters promotional image showcasing Freemindtronic's DataShielder NFC HSM PGP innovation with DNA-based encryption and authentication.

🚨 Urgent Response to CEO Fraud: Freemindtronic Prioritizes DataShielder for SMEs

Addressing the Dramatic Issue of Financial Cyber Victims

In response to the escalating threat of ‘CEO fraud’ that has led to a surge in financial cyber victims, a concern discussed in Marseille during AccessSecurity with Mr. Damien HASSKO, head of Urgence Cyber région SUD (CSIRT) for the southern region, and Malik Dahman, president of PhosPhosure Technology specializing in SMEs and also President of French Tech Toulon, Freemindtronic has decided to expedite the development of DataShielder HSP PGP. This solution will soon be globally available for associations, organizations, public services, and particularly for SMEs and VSEs, providing an essential layer of security against these sophisticated attacks.

🌐 To learn more about DataShielder Defence, the dual-use cybersecurity solutions of DataShielder Suite, and the PassCypher NFC HSM solutions, visit our website.

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🎁 Exclusive Offer: Visitors at the Freemindtronic booth will receive a complimentary 3-month license of DataShielder HSP PGP by using the code found in the QR Code also present in the header image.

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