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Cyber Computer at Eurosatory 2022

Cyber Computer Laptop EviCypher technology embedded contactless NFC hardware from Freemindtronic andorra Eurosatory 2022 exhibition picture web edition
Cyber Computer technology logo 2022

Cyber Computer on display at Eurosatory 2022

Cyber Computer auto locks and isolates backups

Cyber Computer at Eurosatory


Auto-lock storage

Encrypts and auto-locks all kinds of data storage media.


Dongle creation

Creates an unlocking Dongle operating system.


Auto-lock backup

It executes an additional encrypted and auto-locked backup


Offline secrets

Operates externalised secrets (IDs, encryption keys) in a secured NFC device

About the event

The Cyber Computer equipped with Freemindtronic’s EviCypher technology has won a Gold Globee Award 2022 in Material Security and 2 Global InfoSec Awards 2021 in Most Innovative Hardware Password Manager and Next-Gen in Secrets Management.

The Andorran start-up Freemindtronic Ltd., conceiver and creator of safety, cyber-security and counterespionage systems is also specialised in contactless technology (NFC).

Freemindtronic will present its Cyber Computer technology, protected by 3 international invention patents at Eurosatory, Paris, Hall 5B booth C178 from June 13th to June 17th 2022

Press Release

The solution is mainly designed to significantly limit the risk for senders to be compromised and/or the recipients, as well as of the sensitive data transfer.

EviStealth possesses different anonymization implementations such as taking pictures through the digital fingerprint of the smartphone. Therefore, it is the user’s experience that is at the heart of this innovation.

What is a Cyber Computer?

It consists of a new automated, quickly-deployable system to fight at once against different Cyber risks in a computer.

An ecosystem conceived of the control access taking of physical internal storage supports (HDD, SSD) and/or removable (USB key, SD, external SSD). The first solution presented at EUROSATORY 2022 is compatible with the TPM2.0 norm via Windows Bitlocker. It also encrypts the stored saves on the Cloud. The user carries out differential saves according to the 3-2-1 rule, encrypted in version management, with auto-locking and auto-logout.

This solution can work on the software installed in the computer. To obtain an extreme security level and the largest possible field of application, you can combine it with a manager of physically externalised secrets NFC device.

A solution designed for a « dual use », in every sense of the word.

The security and sovereignty of the sensitive data are a global issue that imply the private and public sectors, companies, state and, particularly, Defense, without making any distinctions. The Cyber Computer is customised by Freemindtronic, as an answer to traceability and access denial demands of the data, for instance.

Its advantages / qualities / specifications

Simplicity, quick deployment, efficiency at a low cost, non-intrusive retro-compatibility to computer and data systems, anonymous, physical and digital access control to sensitive data: it is a sovereign sensitive data storage solution, without having to know where the Cloud is physically located.

The solution allows different unlocking methods: manual key input, through an associated Dongle, via an NFC device or through a digital fingerprint, for instance.

The Cyber Computer successfully resolves all the problems related to private and company related data in BYOD, CYOD, COPE and COBO usages.

Moreover, the usage of Freemindtronic’s Rugged NFC USB Flash Drive EviKey® significantly increases the safe securing and the sensitive data restoration. Indeed, in terms of saving, Evikey automatically disconnects from the computer physically and becomes undetectable for computer systems.

Made in Europe

Software, application, extension and NFC devices are developed and made in Andorra by Freemindtronic.

Products compatible with Cyber Computer: Bleujour’s Kubb Secure French computer manufacturer https://freemindtronic.com/partner-products-with-freemindtronic-technologies/kubb-secure-products-freemindtronic-technology-embedded  click here more information

Contact for a meeting on the Freemindtronic stand at Eurosatory

Freemindtronic at Toulouse Hacking Convention

Freemindtronic at the Toulouse Hacking Convention 2022 sponsor THCon2k22 with its partner Bleujour Toulouse #THCon2k22 #THCon #CTF

Dive into THCON Hardware CTF 2022!

Dive into the #THCon2022 Hardware CTF! Watch this video I made and discover behind the scenes of the #hacking of the year 2022! And join #THCon 2023 live on YouTube! #THCon2023

Freemindtronic à la Toulouse Hacking Convention 2022 avec son partenaire Bleujour

Freemindtronic, concepteur et fabricant de systèmes électroniques en sûreté et cyber sécurité est sponsor de la 6ème édition de l’événement.

Freemindtronic lors de la Toulouse Hacking Convention réalisera sur son stand THCon2k22 des démonstrations des solutions Kubb Secure de son partenaire Toulousain, Bleujour. Il s’agit de l’unique solution de chiffrement sans contact, de bout en bout, mais d’humain à humain depuis un dispositif NFC.

La particularité de ce chiffrement de bout en bout c’est que les messages ou les fichiers apparaissent « chiffrés » aussi bien chez l’expéditeur que chez le destinataire. Ce n’est qu’avec la Secure card que les données sont déchiffrées.

Les visiteurs découvriront notamment en avant-première la Secure Card, un dispositif de chiffrement sans contact de nombreux services de messageries et des webmails. Cette carte peut s’utiliser avec un téléphone NFC ou sur ordinateur. Les produits Kubb Secure bénéficient de la technologie EviCypher Legacy conçue et développée par Freemindtronic.

La technologie EviCypher a déjà reçu 8 distinctions internationales, dont la médaille d’or 2021 des inventions internationales et dernièrement un Gold Globee Winner 2022 en sécurité matérielle. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur les awards de Freemindtronic.

La team R&D de Freemindtronic est également impliquée dans la proposition d’un CTF qui doit bien évidemment rester secret pour l’instant.

De plus, la team Freemindtronic sera présente simultanément, en virtuel, sur Discord.

La création d’innovations en sûreté et cyber sécurité des systèmes informatiques et systèmes d’information est au cœur de l’ADN de Freemindtronic.

Pour sa première participation, Freemindtronic découvre la fusion de l’évènement THCon2022 avec la journée sécurité de l’INSA. Profitez ainsi, les 14 & 15 avril 2022, sur le campus de l’ENAC à Toulouse de Keynotes, de présentations, de tables rondes et de démonstrations interactives. En savoir plus sur le programme, cliquez ici.

Rappelons que c’est l’un des principaux événements de l’écosystème entrepreneurial international, réunissant startups technologiques, investisseurs, entreprises et institutions.

Pourquoi venir sur le stand THCon2k22 de Freemindtronic ?

Vous pourrez assister et participer à des démonstrations avec :

  • La prochaine technologie Cyber ​​Computer de Freemindtronic embarquée dans un ordinateur Kubb, de la société française Bleujour.

  • La technologie de chiffrement sans contact développée dans un Kubb Secure Computer de Bleujour

Secure Card Kubb Secure with EviCypher technology Embedded

Gènèse de l’évènement 

La THCon est une conférence créée en 2017 sur la cybersécurité qui réunit amateurs, professionnels et chercheurs. C’est une team composée de passionnés de la sécurité qui crée l’événement Cyber à Toulouse (France).

Si vous ne pouvez pas être présent à Toulouse, les conférences sont retransmises en direct.

Donc n’hésitez plus et achetez votre ticket dès maintenant sur le lien suivant : https://thcon.party/tickets.

Vous pouvez aussi suivre Toulouse Hacking Convention sur les réseaux sociaux #THCon2k22 #THCon:

Vous pouvez également suivre Freemindtronic #EviCypher et son partenaire Bleujour sur les réseaux sociaux #Kubb #KubbSecure

Venez nombreux à la THcon2k22 !


2022 Events Exhibitions

Freemindtronic at Eurosatory 2022

2022 Events Exhibitions

Freemindtronic at Toulouse Hacking Convention

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2022 Awards Cybersecurity EviCypher Technology

Gold Globee Winner 2022 Cyber Computer NFC


You can also contact Freemindtronic using the form below 👇.

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    Kubb Secure CES 2022

    Kubb Secure embeds Cyber ​​Computer technology from Freemindtronic winner Gold Globee Awards 2022 Cyber ​​Security Global Excellence Awards hardware security category

    Kubb Secure innovation 2022

    Kubb Secure is to be discovered in preview at CES Las Vegas 2022 a new computer developed by Freemindtronic for our partner Bleujour for its new range of Kubb Secure products.

    Kubb Secure embeds freemindtronic’s new technologies that have received 10 international awards in safety, cyber security and cyber defense of computer systems and information systems.

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    The company BLEU JOUR is based on five founding pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, Practicality and Exclusivity. In a constantly changing universe, BLEU JOUR offers creations where aesthetics is combined with innovative technological solutions. The company favors French design and manufacture.

    CATEGORY: Home Office Hardware and Accessories
    COUNTRY: France
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    Other project the Secure Card

    At CES Las Vegas 2022, you will discover a new development from Freemindtronic, the Secure Card for our partner Bleujour, which works via an Android NFC phone but also on a Cyber Desktop without a phone.
    The Secure Card benefits from Freemindtronic’s latest technology which has already received more than 10 international awards since 2021 in the field of security, cybersecurity and cyber defence of computer and information systems.
    To learn more about the Secure Card, click here.

    Secure Card de Bleujour CES 2022 by Freemindtronic Andorra contactless data encryption from an NFC HSM security hardware module