Best international invention 2021

Best invention worldwide 2021, EviCypher NFC Hardware Wallet contactless Secrets Management multi trust criteria Gold Medal 2021 Geneva international inventions by Freemindtronic Andorra
evicypher dual nfc hardware wallet black golden encryption key management password manager by freemindtronic andorra

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Best invention worldwide 2021 with Gold medal of international inventions of Geneva.

The best invention worldwide 2021, it’s EviCypher Technology from Freemindtronic for the category C (computer sciences, software, electronics, electricity and method communication).

Because, the personal security should no longer be in the hands of connected digital services, but in those of the individual. Indeed, it is because cybercriminals have access to digital systems that they can carry out their attacks. Freemindtronic’s EviCypher technologie, invented by Jacques Gascuel, establishes an effective physical and digital barrier. It’s an “Air Gap” device that keeps secrets, but that’s not all.

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