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Secure Card CES 2022

Secure Card de Bleujour CES 2022 by Freemindtronic Andorra contactless data encryption from an NFC HSM security hardware module

Secure Card innovation 2022

Secure Card is a preview at CES Las Vegas 2022 of the new product developed by Freemindtronic for our partner Bleujour. for its new Kubb Secure product range.
The Secure Card is an NFC HSM secret manager such as encryption keys and hardware passwords, which has received 10 international awards since 2021 including the Geneva Gold Medal for Inventions in security, cyber security and cyber defence of computer and information systems. The Secure Card is equipped with EviCypher technology, which manages contactless secrets such as encryption keys, passwords and tokens.


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The company BLEU JOUR is based on five founding pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, Practicality and Exclusivity. In a constantly changing universe, BLEU JOUR offers creations where aesthetics is combined with innovative technological solutions. The company favors French design and manufacture.

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Other project the Kubb Secure

Discover another project presented at CES 2022 Las Vegas the Kubb Secure.

This Kubb Secure works without an NFC phone as it includes an NFC reader. The first computer developed by Freemindtronic has been realized on a Kubb Secure from our partner Bleujour.

The Kubb Secure embeds the Cyber Computer technology which includes several Freemindtronic’s technologies forming a safety and cyber security eco system. Technologies that have received more than 10 international awards since 2021 in the fields of safety, security, cybersecurity and cyber defence of computer and information systems.

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Kubb Secure embeds Cyber ​​Computer technology from Freemindtronic winner Gold Globee Awards 2022 Cyber ​​Security Global Excellence Awards hardware security category

Finalist Contactless Services Challenge

Finalist Contactless Services Challenge Award 2015 EviKey NFC rugged USB Stick unlock contactless and EviDisk SSD Sata 3 by Freemindtronic Andorra Made in France Syselec

Finalist contactless services challenge Award 2015 Freemindtronic is nominated among the finalists of the most innovative companies in NFC system service.

3 minutes was not enough to convince the jury on 12 March 2015 at the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in Paris Bercy during the Contactless Services Challenge.
Freemindtronic heeft echter in 2016 een industriële partner gevonden de Syselec Group om EviKey en EviDisk te industrialiseren en internationaal te distribueren.
Freemindtronic won a prestigious award in 2015 at the same venue in Paris Bercy for EviKey and EviDisk. For more information click here.
Watch the video of Jacques Gascuel’s 3 minutes to convince the Jury of the 2015 Finalist contactless services challenge.

Top 10 – FIC 2017

Award FIC 2017 Freemindtronic is nominated among the 10 finalists of the most innovative startup in Cybersecurity Andorra EviTag NFC hardware password manager EviAlpa Technology

Challenge des Services Sans contact
March 2013
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RFID Award 2014 🎙️ Jacques gascuel presents NFC USB Stick EviKey

RFID Award 2014 Interview Jacques Gascuel presents EviKey NFC Rugged USB stick secured unlocked contactless

RFID Award 2014 🎙️ Interview with the inventor Jacques Gascuel on 7-8 October 2014 in Marseille (France) participating in the RFID AWARD 2014 competitions of the 5th edition International RFID Congress scientific conferences organized by the CNRFID. The inventor presents EviKey NFC an electronic safe in the format of a hardened secure USB key.

EviKey is invisible to computer systems when it locks itself. It is a contactless unlocked electronic safe via an NFC phone. EviKey also carries a tamper-proof black box that ensures the traceability of random events. EviKey also has a technology for self-diagnosing the origin of these events.

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Three Awards 2021

Embedded Trophy 2014 Freemindtronic Award 2014 Bercy Paris France EviKey NFC rugged USB Stick contactless unlock and NFC SSD Sata 3 Technology patented Andorra Copyright