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Finalist Contactless Services Challenge

Finalist Contactless Services Challenge Award 2015 EviKey NFC rugged USB Stick unlock contactless and EviDisk SSD Sata 3 by Freemindtronic Andorra Made in France Syselec

Finalist contactless services challenge Award 2015 Freemindtronic is nominated among the finalists of the most innovative companies in NFC system service.

3 minutes was not enough to convince the jury on 12 March 2015 at the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in Paris Bercy during the Contactless Services Challenge.
Freemindtronic heeft echter in 2016 een industriële partner gevonden de Syselec Group om EviKey en EviDisk te industrialiseren en internationaal te distribueren.
Freemindtronic won a prestigious award in 2015 at the same venue in Paris Bercy for EviKey and EviDisk. For more information click here.
Watch the video of Jacques Gascuel’s 3 minutes to convince the Jury of the 2015 Finalist contactless services challenge.

Top 10 – FIC 2017

Award FIC 2017 Freemindtronic is nominated among the 10 finalists of the most innovative startup in Cybersecurity Andorra EviTag NFC hardware password manager EviAlpa Technology

Challenge des Services Sans contact
March 2013
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