African Digital Week 2021 #adw21 Freemindtronic Andorra Speaker Jacques Gascuel Cybercrime Africa the new terrain Cybercriminalité l’Afrique le nouveau terrain

African Digital Week 2021

African Digital Week 2021 Freemindtronic is on line !

Jacques Gascuel CEO of Freemindtronic Andorra is one of the speakers at The African Digital Week 2021 #adw21 event.

It is an honour that the ADW scientific committee asked us to participate in the African Digital Week. We would like to thank Mr Mohamed TOURE and Mr Modeste LALIE as well as Mr Guy Arsène GOUNONGBE from CGECI, or their initiatives and their concern for us.

Jacques Gascuel will intervene by videoconference from Andorra along side Mr. Mamadou NAON, Mr. Hervé BAH, Mr. Guelpétchin Moussa OUATTARA, Mr. Eloge BEONAO and Mr. AMAN VLADIMIR.

Theme : Cybercrime Africa the new terrain


  • State of play and trends observed
  • Effects of cyber security on digital trust
  • What initiatives and organisations should be implemented by States (regulators) and companies to curb this scourge?

A time for sharing cyber information:

  • Sharing of methods and good practices for security in private and professional life
  • Identification of major cyber security actors in Africa
  • Sharing experiences and pooling initiatives to define an inclusive cybersecurity strategy in Africa

If you would like to register to attend African Digital Week, please click here.

Check out a video of the event venue the Boulay Beach Ressort (BBr) inugurated in 27 May 2021 👇.


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Le 16 septembre 2021 de 16h30 à 17:45 GMT Côte d’Ivoire
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