CONFEX 4.0 Cybersecurity Transalley

CONFEX 4.0 Cybersecurity Transalley Freemindtronic from Andorra participates in the first edition theme industrial cybersecurity iiot cyber pc Kubb Bleujour
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CONFEX 4.0 CYBERSECURITY TRANSALLEY 2022 for its 1st edition Freemindtronic Andorra participates on December 15, 2022 at the Technopole Transalley Famars (France) in the event on the theme Cybersecurity and IIOT

We thank the organizers of the Confex 4.0 Cybersecurite Transalley for having solicited Freemindtronic to participate as an industrial actor in safety and cybersecurity developer and manufacturer of industrial solutions and IIoT.

CONFEX 4.0 Transalley Expo 2022 Famars IMTD France

Demonstration available on the booth

Various safety and cybersecurity products and services are available under white label license.

NFC M15Secure Bleujour

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NFC CyberPC Bleujour

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NFC Cold Wallet Keepser

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NFC Secure Card Bleu Jour

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Data & Backup ITProtectee

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vCard & Badge Manager

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NFC Encryption Keys Manager

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Rugged Secure NFC USB key

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Encryption Keys PGP Manager

NEW 2023

vCard & Badge Manager

NEW 2023

PDF Encrypted Manager

NEW 2023

NFC HSM Advertising Pen

NEW 2022

NFC HSM Cufflinks

NEW 2022

NFC HSM Tuxedo Button

NEW 2022

NFC HSM Fake USB Stick

NEW 2023

NFC HSM Stealth Ruler

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Your NFC HSM   ?

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The rugged NFC mini HSM (Hardware Security Module) offers the ability to store up to 100 encrypted secrets. It is paired with an NFC Android phone and works by energy harvesting, contactless, through the antenna signal of the phone, It can be embedded directly into different non-ferrous materials that do not disturb the NFC signal such as wood, leather, plastic, stone, resin, tissue. Very small size (less than 2 cm diameter and 2 mm thick), it can be used in different places, a wall, a door … for industrial use. In the video above, the NFC HSM has been embedded under the pad of the M15 Secure laptop from French computer manufacturer Bleu Jour. Advantageously, the aluminum casing of the laptop offers a Faraday protection blocking the NFC signal.


Keepser Group Award CES 2022 for Keepser product NFC Cold Wallet Cryptocurrency contactless
NFC Cold Wallet

Freemindtronic designs stealthy NFC HSM

Some examples which will be presented at Confex 4.0: advertising pen, cufflink, ruler and the stealthy NFC card.

Stealthy Secret Safe Pen
Discover EviStealth technologies

Anonymised real-time encrypted data transfer

Eurosatory 2022 costume NFC button secret safe & NFC cufflink secret safe by Freemindtronic Andorra
Stealthy cufflink secret safe

Design of customized stealth eco-systems

EviKey Technology

Discover the Evikey technology, a mobile data storage that can only be unlocked contactless. In USB and SSD format, they are physically undetectable from computer systems when locked.

Eurosatory 2022 EviKey Technology NFC rugged waterproof usb stick nfc unlock data storage secured contactless by Freemindtronic Andorra
EviKey technology

Waterproof contactless data storage

The only contactless unlocking system with a configurable self-healing multi-factor and a tamper-proof black box that protects against mechanical, electrical, thermal and electronic stress.


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Eurosatory 2022 EviStealth dual use milirary Technology by Freemindtronic Andorra
EviStealth technology

Secret Service

Eurosatory 2022 EviStealth dual use civil journalist Technology by Freemindtronic Andorra
EviStealth technology

Regulated professions

CONFERENCES | #1 CONFEX 4.0 : Cyber Security and IIoT

First edition on Thursday, December 15, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the first 4.0. theme addressed: Industrial Cybersecurity and IIoT.

The Technolope Transalley on France, has partnered with the AIF (Association of Railway Industries Hauts-de-France), Altytud (Cluster of Aerospace Industries Hauts-de-France), ARIA Hauts-de-France (Regional Association of Automotive Industry Hauts-de-France), CAP’Industrie, CETIM, the CCI Grand Hainaut and HDFID (Hauts-de-France Innovation Development), to organize a cycle “CONFEX 4. 0”, an innovative formula that combines a conference program and an exhibition, bringing together solution providers on the theme of the day and the presence of training centers in the field of Industry 4.0.

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