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Secure contactless storage devices

FullKey Technology embedded in usb flash drives or shielded sata SSDs contactless unlocking

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Discover the birth of EviKey!

The story begins in June 2015…


FullKey Technology better known as the products marketed by our partners under the brand name EviKey® for the contactless secure USB flash drive or EviDisk® SSD Sata 3 also contactless secure. These brands embody above all two patented safety and security technologies for data backup media.

These technologies have the particularity of locking themselves at the end of a backup or when you disconnect from your USB port. Or when the USB port is no longer powered, for example when the computer is put into standby mode.

You unlock your EviKey or Evidisk using an Android NFC phone. Once unlocked, the data storage devices are then detected by the computer and the phone.

Our story

The EviKey or Evidisk embedded system has a number of countermeasures to resist brute force attacks. It also has an asymmetric electrical and thermal protection and security package. Finally, it has an intelligent self-diagnostic system for faults and random and usage events. The events are traced in a forgery-proof memory. To find out more about the technical specifications click Here.

The electronic boards are encapsulated in a military grade resin. This makes them highly resistant to mechanical, thermal, chemical and liquid immersion stress. In fact, it is completely waterproof and can even operate underwater.  

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