EviKey features and added value of the contactless secure waterproof USB flash drive with multi-factor hardware authentication

Never before has the security of sensitive mobile data benefited from such a high level of safety and cybersecurity that is so easy to use on a daily basis without loss of productivity!

Easy to use, adaptable to security charters, without loss of productivity for daily use

The EviKey NFC HSM USB key features MFA standalone physical access control security systems that work without contact, via an NFC-enabled Android smartphone. Without license, without limit of stations, it has an administrator profile and a permanent and temporary multi user profile. The Fullkey application includes an automatic fleet manager from EviKey.

EviKey® Hardened USB Flash Drive for even the most extreme use. A safe to protect and secure sensitive data.

An embedded safety system is equipped with patented devices. It includes a black box, self-protection, self-monitoring, self-regulation, electrical, electrostatic and thermal control systems. It also tracks unintentional misuse or brute force attacks. The multi-factor hardware authentication access control system operates without contact, without batteries, and without the need to connect it to a USB port.

The EviKey® USB flash drive is hardened to the extreme close to steel and can withstand several tons of pressure.

The electronics are encapsulated in a resin with a hardness level close to that of steel. This single block is capable of withstanding all types of physical attacks, both intrusive and non-intrusive. Totally waterproof, this shell can withstand pressures of several tons, fire, and immersion for several months in many liquids, such as acids.

EviKey® the ultra mobile USB key compatible with all computer systems

The EviKey® is designed to be compatible with all computer systems. It is plug & play. It leaves no digital trace that can identify it. No driver, no software to install, no connection to a cloud, it is non-intrusive.
It can be used on a daily basis, without loss of productivity, like a standard USB key without worrying about the RGPD (European regulation) concerning the protection of private and/or professional data.

The only USB flash drive that is invisible and undetectable from all computer systems when locked

EviKey® is undetectable from computer systems when locked. The only way to unlock it is to use the NFC phone it is paired with.

The contactless access control system is completely self-sufficient in electrical power which is physically decoupled from the USB connector. This makes it physically impossible for an invasive or non-invasive attack via its USB connector.

An industrial level of physical security.

EviKey NFC HSM has an industrial security level equivalent to SL4 according to the IEC 62443-3-3 standard.
The EviKey® technology is unique in the world and is protected by 3 patents. It is equipped with a tamper-proof black box that establishes a material proof, in real time. It self-diagnoses random events, reliability level, electronic system integrity and flash memory usage time. Thus, the user can check the threshold of the risk of natural wear and tear of the flash memory.

EviKey® is protected against theft or loss

In case of loss or theft, don’t worry, all the data saved in your EviKey® USB key will remain invisible and undetectable from any type of computer system. In fact, your data will remain physically inaccessible.

According to IEC 62443-3-3 EviKEy has:

  • a system for physical self-diagnosis of functional failure based on MTTF, MTBF calculations, electrical and/or environmental functional window and/or use,
  • a self-protection, detection and electrical self-regulation system on the USB port power supply, 1st control of MTTR factors
  • a self-protection system of electrostatic charges on the data circuit of the USB port of several Kv,2nd control of MTTR factors
  • a system of self-protection and thermal measurements in real time that locks the use of the key below 0 ° C and above + 70 ° C,3rd control of MTTR factors
  • an automatic galvanic isolation device of several Kv of the entire system of the USB key that makes it undetectable from computer systems, 4th control of MTTR factors
  • intrusive brute force physical attack detectors, automatic physical countermeasures triggering the final locking of the safe, 5th MTTR factor control
  • a pairing self-protection device with an NFC terminal, secured by a unique pairing key. Otherwise, impossibility to connect to the NFC system,
  • a contactless physical administration system of the USB key,
  • a contactless physical management system for users of the USB key,
  • a double parallel electronic black box (6th control of MTTR factors) tamper-proof, searchable by the administrator and users via the smartphone that traces:
    • physical failures of the electronic board, 7th control of MTTR factors
    • diagnosis of the origin of the electrical, electronic, thermal, 8th MTTR factor control
    • intrusive and non-intrusive brute force attack attempts, 9th control of MTTR factors
    • attempts to use outside the permitted thermal zone, 10th control of MTTR factors
    • the history of use of the unlock, the type of user, the ID of the USB key, the number of input errors during unlocking, outside the thermal zone,
    • the countdown to the number of writes to the flash memory, without risk of error 1st TDM factor control
  • an autonomous black box communicating by light signal (electronic failure, embedded system, NFC, thermal, brute force attack, incorrect PIN code input error) works in parallel with the NFC system in case of malfunction, 11th control of MTTR factors & 2nd control of TDM factors
  • a virtual black box in the smartphone that can be consulted by the user that traces the geolocation of unlocks
  • an administrator PIN and a pairing key secured by a non-modifiable stand-alone system that controls the number of PIN entry attempts,3rd control of TDM factors
  • an administrator PIN and a pairing key making independent the EviKey NFC HSM electronic safe that can be used with any NFC terminal (NFC smartphone or tablet),4th TDM factor control
  • a user PIN that can be self-deleted by the user, without permission from the administrator. This allows the user to destroy his PIN code corrupted or in order to be corrupted, constituting a protection against the violation of the physical and / or psychological integrity of the user. The latter does not have knowledge of the administrator PIN to recreate a new user PIN, which removes the interest of harming the integrity of the user, 5th control of TDM factors.

A concentrate of innovations in industrial safety, visible in real time without contact by the user of an EviKey NFC HSM via the embedded black boxes.

The patented implementations of EviKey® USB keys make visible, in real time, via several black boxes, the respect of various normative criteria of security and physical safety of computer devices.

The EviKey Made in France USB flash drive is in fact compliant with the RGPD and the décret n° 2018-418 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2019.