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Advanced Credit Card Cybersecurity: A Service to End Bank Card Fraud Practices

Advanced Credit Card Cybersecurity system setup with various credit card types and cybersecurity devices on a white background

Unlocking the Future of Finance: Advanced Credit Card Cybersecurity

Advanced Credit Card Cybersecurity: In an era where digital threats loom large, discover how FULLSECURE’s groundbreaking solutions are redefining credit card safety.

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National Publication | Diari d’Andorra | Thursday, May 3, 2018 | AN ANDORRAN STARTUP’S INITIATIVE | By Joan López i Soler | Credit Card Security

A Cybersecurity System to End Credit Card Fraud

FULLSECURE, an Andorran startup, now offers a new security service for all credit card types. Consequently, it aims to prevent online sales database theft; moreover, it ends the fraudulent use of card security codes. Therefore, it significantly enhances security for online transactions made with credit cards. The company asserts, “This innovative service allows users to avoid storing credit card information in online sales databases; additionally, it enables the physical elimination of the credit card’s security cryptogram.” Utilizing a plugin powered by weak artificial intelligence, users can securely conduct Internet purchases. Furthermore, the startup highlights that this service “also eradicates the risk of illegal physical use after loss, theft, or duplication during international travel.”

Since April 24, 2018, the system has been available to users who possess specific cybersecurity devices, such as Evicard NFC HSM, Evitag NFC HSM, and EviPass NFC HSM password managers, for online shopping. The system’s inventor, Jacques Gascuel, emphasized the goal “to revolutionize credit card security and their Internet usage, thus halting fraudulent use.” On May 29, they will unveil prototypes at a cybersecurity event in Toulouse.

Fullsecure, specializing in electronic cybersecurity services, is a dynamic company founded in Ariège in 2010, now expanding its operations in the Principality.

Update | May 30, 2024

Advancements in Security Credit Card

Since the initial launch of their credit card security service, Fullsecure has continued to innovate with EviPay NFC HSM technology to secure credit cards and cryptocurrencies. This cutting-edge technology provides robust protection against fraud, securing credit card information and mnemonic phrases along with their derived private cryptocurrency wallet keys without the need for sensitive data storage on online sales sites, including crypto assets.

FULLSECURE remains at the forefront of combating credit card fraud, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed current security standards, showcasing their commitment to consumer protection and trust.

As the digital landscape advances, FULLSECURE pledges to maintain its position as a leader in innovation, delivering the most secure and groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions to users.

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